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Trust finally pledges to plug Wigan canal leak that has swamped footpath for years

After four years of claiming that responsibility for a flooded footpath lay with a local land owner CRT have finally admitted that in fact the  stagnant water flooding the footpath is from the adjacent canal, and is actually CRT’s responsibility.

A spokesperson for Canal and River Trust, ignoring the fact of CRT’s denial of responsibility for four years said: “We are grateful this issue has been brought to our attention.”

The trust has now promised to carry out repairs, although it is with the caveat “when time and resources allow.” so basically, don’t expect it to happen any time soon !

As usual, CRT are bleating about 250 year old infrastructure and lack of funds as though they didn’t know maintaining the infrastructure would be costly when they took on the job in the first place and making no mention of the money wasted pursuing their self promoting vanity projects.

The fact is, the Leeds & Liverpool canal around Wigan is actually in need of quite a lot of maintenance particularly on the Wigan Flight of locks ! I know from personal experience having recently descended the flight and witnessed first hand the serious leakage in pounds and lock chambers particularly from the gates, paddles and cill edges. And then there’s also the mass of weed choking both the flight and the canal above it all the way up to Burnley.

But on the up-side, the gardening contractors keep the locksides nicely mown eh ?

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