ZOHO ONE Products In Your Day To Day Business Operations – Zoho One Review

ZOHO ONE Products In Your Day To Day Business Operations – Zoho One Review

when I present Zoho one to my clients it
is very common for them to ask me about all of the differences between the 40
plus Zoho solutions that they will be using to make this easier I have decided
to create a video with all of the soho products and explain how you’ll be using
them in your day-to-day business operations in order to answer the big
questions and reduce tension i will begin by discussing how much it costs
I’m happy to share that Zoho one cost $30 per month per employee and it
includes each one of the solutions that I’ve included in this video it is
important to note that the low price is not because it is a new product Zoho has
over 35 million users worldwide the low price is because the Zoho
company believes in fair trade and allowing any sized business to enjoy its
amazing products one last comment before I start the presentation Zoho has a
marketplace and can integrate with many existing applications such as Google
products zapier and many more this means that every customer can use a few soho
products and fully integrate them with other non Zoho related projects that
they are already working with most crms provide great assistance in regards to
managing leads and sales but this is where the benefit ends Zoho on the other
hand provides a wide range of business solutions that help businesses by
starting with the marketing continuing on to the sales cycle and from there to
the customer service accounting upselling products and much much more an
entire business solution for only $30 during this presentation I will open the
browser and display various media from the Zoho web sites marketing using Google AdWords let’s
start our journey with a company that wants to create a marketing campaign in
order to bring new leads in our example we will market using the popular system
Google AdWords many of the main problems that business owners face with marketing
is that they can’t assign a dollar value to their income from the marketing
campaigns they know how much they spent on their campaigns but have no idea how
much money they earn from each specific one
Zoho solution to this problem is to integrate with Google AdWords that means
that the business owner is able to understand and calculate their direct
expense based on specific campaigns and how much money was earned from the deals
that came because of a certain marketing campaign as you can see on the screen
deals one represents the amount of money that the business earned from a specific
marketing campaign let me share a secret with you most of the failed businesses
that I’ve worked with over the past 20 years were businesses that spend an
incredible amount of money on marketing and had no clue if the campaigns were
profitable or not sometimes the business ran multiple campaigns the business
owner knew that the marketing had become successful but had no idea which
specific campaign was successful and which one was not once I have installed
the AdWords plug in into your Zoho platform the business will receive pure
data that shows what campaigns are losers and which campaigns are winners
this inflow allows the business owner to stop the losing campaigns and revisit
them until the reports show positive results there are very few helpers that
I use as a salesman that will help me close more deals and faster the number
one in my wish list is knowing what my prospective lead is looking for even
before they have talked to me sounds like a dream but Zoho created a special
module called sales IQ to make that dream a reality the modules reside on
the company’s website and landing pages once a prospect initiates a chat with
the business a full map of all the pages they’re visiting will be displayed to
you the business can see what pages the prospect visited and for how long if the
company sees that the prospect spent the most time on the Nike shoes page but a
very limited amount of time on the adidas page they will have an educated
guess that they are considering the adidas but lean more towards the Nike
side the business can know all of that before the
even spoken with the client the business can also know how many times they came
to my website and other prices data that helps them to convert deals faster and
more effectively a common problem with most CRM systems are the limitations
they give your business when prospects connect with the business using social
media phone calls etc in our age of communication people are using Twitter
Facebook Google+ emails telephones website chats and more to connect with
businesses as you can imagine it is impossible to connect with clients on so
many platforms as it requires the need to log in to multiple applications at
the same time this is simply not realistic
thanks to Soho’s innovations it is now an easy task and can be accomplished
from one location every contact request comes to one page and once your business
replies to your prospect or client they will get the response on the same
platform they ask the question for example if my prospect asks a question
on Twitter once I answer them they will get my response on Twitter all the
communication is being done on my Zoho page with low leaving the CRM by now you
can also understand that every connection will be treated as a lead and
I can apply business rules to it hurray we got a lead as a business consultant
I’d like to configure the Zoho lead system in a very specific way to avoid
spillage let me explain using this scenario number one a lead comes in in
the form of an email phone call website chat webform social media etc number two
the salesman is contacting the lead and is able to reach them number three the
salesperson sends a proposal and the lead agrees number four the salesperson
signs the deal and everyone is happy as you can see this is not the common sales
cycle as it is too good to be true only a small amount of the business leads are
working in this way most businesses will have many types of scenarios that
require some kind of follow-up here are a few scenarios for an example number
one the salesperson has contacted the lead and they are not answering or
responding back the lead promises to return a call and they have not yet done
that the dead leads are ignored and not being contacted again every salesperson
has their own sales cycle and the success rates are across the
bactrim the business treats all leads the same which is wrong too much time is
spent on unqualified prospects so who solves all these problems and much more
thanks to two amazing features number one Zoho CRM blueprint and number two
Zoho CRM automation the blueprint feature allows any sales person in the
company to perform like the best sales person in the company the blueprint
creates a unified process on how to deal with any lead the way that I usually
work with my clients is interviewing the top three salespeople to learn how they
are approaching their prospects what do they ask when do they contact them etc
once I have those answers I will create a blueprint for each specific case the
blueprint will force the sales agents to perform in the same way as the top
salespeople once the lead will become they will attempt to contact him if for
example the attempt was unsuccessful the CRM will request the salesman to select
from a drop-down menu explaining the reason why the attempt was unsuccessful
and also select a new date and time to call the lead as you can guess the CRM
will notify the salesperson once the time comes and ask them to call the lead
only after those conditions are met is the salesperson able to continue with
the rest of their leads in this way there is no spillage and from the other
side the business owners and managers can see the activities of their
salespeople as well as the status of each lead in the closing rate the
automation section is the real power of Zoho and can be used for many business
activities for example once the lead comes into the CRM it will automatically
get assigned to the correct salesperson if the lead is interested in an
expensive product that CRM will automatically assign the lead to the top
salesperson if the lead is from California the CRM will assign the lead
to california-based agent the system has the power to determine what to do with
each lead in specific situations from the other side the management needs to
know when leads are not being taken care of for example if a company deals with
new leads in one to three hours then I will create an automation to alert the
sales manager if a lead is older than three hours as there was a chance this
lead was forgotten or overlooked the automation can also work when everything
is going smoothly for simple I like the CRM just send my
leaves a document such as an NDA non-disclosure agreement for online
signatures after my first call with them the automation section can do it all
most of the businesses that I’ve worked with consider the unclose leads as dead
leads which is a big big mistake for my experience a business can recover up to
30% of the dead leads and bring them back to life there are many reasons why
a lead will not close a deal and most of them can be fixed some leads will fail
because of the trivial problems such as price quality etc from the other side
many leads don’t get closed because there’s no trust in the brand the lead
doesn’t see the value in the deal the lead or the salesperson had a bad
morning or there was no personal connection between the salesperson and
the prospect the way I’d like to configure my clients SOHO serum is that
whatever lead is deemed dead the CRM will inject the lead into a special
newsletter that uses swipe once the lead is injected automatically into this
special list they will get a series of high-value emails that will raise their
trust in the brand and see the value lots of value there will be zero sales
in those emails it’s all about trust the first email will be sent a few months
after the last interaction with the lead the reason is to make sure that even if
there was a personal problem it will not stand in the way as people have the gift
of forgetting things only after four emails a pure value across a nine month
period I will send one unbeatable offer an offer that will revive the dead lead
after the offer email the business will send for more value emails and one offer
will follow the above example is an integration between Zoho CRM and Soho
campaigns the ability to create a newsletter list based on the lead status
is unparalleled to other newsletter solutions such as MailChimp the power to
have all these all this data in one place combined with strong automation
has created a unique and unbeatable business platform in the event that a
client closed a deal the salesperson is supposed to take many actions they’re
supposed to send an agreement to the client generate an invoice in some cases
create a project they sign a team to the client and much more on top of all that
the client is supposed to receive constant communications about the
progress of the project and what is next for them as you can imagine
Soho takes care of the entire process for you once I work with my clients I
will identify the after sale process and I will create an automation on the
client specific means here is an example of a common process in the event of a
sale the CRM will send the client an agreement to sign once the client has
signed the agreement the CRM will send the client an online form to fill his
personal details once the online form is filled the client will get an invoice in
parallel the bookkeeping system will sync with the CRM a new account will be
created and the system will know that the client owes money in some cases that
the business likes to provide quality customer service to the client I will
recommend the use of Zoho desk this is an amazing support system where the
client could communicate with the business online ask questions and get
answers in some cases the CRM will integrate with Zoho projects and will
create a new project assign the right team members and will invite the client
as well to collaborate on the project as you can see the integration between Zoho
CRM and the others ovo products such as Ojo desk to support the clients on their
journey Zoho books to log the financial
transactions and SOHO projects to manage projects milestones and tasks are easier
to see achieve and become more powerful with all of the data in one place a few
years ago I met Tony Robbins in his business mastery course I asked Tony to
share with me one thing that I need to do so it will change my business
completely he told me to imagine all of the people that I worked with in the
past 20 years and that they would continue to do business with me he asked
me how I think my business would look to my old customers using the Zoho tools
and business can try to make that happen as Deauville provides tools for the
before stage leads during stage sales and the after stage customer
service and upsells a few years ago Ken Blanchard introduced the term raving fan
a raving fan describes a customer who was so overwhelmed and floored by the
customer service level that they received that they can’t stop telling
everyone about it in our age I’m sure that you agree that customer service is
everything and companies live or die because of good or bad reviews Zoho
provides the business owner with multiple tools to help support the
client their journey from one page you will
have access to the clients details emails that were sent to them support
tickets contracts they’ve signed invoices they paid etc all from one
place that allows the customer service agent to provide the client with amazing
customer service experience dopamine if this is the first time you’ve heard the
word dopamine it is a great thing dopamine is one of the four positive
hormones that we have in our body when we get dopamine we feel high for example
we get dopamine when we complete a task the longer and more difficult the task
is the better we feel about it once we complete it dopamine is addicting when
we get dopamine we want more so who understands how to motivate
people and to sell more and therefore created Zoho motivator so a motivator is
a small application that is integrated with Zoho CRM every team will have goals
once the salesperson sells a deal it will present them with a virtual trophy
although it may sound stupid I can promise that many people sell more
when the dopamine hits them I admit I am one of those people in the old days I
used to ask my bookkeeper how am i doing it used to take weeks until I would get
the desired report the report was usually not up-to-date and missing a few
weeks by that point the bottom line is that I had no clue what was going on in
my company and the results I had were poor
after those sad years of uncertainty I see the value of quality reporting every
day before I start my workday I view my mailbox reports about my business those
reports tell me exactly what is coming through my next month’s pipeline
existing deals that have been closed problems that might need my personal
attention and more all of the data will be presented without the need to call a
bookkeeper just be honest I’m not a social creature and I don’t want to be
on any social network on the other hand my business requires me to be social the
name of the game is exposure every time that you share a post people in your
network will see it and connect your name with your product or brand because
of the exposure over time people will start to see you as an authority just
because they see your name again and again with quality posts related to your
industry every business owner knows that they need to be social no questions
about it but once the business owner understands the
out of time he or she needs to spend in order to get social the level of
participation is going to drop dramatically
Zoho created a super easy social platform named Zoho social the platform
allows businesses to number one create posts with one-click and share it on all
business social networks number two schedule posts is a great
feature because you can spend only two hours and schedule posts for the entire
month on all of your social media platforms number three communicate with
their social audience from one system number four one big problem is when to
publish the post that a business has created what is the right time to post
in order to get the maximum exposure the Zoho prediction engine helps you decide
the best time to schedule at your content the soho social solution
provides a company with the ability to get social without spending too much
time on it this is a perfect solution lead in customer nutrition system most
companies that I’ve worked with are not doing any email marketing campaigns if
you think about it as a business owner it doesn’t make any sense why would a
business owner spend a hundred thousand dollars on a Google AdWords campaign but
will not touch a free marketing campaign the reason is that email campaigns are
too complicated there are legal concerns professional manpower to create email
templates marketers to generate reports and more it is simply too complicated
I’m sure you have already figured it out that Zoho solved this problem
Zoho provides a very easy-to-use solution that number one allows any
person with minimal skills to create great emails using pre-made templates
number two gives the business the ability to edit the emails in the same
way you compose emails number three Zoho is taking care of the hard core
work surrounding servers databases SMTP and more all being done for you number
four Zoho removes the legal headache for me
by creating a system that is compliant with the latest regulations number five
easy to use pre-made reports that tell businesses how many people open their
emails how many clicked on the offer link and more
so who campaigns is a great system that allows businesses to deliver email
messages to their audience using specific criteria for example let’s say
that I am trying to promote my sunscreen packages
will it make sense to send this email promotion to my Canadian clients in
January while they freeze and minus 20 degrees in this example I will target my
clients in warm areas and monitor the results another example is to give away
a very special offer to my dead leads in order to revive them data collection
when working with business owners they will often provide good reasons why
their clients data is not up-to-date fortunately Zoho created two amazing
tools that fix this problem Zoho forms and Soho survey provide an
easy way to create forms and share them with your clients for example when I
sign a contract with my client I will send them a form asking about their
business details once the client fills out the form it will come to me as a PDF
and in parallel it will update the clients profile there is no manual
action that anyone needs to take another common usage of the forms are surveys
imagine that after every interaction with your company your clients will get
an email with the question how is your interaction with our team and beside it
is a smiley face or a sad face emotive icon once the client clicks on the
smiley or sad face the business gets that data as you understand I can
automate the process and once I receive a sad face it will automatically open a
ticket to my customer service and they will contact the client to see what’s
going on the response is also great as I can monitor my employees and verify that
quality customer service is taking place forms can be used as a registration page
web or social lead forms or order pages with signatures and more there are
endless options on how to use these forms there are some businesses that
require to see what the client sees for example a client calls me and will tell
me that their software is not working properly in this case I will ask for
more details if the details are too brief I will initiate an online session
with the client the session will be created using Zoho assist it will allow
me to take over my clients computer and fix the problem or explain to my client
what is wrong and how they are supposed to handle the specific task in the
future Zoho provides a few more tools for remote collaboration the Soho
meeting and Zoho show time allow you to create an online meeting with your
clients vendors or employees the upside about this product
is that your clients don’t need to install anything on their computer in
order to join these sessions the meetings can be recorded and include
notifications and more as with the rest of Zoho products these tools also run on
mobile devices and tablets as a Google Apps fan it is hard for me
to admit but Zoho mail is a great email solution Zoho mail has some features
that are equal to or superior to that of its counterparts the mail solution
provides a small but powerful feature such as mail folder sharing attachments
viewer the social feature easier to manage emails and much more internal
communication system there’s one thing that most people don’t know when you
chat on most free chat systems they are not secure and the intellectual property
that you discuss is shared with the chat system company another problem is that
when I chat with the teammate of mine I need to jump to the client profile and
go back to the chat Zoho provides an insane collaboration
tool named click first of all like mozo whole products click can be integrated
with Zoho products that means that i can see the client profile from the chat
system click can be used as a one-to-one chat or a group chat it can also be used
as a written chat or video stream i have a client in the appliance repair
business who uses click to see problems that his technicians face in the field
my clients office is located in Ontario and he manages a team of technicians all
across Canada security is important to Zoho every piece of information is
encrypted to make sure that you and only you know what was discussed in the chat
and no one else click is a great chat solution the same as Google Apps
Zoho provides the ability to create documents such as Excel sheets Docs
note-taking and much more it is a very easy and simple way to capture data and
connect it to the related lead client or deal in a safe way there is also an
integration to sign an online document that is pulled from the soho docs folder
life is good when all of your assets are in one place IT security and passwords
companies will usually suffer from these three problems number one passwords
being shared with peers at vendors or clients and the company loses tracks of
who gained access to what resource number 2 passwords are too weak as it is
impossible to remember long difficult passwords number 3 an employee in a key
position left the workplace with sensitive passwords that no one else
knows as a security specialist and an ex hacker
I know the value of a quality password management system because most of the
time passwords let me hack into systems Zoho created a great platform named Soho
vault vault is a system that allows a corporation to manage passwords
passwords can be shared with specific people in a way that the person who gets
the password can’t see it but can still use it as an example I will share my
Amazon password with Tim Tim will be able to use it to log on to Amazon but
will not be able to see the password that means that once Tim is no longer
with the organization he has zero access to the company assets another great
feature of the platform is a way to keep secrets
Zoho vault allows a user to save Social Insurance numbers credit card numbers
and other sensitive information in a secure fashion the security level is
very high and using two different encryption methods one encryption is
being used with the user key it means that only the user knows how to see
their secrets from the other side there is also an encryption on the connection
and the database the final dilemma is what happens when an employee is not
reachable and they hold critical passwords
Zoho created a way that other trusted people in the organization can retrieve
those passwords and once it happens multiple people in the organization will
be informed of this action that solves the problem of employees absent from
work where no one is able to get their secrets most business owners that I know
try to stay away from their finance in books the reason is that it is a
complicated realm that not too many people like to deal with Zoho simplified
the process by creating a system named soho books
Zoho books is a highly automated bookkeeping system that simplifies the
bookkeeping process for us here is a process of money going out such as
expenses number one I will buy a coffee for a client number two I will get the
receipt from the cashier number three I will pull up my smart phone and open the
Zoho books app number four I will click on create expense and take a picture of
the receipt number five done soho books will add the coffee as an expense and
keep the receipt copy on the cloud that means that either my account my
accountant or myself can access it at any time another example is if I sold a
deal once I created a deal in mycr and sent the client an invoice the soho
book system is login the transaction as an income nothing else needs to be done
at the end of the month every business needs to reconcile the books that is a
big word but thanks to soho books it is very simple this is how it will look
number one click on update and this will retrieve all of your banking and credit
card transactions to Zoho books number two most or all of the transactions will
show match and you only need to confirm it number three the transactions that
don’t have a match need to be manually added that means that you will need to
click on the select box select the type of expense restaurant for example and
add it as I said before Soho is taking the heavy load and letting you do the
basic stuff and look good and allows any person to deal with the bookkeeping and
not only professionals inventory is one of the biggest pain points of any
products based business Soho provides a great system named Zoho inventory the
system allows the business to create a full inventory system from scratch
thanks to the full integration of Zoho books in Zoho CRM the inventory system
is always up-to-date as it knows what items were sold from the Zoho CRM and
what inventory was added from Zoho books the bottom line is that Zoho inventory
is a powerful stock management order fulfillment and inventory control
software recurring deals were always a difficult task as they involve reminders
and automation Zoho figured out how to solve these
problems and created the soho subscription product the product allows
the business to create every single item service or bundles of recurring
transactions the entire system is automatic and handles recurring payments
manages subscriptions analyzes your business and gets paid on time every
time a huge part of every business is recruiting employees and managing them
Zoho provides two applications that can take care of the employee from the day
the business posted a wanted ad to recruit to the employment date and all
the way until the employee is being released it is a full suite of
applications that control the employees professional life cycle within the
business as you understand by now it all connects for example if i use click
which is the internal chat software i need to talk to someone from the IT
group can go to the I can go to groups in the
click app and discuss with one of them this is the power of having all of your
data stored in one place Zoho gave me as a business owner all of
the tools I would possibly need to manage my business but what if I need
one more app that is custom to my special needs what if I need to create a
booking software for my plumbing business this is a unique app that Soho
does not provide for those cases Zoho is provided Zoho creator a powerful
system to create custom applications that integrates fully with other Zoho
products in 2017 the mobile apps usage exceeded the desktop apps this is an
ongoing trend that keeps mobile on the rise Soho provides over 40 mobile apps
that allow the business employees and owners to run the office on-the-go with
no limitations summary before getting to know Soho I used to be a business
consultant that help business owners succeed in their businesses many of the
business owners wanted to succeed but had financial or knowledge limitations
many wanted to have a good CRM a good accounting system and online meetings
app email campaign software and more all of those apps can cost hundreds of
dollars per month and require time to learn that was a big problem when I saw
Soho for the first time I understood that Soho is the future and allows the
business to grow with the minimal financial expenses the company is about
fair trade and not about gouging its clients for money since that day I’d
become a raving fan of Zoho and started to customize different Soho products for
my business today most of my business is doho based I’m working on Soho products
on a daily basis and helping businesses to customize and learn how to use Zoho
an efficient and effective way if you see that Soho can change your life the
same way it changed thirty five million users around the world contact me and I
will provide you with a 30 day free of charge Zoho one license plus one free
hour of my time to go over your specific business needs and discuss a proper
solution thank you for watching this video I will see you soon you

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