YouTube Marketing: Subscribe Cards & Black Bosk Holder

YouTube Marketing: Subscribe Cards & Black Bosk Holder

hey guys Dan with gears and gadgets
thank you very much for tuning in today I’m back in the truck today I actually
haven’t ridden the bike in over a week now it’s been about thirty degrees in
the morning lately I will actually be doing a video in the
near future and put sensors all over my body like I did before when it was 114
I’ll link that video up above and I’ll do the same thing for the cold look
forward to that video coming soon but today I actually want to share some big
news a couple actually big things coming up which actually carry into the sponsor
of this video I have been approved for media credentials for barrett-jackson if
you’re not familiar with barrett-jackson it is a car auction here in Scottsdale
it goes from January 12th to the 20th if you’re into cars at all you know about
it if not it’s really cool I’ll list all the channels it’s on here I suggest you
check it out it’s really awesome so I’m gonna be there well filming for almost
the whole week now with that being said this is something I’ve actually known
about for a couple weeks so part of my business development going into 2019 has
been working on while I cleaned up the logo for this more of like a cohesive
brand identity this gears and gadgets is it’s going strong people seem to like it
I also if you watch John Maxwell’s channel if you’ve come over because he
recommended me well thank you for coming on over using gadget I’ve just recently
started watching his channel that’s pretty cool
so subscribe button to scan the QR code and subscribe
yeah that’s pretty where’d you get those these little subscribe buttons are just
a nice little way to be able to spread the word of my channel and when I order
them right away I’m like well how am I gonna hand these things out because I
don’t want to just have them loosely in my pocket pull them out with a bunch of
Pocket lint and hand them off to people it doesn’t seem very professional and
Moo actually sells a little business card holder for these but I looked at it
and I’m like man that thing just looks it looks
I don’t think not good but it doesn’t look good
so I took to the internet and started searching high and low and this is where
I ran across this company called Black Bosk a company that specifically makes
well a holder for these mini move business cards so right away when I saw
this black basket company knew nothing about them but I saw their product and
it brought back some childhood memories my stepfather
his family has a an upholstery shop old-school I’m talking old school shop
where they do some really really high-end classic cars and I remember
going there as a kid and seeing just the hand crafted the workmanship when you
pull this out and you go to give somebody a car this in itself becomes
part of the experience and it may sound trivial to some but I can tell you that
first impression is everything and when you see something like this it’s
incredibly important to make that first impression
now I also noticed that they sold this three-inch square case as well in this
three inch square case fits my three inch stickers that I ordered from
sticker mule and it fits in there perfectly so now you have these two
absolutely beautifully handcrafted pieces so first I will show you the
unboxing of the Afra mini business card holder this product it’s you open it up
and the first thing you notice when you open it up is that beautiful oil full
grain leather just absolutely beautiful product high high quality and when you
get it in your hands and you can feel that Baltic birch plywood that
sandwiched in between the leather and in right away you realize this thing’s
really really high quality the stitching is absolutely beautiful and this mini
business card holder comes in 10 different leather colors you can really
customize this thing to however you want it to fit your branding if you so choose
very very customizable beautiful piece of real
artwork and then I will get into the Afra business card wallet which is used
in my case for these three inch stickers from sticker mule now this product when
you open it up you’ll see it’s a wolf felt and this is a just real nice high
quality felt product and then it also has that Baltic birch plywood in between
same ways they business card holder and it’s all stitched together again
beautifully beautifully well so in my communications with Irene from black
boss I told her I said send me over if you have any footage of the actual
process of making this product and I wasn’t sure what I was going to get I
really wanted to see how these products are being made and I’m gonna tell you
the process and it makes you respect the product even more I’m just gonna roll
some footage here check it out so as you can see everything that goes
into making these business card holders is a handcrafted one-off process that is
is so incredibly respectable I don’t even know where to begin
spend money on your image and again it’s a business development thing if you’re
going to start building a YouTube channel you are going to learn whether
it be quick or not you’re going to learn business development is a huge part of
it and you better embrace it because if you don’t the it’s just not going to go
anywhere so again all of these products are linked in the description down below
I highly suggest you go over and check out Black Bosk I am incredibly honored
and again this is one of those sponsorships I reached out to them they
didn’t reach out to me these are my favorite kind of sponsorships so I just
again highly recommend them go check them out again thank you very much for
watching look forward to my barrett-jackson content coming up very
shortly it’ll be in the next couple of weeks but thank you very much for tuning
in if this is your first time tuning in please click that subscribe button down
below remember likes go a long way to help
support the channel and I will see you guys next time

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  1. I haven’t rode in a couple weeks either, but cycle gear has freeze out gear it’s awesome man.. not supposed to be this cold in AZ lol

  2. Very cool products. Actually “hand made” is probably rare, not with this company.

  3. Nice and happy new year

  4. I'm here because of John Maxwell. I haven't ridden since late October, Northwest Pennsylvania.

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