Your Art Career: How to Create Marketing Materials & Business Cards w/ Pro Artist Dena Tollefson

Your Art Career: How to Create Marketing Materials & Business Cards w/ Pro Artist Dena Tollefson

Hey it’s Dena Tollefson! Welcome to
my studio. I’m so glad to have you here. Hey today’s topic is going to be really
great and I want to just say thank you for joining me. I’m so pleased that
you’re here. If you’d like to join in on the chat, I would love to
interact with you. If you would like to just be quiet you know that works too
that’s that’s all really good . So what today’s topic is , is it’s going to
be about business cards and marketing materials for artists. When you talk
about business cards there are different different approaches. One approach is
this- the approach that I use is I have my cards, and I’ll just go ahead and
hold one of them up, I have my cards professionally done. I’ve
used Vistaprint and I’ve used Zazzle and another approach -and I have done this
too – I’ll be going through that with you today is oh end thank you for
joining by the way the other the other thing I’ll be showing you is how to make
your own cards so I’ll talk with you about what to put on your card,
why you would want to have a business card how to design it what to include
what to leave off. Sometimes what to leave off of the business card can be
just as important as what you put on and then the other thing to talk about would
be: little accessories- what kind of things that you can do
with your cards, who you might give your cards to, and why it’s super important to
have those business cards. So let’s get started. Alright. So I want to talk a
little bit first about about the cards themselves so a business card really is
just your calling card so what I do on mine, I have on the back here, I’ve
got um- oh hey – art mystique yeah you can design your own also you
can design your own card and you can put your original art on it, you can put
yourself on it, a picture of yourself is always a really great thing to include. I’m gonna just start out by just I’m gonna actually you know what I’m going to do-
let me stick this Kleenex box on here and see there that way that’ll hold it
really well oh we don’t have to actually hang on to it and it will focus a little
better and art mystique how are you doing by the way that’s great okay all
right and so um so how I do my business cards is on the back of the card, I will
have a close-up because my work is really super heavily textured. I’ll put a
close-up of one of my paintings on the back and then on the front of the card
so you can when you have your cards made you can either do them as one-sided or
two-sided I try and take advantage of that back side and figure you know
people usually look on the back of it too. So you’re great and you just
finished a painting okay okay excellent excellent so and I’m are you gonna be
posting that painting out on YouTube I will be looking to see what you
got when you when you post it. So on these business cards what it’s important
to do is the most important thing on that is your name. You want to definitely
put your name. And if you are using for example, an alias or some other thing
like that, a nickname something else like, that try
and include that. So maybe you’re gonna be like “I’m the mysterious painter” and
then it’s also nice to have your actual name because that way hey Brenda you got
it posted it’s a watercolor cat in polygons oh well that sounds neat that sounds super neat and hey Brenda good to see you by the way. So on your card if you
have for example a nickname or you’re going by a nickname when you’re painting,
it is a good idea to put your actual name- your full name: first name, and last
name, so that way when people are talking with you they know how to get ahold of
you and or what to call you when they speak with you. And the other nice
advantage of doing that is in case you ever change your nickname then
your regular name should always be hopefully staying the same. What I do
with my cards, is I also have a little what I’ll call
a little teaser or a little description and mine says contemporary
colorist oil paintings I include my address I have my studio phone number
and my cell phone number and then I have my email and my website. Now when you’re
doing your business cards, you can put many different things on your card I
have a photo of me with my work, that’s always a good thing. When you give your
card to someone it’s very important that you somehow identify what it is that
you’re doing or what it is because people will collect business cards and
then they’re gonna – and I’ll just grab a piece of paper I’m gonna write
this on here so the things you want to include when people collect business
cards if they don’t have some way of knowing who it is or what it is that
that is on the card then they might be like oh I have this card and I don’t
remember who this was so a super important thing is that you have your
name which is first and last you can put a middle initial if you like but um but
it’s it’s just super important that you have and thank you all so thank you for
everyone who’s joining and any I appreciate any likes that you give
that’s always a nice thing – so first and last name are important and then
what you need to have so that just is just the bare minimum you can add more
on top of this but you need to have some type of an email address and- hey, Art
Journey With Swapna! Hoow are you? I’m glad to see you. okay so your
email address so you have to have your name and that could be a nickname also
if you have a nickname so your email would be so they can contact you and
then optional would be anything like your address your mailing address or how
to get ahold of you that way your cell phone number any kind of info about what you do
so info about your arch so let’s say for example I was a fiber artist or a glass
artist something like that then what I could do is I could say you know here
I’ve got contemporary colorist oil paintings online I could say something
like oh I’m oh it’s good to hear that you’re doing
well yes and it’s I guess um it’s probably late over by you right now the
time is probably late in the day over here by me it’s only let’s say
almost one o’clock so information about your art that is optional to put
on there now going back to website, let’s say for example you don’t have a website.
What could you put there instead? Well you could put your your personal website
if you have that definitely put that there but you could also put your
Facebook your YouTube your Instagram snapchat anything like that you can
include those of course on your card so people know how to find you where to
find you that kind of thing but oftentimes why you might be giving a
business card is because either someone has purchased your art or you have met
someone let’s say that you met someone you know anywhere it’s just about ten
o’clock oh yeah that is late that is late so so your your business card when
you let’s say that you go to a party and you meet someone and they find out that
you’re an artist what’s always a nice thing to do is and I’ll show you what
I’ve got here. Hey ArtLife good to see you. I saw you yesterday on on the stream
with with Eve so I have a little these little inexpensive card holders I carry
this everywhere in my purse but in case anybody asks then I can just
whip out my card and just hand them a card and that’s super important to have
that and I also have I’ll show you this little card holder that I use so this is
a little I think this was like seven dollars or five dollars something like
that when I ordered my business cards then I
ordered them and I got them and just I can have like a little display like this
so let’s say for example that you’re doing a event where some of your art so
hey Chrissy and hey pencil glad to see you guys and also thank you for everyone
for your likes that you’re giving it is important to have these little holders
and you can give these in case you have an art exhibit anywhere if you’re in a
art gallery there’s some kind of an art venue where your work is being shown
maybe a restaurant a library anything like that if you have if you get these
little holders which are easily available at like or Zazzle I have bought
cards from both Vistaprint and Zazzle and wherever you’re watching from there will
always be a place where you can buy your cards internationally you can buy cards
locally you can also have a print shop make up your cards but but these two
places for example Vistaprint and Zazzle it’s super easy all you do is I uploaded
a photo I you can choose your print your font you can put you know anything on
the back that you like and typically 500 cards are going to be really reasonable
they’ll say like 500 cards for say $10 and it’s hard to beat that now the one
thing is I usually don’t ever get the least expensive option they have because
I don’t like the paper what I’ll do is I’ll get this is a thicker paper and so
I’ll do an upgrade for the paper and I’ll do an upgrade for the
the the surface of the paper so I I want to have something and I am oh and thank
you for saying that yeah see and um and I think that by
having something in detail because my work is super detailed I can include on
the back of my card something so people can see that Daubism
texture that I’m doing and and you know, shoot it’s like the back part back of
the cards available you might as well use it right and and so thank you Swapna
so I’m going to show you a little bit also of the other marketing materials
that I use in addition to cards a woman will come back to the cards but here is
a marketing brochure or not a brochure it’s an oversized postcard
so thank you Chrissy this is an oversized postcard that I made when I
was exhibiting at a college and then I had on the back this was a
two-person exhibit this was in 2014 and so I had all the information on this but
what I did is I sent these out to galleries that I was interested in and I
also sent them out to let me get my envelope. When you order the cards and
I ordered the cards and envelopes from the same places. okay and Chrissy thank you and I
appreciate that you’re gonna watch the replay you’re so awesome and thanks you
guys and thank you for all the likes to by the way so this was a card that I
designed and this is a painting a large triptych that I had let’s see here what
size is this 48 by 72 so a very large painting this painting ended up being
purchased by hospital and then I had to add additional panels they wanted the
painting to be 10-foot wide so I was like the largest painting I’d ever done
but this Genesis Hospital in Rock Island
Illinois they ended up purchasing the painting but
anyway these cards what you can do is you can then get an envelope like this
and I’ll just order the envelopes that they when you when you get these
marketing materials like these oversize postcards then you can just include
those and then you just pop one of your business cards in there because what
happens is if if somebody sometimes people will you know they might not hold
on to the card but they may hold on to your business card and what is on here
you see I have my email address but all the rest of the information is really
about the venue and it’s about the painting that’s shown and so having the
actual card then they can see oh here’s how I can get ahold of the person here’s
their address and their website and then they’re most importantly their email so
if they want to get ahold of you and they’ve got that information and I’ll
show you a couple other cards that I did so here’s one I did for Canyon Road
Contemporary Art who represents me in Santa Fe and this was a two-person
exhibit that was done in 2017 with a fellow artist of my fellow artist Kari Rives. she does a sculpture and then here’s another one this was a my solo
exhibit at Canyon Road last year and that was so I’ve got the information so
you can include the information about the venue the name of the gallery the
name of the exhibit and then if it’s a solo or a group show and then if there’s
an opening reception in this case there was an opening reception and so and then
how long and I did a painting demonstration and then I was there
on-site and then I have information about the painting on the other side and
then information here about the gallery but you’ll see that there’s really no
information on here about about me or how to get ahold of me so if I send this
for example to a gallery the only way that they’re going to know how to get a
hold of me if they’re interested in representing me is through this
information that I have on the business card so that is super important that you
that should get that and I’ll show you one last card that I did this was
Adelman Fine Art,the gallery that represents my originals in San Diego and
so this was a group exhibit and it was just a thing showing a little bit about
you know the dates that are gonna be held and then the gallery information
but but again you can see I don’t have really my website or anything else
that’s listed here this is just really all about the venue
so that’s why the card it’s all about the card and then these cards again
these cards are really once you have them made and a little template made up
they’re they’re really easy to reorder or you can just make a new one each time
and then this was through I guess this was a Zazzle this one is Zazzle I think
this one is Vistaprint I had some return address labels made up. Any time you
have an opportunity to put your art on the you know on somewhere and and you’re
essentially building your brand but I’m using the same font everywhere and then
I’ve got as what I’m using also in the cards and then on the I’m including some
of my art so here’s that and then another one so that way when I’m putting
for example on the envelope so I can brand it in different ways I can put and
I’ll just put one of them on now I can put in an address return address here
like so and then and then inside is going to be my card and then a show card
so this is the what I’ll put in when I’m doing some materials if there’s a
gallery that I have my eye on that I’m hoping might represent me then what I’ll
do is over the years or a matter of months or years depending on how long
I’m following them and I’ll be sending them things like if I have a new show
coming up or thing like that so so back on the cards
now that we’ve talked about how to do the cards so okay okay pencil I’m glad
this has been helpful. Swapna hugs and kisses to you. Pencil I am glad
to hear that because you know you need to get your little pencil logo going on
a card and you can I’m going to show you how you can use your own art so let’s so
let’s get that out here let me show you what you can do if you want it to even a
person does not even have to go and go on to a computer and do this you
literally can do this also just individually and one by one and then the
thought might be like okay if I’ve got a printed one why might I also want to
have one that’s made by hand well you can see that the one that’s made by hand
is gonna be so much more personal and it’s gonna be unique and individual and
it’s sometimes nice if you have let’s say that a collector bought your work or
you had somebody do something super nice what’s really nice and a wonderful
gesture is that you can make your own business cards now I just just as an
example say this was a note from the last thing I did but I just this was
watercolor paper and I literally just cut it out the size of a standard
business card and and then that’s just a quick note we should talk about what is
a standard business card size so let me get my notes back up or the paper back
out here and I’ll just jot this down here so what you want to do is when you
make your cards make them for whatever country you’re going to mostly be doing
your business in you want to make your cards go in that size so in Canada and
in the US so here this there’s a standard so US and Canada
is going to be 3.5 inches x 2 inches and that is also known as 89 millimeters x
51 millimeters so that is a standard size and the reason I recommend that you
use the standard size is first of all they’re less expensive to to buy or to
make but when people get it they’ll recognize it like oh that’s a business
card you can also get like for example in the US you can get squares you can
get kind of long skinny ones that type of thing but I recommend that you stay
with your standard size just because it’s it’s more recognizable then. In Australia the standard there is see I’ve got my
notes here 90 millimeters x a 55 in Japan and you can see that each country
kind of has their own standard of what they’re using for their sizes Japan that
the size is 91 millimeters by 55 millimeters pretty close to Australia in
Russia and Israel here Swapna with I guess you know India and Mexico the size
they’re the standard there is 90 millimeters by 50 millimeters and then
in the in Europe and in the UK so pencil this is your size here so UK and Western
Europe the standard business card size is going
to be 85 millimeters by 55 millimeters and again if you go to a local printer
or if you have them done you know online then they’ll take care of those sizes
but just kind of interesting to see you know what sizes are out there so back to
these little cards so all I did here is I just cut out so I had my business card
and then I just cut out and let me grab my little paper here I just drew with a
pencil drew along and drew the the size just on
this is just some Arches 140 pound paper. Okay so and if you don’t have a business
card then you can actually go ahead and measure it out so this is three and a
half by two inches each of those are three and a half by two so here’s a
standard business card size there’s three and a half by two inches otherwise
known as 89 by 51 millimeters but you can use you know you can use all
templates and all that kind of thing and get really fancy with your with your
sizes now there’s another way the way that I did it yeah you’ve got 85 by 30
yeah okay so pencil you’re gonna need 85 millimeters by 55
millimeters you’ve got 35 right 55 is what you went did I write 35 on your
paper okay no sorry 85 yeah 85 by 55 is what you’ll need pencil okay so so what
you want to do here is you can do like what I did just for this little demo is
I had just some watercolor paper you can see where I cut it right there where is
this guy go like that so I had just a little scrap of watercolor paper
and then I cut the shapes out and then did that obviously you’re not gonna do
it on a scrap because you’re gonna give it to someone and you want it to be nice
okay good pencil thank you okay and and so what you do is you can just cut that
shape out I just cut it out I drew with a pencil a pencil same pencil I drew
just with a pencil around on the back of the card and I just cut it out with a
scissor you can also do if you have a if you’ve got a what do you call it paper
puncher let me get that okay I got him you can also take these and make a
little if you want to make like a little these are just handy if you want to make
like a gift card include something on a gift just a little punch and then you
can put a ribbon or a string through there and you can write whatever you
like but it’s kind of a neat little thing to include something that you made
because we as artists, we have something that other people don’t have, and that’s
some creativity to make something that’s beautiful or artful. People do
appreciate getting something from us that is going to be done by hands so
these handmade cards what I did here is I just taped this down and I used the
hey Madonna and okay so aren’t mistake you’ve made bookmarks for business cards
that way they went over quite well and it’s just cut in a different size and
exactly exactly that’s exactly how you do it and so I’m gonna just take the
tape off so what I did was this is a masonite board and then I used my
watercolors so let me just grab my watercolors out here and I taped off the
edge now you have to decide when you do these if you like the look of a white
edge I kind of like the look or if you like the look of the thing where the
design goes all the way to the end if you want it all the way to the end you
can still tape it off and then cut it down to size later but that’s just gonna
be a personal decision I personally kind of like
little edge going here so if I’m doing this now how I would do if I was doing a
business card or I could even do it as a thank you so let’s say that I had
somebody let’s say that I’m gonna write a thank you to Madonna so I would just
write Thank You Madonna let’s say Madonna bought a painting or Madonna did
something special and when I give them it down a a little extra something
little hello and a little something on something handmade and then I would just
go ahead and sign it but it can be just like a little just as simple as a little
thank-you card you can also you know they can be a little place cards that
type of thing but but when you do it like this let’s say I was gonna make my
business card like this so I’m gonna make sure to write very legibly and then
I’m gonna say I need to say what it is that I’m doing so I need to say for
example that I am an artist I could say I’m an artist or I’m gonna be more
specific and I’m gonna say contemporary colorist as my paintings all right and so then yeah I’m Madonna
yes okay so so let’s say then I’ve got data now what I can’t wait I need to put
on as I need to put that bare minimum of what we need for a the bare minimum is
always your first and last name and a nickname if you have that your email and
your website now I added on here also a little bit of optional information about
my arch that’s what this would be the contemporary colorist paintings but I
can put on here then let’s say I want to put my email so let me put that on there and then I want to also put my website and again if you do not have a website
everybody likely will have an email if you don’t have a website yet then what
you can do is you can put your your Instagram handle your Facebook account
you could put your YouTube anything like that and yeah so pencil, I found
it by doing that following up with people they seem to really respond to
that another thing that I’ll do is and I also have greeting cards I don’t I
didn’t bring an example of a greeting card here but I am greeting cards made
up with my art and on the inside it’s just blank inside and then a lot of
times I’ll write a handwritten note if a collector buys something when the
gallery sells paintings for me I typically do not know who buys them
they’re just they just tell me well they’re sold or whatever I don’t ever
know so so sometimes I’ll know a collector and then I might you know send
them a note but I’m always careful to not infringe on the gallery because I
it’s important that relationship that they have with the client is important
and I don’t want to circumvent that but these are for things like let’s say I
have a commission or something like that pencil you’re talking about you know if
you wanted to maybe even get you know draw your or paint your pencil in on
your logo you can do a thing like I did here where I’m just including only you
know just a picture and then something on the back but let me show you what we
can do also like let’s say for example you have made a painting and it does add
a personal touch and that is I think that what people really respond to
because once someone has bought your work before they they’ve done studies
and they say that if someone has bought your paintings before they are 40% more likely and I don’t I can’t quote the name of the of the study but I
had heard this I don’t know maybe five years ago that people are 40% more
likely to buy your work again and you want to really think about that
once someone has bought either two or three of your works then you consider
them your collector and so let me show you what you can do this is just a
little a little kind of a little sunflower a very abstract little
sunflower edge I made on here but let’s say for example you didn’t want to
change you know put anything on the front and you wanted it because maybe
it’s dark colors and maybe the ink wouldn’t show up well or you just didn’t
want to disturb it and you wanted to give your collectors may be just a a
one-of-a-kind little tiny little painting so what would be very important
is that you sign it so I’m gonna put my regular signature right there just very
very tiny I’ll just put that right up there get your signal right signature
right up there and then on the back you can either write you know thank you
or you can write you know your business card information that kind of thing so
you can get all of that detail on a white thing that’s easy to read on the
back so but maybe you’re gonna say you know hey thank you so much you know for
the Commission painting that you that you sent me and this is a little card as
a thank-you a little mini painting as a thank-you and I’ll just say that these
little mini paintings you can just kind of do these really rapidly and there are
a lot of fun if you like to do thumbnail sketches we talked in a previous
livestream about how to do a thumbnail sketch and what’s kind of fun about
these just these little guys is you can do little compositions and they’re just
fun and hey if they don’t come out well just you know don’t use them or throw
them away or you know whatever so alright let me grab my watercolor and
I’ll just show you how easy it is to just make these little abstract cards
I’ve got some water let me get these all these other materials out of the way and
here’s this is just just a bucket of of water I’ve got another little
container here and you could use a watercolor pencil,you could use acrylic
paint,you could draw, this could be done in graphite. How ever you like to do,
how ever you wanted to decorate these little thank-you cards or they could be
business cards but it’s really a marketing material if you think about it
it’s it’s just as simple as that every time that you are doing this you want to
keep it within your brand or keep it doing something that looks like your
work so for example pencil you’d want to be sure to you know somehow include if
you can if you’re doing a thing something and include your pencil logo
or if you’re not using your pencil logo then of course don’t do that all right
so let me just grab a little green and you can just put and and you know just
do literally abstractly whatever you like
let’s activate that I kind of like when watercolor is kind of smushy and
interacts with other things so just something you know boop boop boop boop
boop and then that cards done we could do another card I’ll just do another
sunflower over here let’s get some petals going let’s get a dark center. Let’s make this let’s make this one
I want to just run the water out here to wet this section but they can be
literally just kind of you know abstract expressionist kind of feelings or you
can spend a lot of a lot of detail and you can really go in and you know make
it super super detailed super you know however you want it to look let’s get a
little darker color there and then how about some blue out here I like orange
and blue together and just nice and easy just a little flowy thing I’m gonna cover all my white spots so
thank you so when we can just kind of make these you know whatever we know
I’ll have a request what do you guys have a request for me to make I’ll do
last one we’ll do as a request I’ll just do a little heart over here but be
thinking what you want me to do for that one
don’t pick anything that’s too hard for me though we don’t want to be stressful
on a Sunday, right? All right so let’s get but put your idea what you want me to do
in this on this last one and I’ll paint whatever you guys come up with good
little orange there so you’ve made art trading cards the business card well
thank you and you know Madonna you can see how fast these things are gonna make
I mean they’re just like SuperDuper fast you know boom boom boom and you’re done all right now let’s get a little bit of
a blue now what I’ll do then is I’ll let these um I’ll let these dry and we’ll
just do a really watery loose background on this one let these dry and then come
back and when they’re dry then um it can release the paper or release the tape
around there okay
paint you I’ll paint a pencil okay all right I’ll try it I’ll try it it’s a
challenge accepted let’s go back in with a little bit on
this red one let’s go back just deepen that color a little bit okay pencil I’m gonna try a pencil all
right so now you can’t tease me pencil if I don’t make him well. I know
he’s got abs remember that and then there’s a point here so he needs to come
down into some kind of a point and then there’s a tip of the pencil and
then he has a very cute face so he’s got a big whoops I need a smaller brush here
he’s got like don’t worry and I’m running out of paper
see I didn’t plan out my pencil properly but if I remember he also has like some
kind of a pink color I think as I thought there was like his eraser maybe
there’s like something pinkish up at the top something is there something like
we’ve got a little something up here for his eraser alright and then what we can
do is let’s say that this was pencils card then you can just have something
like pencil connoisseur let’s see how we spell connoisseur see oh and if I spell
it wrong I can’t do that c o n n o i s s e u r and then you could have
you know email yes blah blah blah blah blah blah blah and then you know you
could do something like that and you could literally just kind of
make it whatever you want so so that’s how those are done and then when these
are dry then I’ll just peel the paper off and then and then it’s good to go
so alright and then here’s again this the example of this so I hope that this
has been um found and helpful and I hope that you guys will go out and make some
these are little gratitude cards I hope that you’ll make some gratitude card-
will call it a gratitude card- make some gratitude cards and have fun that’s
really just these little quick little things they’re just a fun little
expression and they’re a neat way to show your collectors that you care
you’re gonna call it the Dena connoisseur
I like that pencil I’m gonna put that on here Dena Connoisseur there we go
all right you guys well this has been wonderful chatting with you and I hope
that you guys have a great rest of your day and so and go out and get those
cards you know it’s it’s just a fun thing to do and and and I think your
business will grow with it so thank you so much you guys alright and take care
and until next time this is Dena and hugs and kisses too

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