Yo! S1 E19 – World Cup Kit Designs, Google Analytics Competitor, AR Business Cards

Yo! S1 E19 – World Cup Kit Designs, Google Analytics Competitor, AR Business Cards

Yo! Friends – it’s Rob from One Page Love and this week I’m covering world cup kit designs, a Google Analytics competitor,
AR business cards and more in the design and development space. So I’m back from a strike mission to Namibia to chase the holy grail of surfing and that’s just say it
was worth it. Big love to this week’s show sponsor flywheel managed WordPress
hosting once your site is up they take care of everything from nightly backups
speed optimization security and more just a routine reminder everything that
I mentioned is linked below so sit back relax and enjoy the show! World Cup In Pattern is a fun recap at
how the various World Cup soccer kits have changed over the years the
presentation is slick with minimal color palettes and subtle parallax effects as
you scroll the gang over at invision have launched the design ops handbook a guide to efficiently scaling digital product design teams the handbook is
hosted on the design better docker library and is presented in a beautiful
long scrolling website format with five detailed chapters menu and design plus
code have launched a course on how to create your first sketch plugin custom
plugins are particularly useful when your design team needs a feature that
sketch has not implemented yet back in year 5 I featured their 500 device
bundle 4 sketch called angle this course details exactly how
they develop this product while explaining basic sketch extensibility
concepts possibly inspired by screen from yo 16 cap wing have launched this
minimal mobile mock-up generator you simply upload your image choose a
background and device color then generate a clean device mock-up for your
blog post slides or social media the color spark dudes have shipped this neat
color and gradient generator you simply click until you find the perfect
gradients then copy the CSS for your project and yes it comes in dog mode built using golang and pre-act paul
jarvis and danny van Kooten have launched a minimal website analytics
platform called fathom it still early days but great for anyone just wanting
the bare essentials visits pageviews average time on sites and bounce rate
stats gear abusers Ong Minh has released this useful repository called three dots
the project is essentially a set of 20 CSS loading animations created with
three dots made by just a single elements a quick shout-out to Oscar
farmer who created this AR business card concept using Erica too and image
tracking I’m just loving augmented reality progress this year and might
just spin up its own yo category I’ll sponsor flywheel managed WordPress
hosting have released a free guide on how to boost your WordPress site
security the e-book will teach you why WordPress sites get hacked in the first
place and then walk you through 11 easy ways to increase security I’d say if
you’re new to the WordPress game this is essential reading as getting hacked is
much easier to prevent than fix a final shout-out to your regular para Boggan
who published this quick tutorial on how to create your first chat app using
react ojs expect the full course on the same subject to come out next week most
likely using his scramble platform one of my favorite youtubers the nerd
rider breaks down the art of sci-fi book covers the six minute video is simply
the most comprehensive breakdown the genre has seen and guaranteed to inspire
all sci-fi nerds while I’ve got you sci-fi geeks attention Richard Wilkinson
has released ten previews of his upcoming book anthropo da iconic as vol
1 insects from a faraway galaxy the work is a collection of insects that bear
subtle yet uncanny resemblance to characters and vehicles from the world’s
favorite space opera the Atlantic have published this video titled the visual
history of Lights this fascinating animated short takes us back to the days
of animal grease lamps all the way through to fiber-optic cables and a
quick final shout out to the mesmerizing cover of the latest times magazine
featuring 958 flying drones at nights always great to see such innovation and
the behind the scenes video is linked below och Slade is a quality handwritten
script font the typeface is grateful logos posters or packaging and comes
with useful ligature alternatives and stylish swash strokes Holly Dobson is
giving away this free social media icon pack the hundred percent vector-based
icons available as a sketch plugin and it comes in four different styles and
free to use for personal and commercial use unblessed have released as free neon
fonts as the name says the neon light typeface is made in a continuous line
style so that it works for neon signage mock-ups this week on creative market as
good as possible or giving away this lovely set of coffee mock-ups the
download includes five fully changeable high-res PSD files with options to blur
and unblurred the coffee beans and finally if you dig the style of Twitter
emojis you’re in luck as they just released all 2800 of them as open source
you have the option of Unicode emoji support across all platforms or SVG and
PNG image formats that’s a rapper yo 19 big love to this
week’s show sponsor flywheel managed wordpress hosting and make sure you
subscribed as next week I might have a little announcement that goes along the
lines of a yo website until next week

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