Workday “Business Caddie”

Workday “Business Caddie”

I heard you guys have Workday now Yeah, they’re a great partner They’re always there with insights and guidance it’s like having…a business caddie Morning everyone. Who can run Detroit? The VP there is well qualified. We can staff Detroit from within. What about boosting production? Hold off ’til Spring. Smart email, Sam. *phone call* “You good for golf on Saturday?” Can’t, closing the books. Can’t, closing the books. The team’s already finished. Took half the time! And I’m back in! Tough one. I’d go decaf. Almond milk. No sugar. You can expand by 200 employees next quarter. Serve to her forehead. There’s an opportunity in New York Not this quarter. I want a business caddie. It’s not a caddie. It’s Workday. A finance, HR, and planning partner like no other.

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  1. This is great! 😀

  2. Looks like David Wallace's "Suck It" really took off after all!

  3. The Asian woman looks pregnant.

  4. Kudos to whomever thought of this. Amazing.

  5. Also everyone please note The Office reference of "there's an opportunity in New York." Brilliant!

  6. why does the man in the commercial mansplain that workday is "like a business caddie" to the woman in the commercial, then when she says "I want a business caddie" he mansplains to her again that "it's not a business caddie"?

  7. LOL workday is garbage, how would you use something that has constant LOGIN problems and I'm talking about every time you login.

  8. The perfect ending —-if Phil was fired as a caddie! !!!

  9. Fuckin' Phil. "Not this quarter".

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