Woodworking Project | 4 Ways to Make a Pocket Business Card Holder

Welcome to make something with me David Picciuto and today we’re going to make a spring-loaded pocket-sized business card holder but we’re not gonna make one we’re gonna make four of them using four different techniques check it so I have this piece of walnut here that I’m going to make veneers out of I’m gonna cut thin sheets over here in the bandsaw and then I’m gonna run it through the drum sander to get it as thin as possible and then I’m going to stack the grain in opposite direction to make walnut plywood [Music] [Music] so the purpose of making walnut plywood is to make the walls as thin as possible but also strong so I’m going to run the grain this way and then I have these little pieces where I’m gonna run the grain the opposite way and then do a walnut sandwich and I have this pieces of plywood here with packing tape that I’m going to use as clamping cauls the packing tape will make sure the glue doesn’t stick to it and then glue it together as so [Music] all right moment of truth oh yeah so that’s nice and thin and because we have the grain going in different directions it’s pretty stiff [Music] so now it is time to rip our walnut plywood and I want it in just a little bit wider than the business card so now I’m going to cross cut it here on the table saw I’m gonna do one cleanup cut and then I’m going to do two four inch cuts and this will be the front in the back so now I’m going to cut the inside pieces at 3/16 inches wide and then I’ll give me just enough room to flip the liver [Music] all right so check out resourceful I am I’m gonna take this nasty-ass rake and I’m gonna clip off one of these guys here and that’s gonna be our spring to keep the business card in the holder that is not gonna work maybe that’s not a springy I thought it would be that’s just stiff we’re going to use this little pipe clamp but that’ll give us a springiness that we need and so we’ll just epoxy that in there cool no more that dry for this version we’re gonna do it over here on the CNC Music Factory machine I got my material double sided tape down to the bed over here I’ve got easel open and the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to cut the pocket and then we’re going to come back to do the outside shape [Music] [Music] sorry dude for this version we’re going to cut everything over here on the Glowforge laser cutter [Music] for this last one I drew the business card holder up in fusion 360 and we’re going to send it to the Ultimaker 3D printer [Music] [Music] I would like to take a moment to tell you about today’s sponsor and that is Squarespace Squarespace templates makes creating a powerful online identity even easier each template is a starting point for a wide range of projects whether you’re pursuing your side hustle or promoting your main gig create a beautiful website with Squarespace is all-in-one platform all right I’m gonna go off script here because I am moving my website to Squarespace and I used to be a web developer and so I 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dream it make it with Squarespace alright let’s get back to this project and finish it up well there it is I did round over the corners with sandpaper so it’s nice and silky smooth it is a little bit thicker than my phone but it is thinner than my front pocket wallet so it should fit in your pocket nice and comfortable if you make your own plywood you have to do it in an odd number of layers for two reasons one you want the outside layers go in the same grain direction and then you also don’t want it to potato chip them so you need an odd number of layers to do this mine is about 1/8 inch thick and the reason I made my own plywood is so I would have the nice dark exposed edges and I didn’t want to use solid wood because walnut at that thin can be very very brittle and I didn’t want it breaking in my pocket it’s possible that even if it was solid walnut it might not break either but this gives me a lot of strength because you have the grain going in different directions so we made four of them using four different techniques this one was 3d printed this one was made using power tools this one on the CNC and then this one was laser-cut all using the plywood that we made so out of the four the laser-cut one was definitely the fastest it all cut out within minutes the slowest by far was the 3d printer one it took about five hours to print let’s talk about the spring loaded cards in here this first one that I did we used a hose clamp and that worked out really really good like it has a really good spring to it this one I could have bent a little bit better to get more cards in there right now I’m only getting about eight business cards in there but that’s fine on a typical day you’re not giving out more than eight business cards and then for this one I thought I would make it a little bit prettier so I went to my local Home Depot and got this piece of aluminum as you can see it has a nice clean line instead of the the hose clamp little doodads in there and I pick up this piece of aluminum which is really flexible but when you cut it down to a small piece it’s not that flexible and it’s kind of stiff so there is a there is a springiness to it but it’s not a springy as the hose clamp that worked out really really well the idea for the spring came from my podcast which is called making it every week myself Jimmy Diresta and Bob Clagett from I like to make stuff we do an audio podcast we’re releasing a new episode today and in this episode we were brainstorming ideas for the business card holder and I was talking about making the the spring back and Jimmy mentioned on how razor blades are stored but we had other ideas that we talked about I wanted him at first I wanted to make it a hinged lid and Jimmy suggested using material or leather for for that hinge so check out making a podcast and we talked about brainstorming these business card holders I would like to know how would you improve this design if you were making a pocket-sized business card holder what would you do it turns out another way to do the spring-loaded thing take a business card fold it in half and stick it in there that also works with what we do we can make it as complicated or as simple as what we want it’s why I love doing this my business cards are actually stickers the size of a business card which is three and a half inches by two inches one of the big mistakes a lot of people do with their business cards is they put way too much information on there all I have is my website one call to action so if you want to learn more about me visit you want to email me visit you want to find out what social media platforms I’m on visit Die cut sticker so when you peel off the sticker it leaves behind all the old information and you get this guy all the walnut was just scrap walnut leftover from previous projects but the walnut did come from my local hardwood dealer Kencraft at they do sell online and I have a meet-up there on June 16th at 10:00 a.m. so if you’re in a Toledo area stop by we got lots of cool things going on we’re giving away so many prizes we’re doing games we’re doing like a wood identification game there’s gonna be a tour of their shop which is really amazing there’s gonna be demonstrations and there’s gonna be vendors there and I’ll be signing books and hanging out with people so if you’re in the Toledo area stop by Kencraft on June 16th at 10:00 a.m. my 3d printed one was made on my Ultimaker 3 and that came from Matterhacker you might want to check them out I have a link to matterhackers website down below in the description good people I would like to thank Squarespace for sponsoring today’s video that wraps it up as always be safe have fun stay passionate make something [Music]

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