Will Facebook ever become an open marketplace?

Will Facebook ever become an open marketplace?

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  2. Would most people be willing to give a Mall operator or Walmart the types of information Facebook has extracted of over a decade, in order to have the right to go into a shopping area or store?

    Why is Facebook different? How about handing Costco all that information instead of a membership fee?

  3. Big Tech knows your intimate personal details.

  4. Facebook is about to crash Cause of the new app MeWe

  5. Facebook is a neo-communist front.  They bent on oppressing free speech.  All speech is protected, without free speech we will face death for expressing thoughts.  Without thought we will die in a shithole, Islamic/neo-communist state.

  6. Facebook will only be an open market place of idea's when it's broken.  Short Facebook.

  7. Just say no to Facebook. Search out the smallest alternative social platforms you and your friends can find to minimize their power. If you feel you must get on the major social media platforms to get the news, do it read-only and/or under an assumed identity.

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