Why You Will Get Cut Defending Against a Knife • Martial Arts Journey

Why You Will Get Cut Defending Against a Knife • Martial Arts Journey

Reality of Knife Defense There is no shortage of alleged knife defense
techniques both online and in various training places. Having personally been introduced to Aikido’s
knife defense techniques and only later learning how far it is from the actual reality of knife
defense, I personally know very well how many of presented knife defense techniques suffer
from the same lack of realism. Unfortunately as the common practitioner does
not know what to look for in understanding whether the presented knife defense technique
is realistic or not, many are taught something what would never work in a real situation
and thus face a life threatening danger, if they will ever face a real knife defense situation
while having false knowledge about how it really works. For this reason I’ve interview Bruno Orozco,
a self defense expert who has not been satisfied with just nice looking knife defense techniques
and really looked into how knife defense actually works. Hi, my name is Rokas, and in this Martial
Arts Journey video we will look at the Reality of Knife Defense. When talking about knife defense, first of
all, it is important to establish that the best knife defense is to run away. As Bruno Orozco says: “The knife is a very
simple and complex weapon at the same time. Simple, because anyone can grab a knife and
hurt you, and complex because a knife doesn’t have patterns. It’s too fast and too chaotic. It’s a weapon that’s practically impossible
to stop, if someone with a true focus to kill is holding it. It’s impossible to come out unharmed in
a knife attack.”. To elaborate on Bruno’s thought – it is
only a myth that it’s possible to rely on a single or few techniques to defend yourself
against a real knife attack. A knife is such a difficult weapon to defend
against, that if you ever come across such a situation, and you have a chance to run,
there should be no consideration in trusting your presumed superior knife defense techniques,
trying to disarm the attacker, just because of your confidence in what you learned. No unnecessary risk should be taken in such
a situation, and if you can run away, you should run away. Effective knife defense question though becomes
important, if you are in a situation where there is no option to run away, such as when
protecting a loved one, or having no escape route. This is where according to Bruno Orozco, we
need to understand how knife and weapon attacks work. Bruno points out that there are three categories
in weapons and knife defense: “First is the part of a threat, when you are shown a
weapon and are threatened, but they don’t touch you with the weapon, they just show
it. A mugging is when you are touched by a weapon,
but you are not attacked by it. And finally we have the attack, when you are
physically attacked by the weapon.”. To elaborate once more on what Bruno said,
it’s important to understand that if you are presented with a weapon, that is not yet
an actual attack and there is still space for either a pre-emptive attack, negotiation,
or simply giving your valuables to the mugger, if that guarantees safety. A much more difficult situation is if the
person with the knife is actually attacking. Here, Bruno continues: “In that case, the
best thing to do is to establish distance. We must not go to deliberately try to stop
or try to hold a knife. Because this is impossible if the knife is
in motion. The knife has a sort of come and go, bouncing
back and forth, really fast motion. So the only thing we can do, if we can not
establish distance is to reduce the damage, that the knife will inflict upon us. Only reduce and not eliminate, because it’s
impossible to come out unharmed from a real knife attack.”. I personally found this point brought up by
Bruno Orozco fascinating. All the knife defense techniques that I was
introduced to prior to this interview, were showing clean techniques, against a single
thrust, were as a performer of the technique I would get out unharmed during my training. Only later I realized that having this expectation
of performing a clean, single technique, can prove to be fatal, since as soon as this clean
technique would not work in reality once, the brain could easily freeze in presumed
failure and would be unable to effectively defend further. Expecting from the very beginning that the
knife will most likely inflict damage, may very well give the required mental fortitude
to continue on defending, even if the technique is not landing clean and damage is done. As Bruno says, the real question is not on
how to avoid damage all together, but how to reduce it: “To reduce the damage we have
to know the techniques where we don’t allow the knife to harm us or cut us in vital areas
of our body, because if we end up unconscious cause of lack of blood, we will not be able
to defend ourselves.”. As later Bruno points out these vital areas
can be described as horizontal lines. As you move down from the top of the head,
the vital lines and non-vital lines switch in between. While the forehead is not a vital line, it
is important to know that if it is cut, a curtain of blood will spill into our eyes
making it unable for us to see, leading to deadly results. If the line across our eyes is cut, we may
lose our sight all-together due to direct eye damage. The next line across the level of the mouth
and chin is not as vital, yet the following line of the neck is. As we move further down, our chest is protected
by chest muscles and rib cage, making it almost as a natural armor and thus: non-vital, yet
the next level down is vital again, as it includes our liver and pancreas and little
protection. Even lower we have our intestines, where if
someone stabs, it’s less serious, yet if someone slashes with enough power, the intestines
will pop out and to quote Bruno: “You will be too preoccupied to pick them up and not
defending yourself”. To move our attention to the arms, Bruno explains
that the interior part of them have veins, while the external part doesn’t. Thus if a person ends up defending against
a knife with his external parts of the arms, it will cause less serious damage. Meanwhile, if an artery or a vein is reached
in the internal side of the arms, it’s less than a minute until a person will pass out. While there will be a chance to continue to
fight during that time, one will slowly start to feel ill, and eventually end up unconscious. In the end Bruno explains that in a knife
attack we have to protect the mentioned vital areas and be willing to sacrifice the non-vital
ones, while remembering that there are actually no clean techniques against a knife. While considering that running away is not
an option in some cases and knowing the difference between vital and non vital areas, the last
question that remains, is how to actually train for a real knife attack and how to really
defend from it. When asked, Bruno answers that when you focus
on reducing damage, the next step is to counter attack: “The best counter attack technique
is a combination of striking and grappling. Grappling not as if you take the opponent
to the floor, but grappling as a movement of leverage – as in wrist locks and fingerlocks.”. Here Bruno points out that here Aikido knife
defense techniques can come in useful, as they include wrist locks and fingerlocks against
a knife attacker, yet he also stresses that it’s not just the techniques themselves
which matter, but also the training method: “[These techniques work], if they are adapted
to the reality of the knife. And the only way to do this is to do sparring
with a training knife. Because if you don’t know how someone is
actually going to attack you, in a training session and under pressure, then you will
never know what combination of striking and locks to apply.”. As we’ve came to the end of the discussion
about the knife, Bruno wanted to point out one more last thing by saying: “Most knife
attacks are ambushes. So the victim does not see the knife until
he or she feels it in the body. Unless it’s a case of a threat though a
distance, were you can use that distance to be able to run away, but if the agresor is
closing the distance and you can not run away, then you have to fight for your life – understanding
that you will be hurt, but with appropriate techniques you can come out alive. And that’ the reality of the knife.”. As you see from this talk, the reality of
knife defense is far from how most self defense systems introduce it: clean, specific technique
where the defender comes out unharmed. If we want to raise our chances of surviving
a real knife attack, we have to be willing to face the reality of it by being ready for
it both physically, while doing proper, pressure and intensity training, and also mentally,
considering all possible options in order to raise our chances of coming out alive. As in most real answers, there is no easy
quick solution for this life threatening scenario, and we must face the reality of it in our
training, rather than have our fantasy shattered in a life or death scenario if such a time
comes. If you liked the video, make sure to share
it with your friends and martial arts community. Also, check Bruno Orozco’s YouTube channel
for more great videos from him. Want more videos like this one? Subscribe to the Martial Arts Journey channel. This was Rokas and I wish you to own your

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  4. I was bout to get into a fight, the guy had a knife, so I had to defend against a knife. Long story short, I didnt get cut, poor guy ended up traumatized thinking anybody can be carrying 😂👌

  5. When running is not an option another weapon is always the way to go just anything you can get your hands on, preferably something long like a table leg or stick. If there's nothing like that around slip a trainer off if you can do it fast enough. When holding It's possible to catch a knife in the sole or fabric causing it to get stuck plus having a shoe in your hand can cover the arteries on your wrist. leather belts and thick wallets are also protective when wrapped around your wrists. If wearing a backpack switching it to your front can provide protection but still leaves your kidneys vulnerable so make sure not to show your back, keep your chin down and shoulders high to protect your neck. If none of these opportunities are available your legs have more reach than their arms kick them in the genitals when they don't expect it. If it lands it'll at least slow them down some, potentially creating escape opportunity. Last option is placing your keys inbetween your knuckles aim for the jugular, eyes or which ever arm they thrust at you. Combine any of these and with a bit of luck you can survive a knife attack

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  22. Smh. This video is a lie. Showing some of the fakest self defense I've ever seen. Yes most definitely knife attacks are normally ambushes and if someone wants you dead and they are smart they are going to stab you in places you will die from before getting a chance to defend yourself. However if someone is dumb enough to attack you and let you see the knife there's plenty of real combat tested self defense you can learn from USMC training to Krav ma ga and you're not always going to get hurt defending against a knife that pure bs. Sure you're more likely to get hurt but well trained and aware you are less likely to JS.

  23. There are many stupid and unrealistic techniques that are used against a knife attack. But the most important aspect is that many people shit their pants even before they see real knife and asshole with that knife. Why? Because they have never trained with real knife. The one that can cut you. And on the street they turn into pussy. Running away is considered an act of pussy where i come frome. I have trained against attack with real knife and i have been attacked with real knife and got cut by it. You will get cut, there is no question about it, but you can defend yourself against it. Despite what expert say. You can. I remember once when i was on the street with my friend and some deepshit started to yell and curse for no reason. Just to show how tough he is. Then we started to argue and dick pulled the knife( not the butcher knife like in the movies, smaller one) and tried to stab me. I caught his arm and i got cut while doing so, but honestly that just pissed me of and i punched him in the face and knocked his teeth out. He fell on the ground from the punch and i was so pissed i started to kick him while he was on the ground. My friend separated me from the guy and i went to the hospital. I still have the scar from that attack. So i busted the myth of how you cant defend yourself against knife thst day and later several times more. My uncle without any martial or self defense knowledge disarmed guy with a gun. The big false reality in reality based self defense is that guy will attack you with knife like he is some ninja. That in real life wont happen. He will try to push the knife inside your stomach and kill you, but it is not like reality self defense classes are showing. All you need is good reaction time. In real life i wont stand in front of a knife i will move aside or i wont let the guy extend his arm close to me so that he can hurt me. That is like someone throws a punch and his fist came close to your face and then you try to block his punch. That is stupid. When he starts to move i move at the same time. It is that simple. I found aikido moves( turning the hip or moving aside) to be very effective against knife attacks or punches. It is like when you see a car coming at you, what is the best thing to do? Move away. Killing your confidence before the fight is ultimate killer. That is why people freeze when they got in street fight.

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  30. I promised myself I wouldn't bother commenting on martial art videos but I've gotta say this: the knife disarms in traditional martial arts like Ju Jitsu, Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, etc. are 'slow' because one has to learn it and demonstrate it. There's generally no sparring in these styles that's why it 'doesn't work'. If they sparred and drilled it often (like they do in Krav Maga) then it'd 'work'.

  31. There is no unarmed defense that works against a knife. I got lucky with a stick one time.

    But it wasn’t skill it was shit house luck..

    The best defense is always time over distance.

    Meaning be far enough away that you can increase distance faster than the guy with a knife.. or start placing lead in them as soon as possible..

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  38. I learned to defend against a knife attack when I was a child, a friend of mine a girl was grabbed from behind by a boy wielding a knife he grabbed her in a headlock and started dragging her, I ran over and punched him in the face, he dropped her and slashed my arm as he was slashing at me I found out this was the girl's brother, attempting to take her home to be raped because, it was "her turn", eventually I got the knife and stabbed him in the chest. I called an ambulance and police, he hid for two days till he finally died from the wound, he died because he was afraid he would not actually be helped by the dirty cops in the small town we lived in. This was before I ever was "trained" in martial arts. This is when the local children stopped trying to beat me up 3-4 at a time and stepped it up till I was listed as a lethal weapon with my hands and feet in the 4th grade because 26 children my age or older, who were armed attacked me while I was unarmed, and I put all but 1 in the hospital he got a bandaid and ace wrap from the ambulance, he was the only one that listened when I said "if you are trying to kill me, I will not stop, until you do or I am dead". I was kicked out of self defense classes for this, specifically because at the end of the fight one with a knife who had put two holes in my shirt 3 in my pants one in my shoe and a slash on my arm wouldn't stop, so each time he decide to try again he got hurt worse, the shattered clavicle, didn't stop him even after two broken arms, with 6 broken ribs, so while he was stabbing the holes in my pants and shoe I finally stopped with the whole caring if he died or not and kicked him in the head until he went unconscious… But since to make him go out I had to kick him repeatedly, and I "could have broken his neck" I was no longer allowed to attempt to advance beyond white belt at tae kwon do. And of course then they started finding friends from strange places to take me on, I was a 5th grader when a guy from a JJJ training center, who had studied BJJ, and some other arts showed up with at least 6 friends, to teach me why picking fights was so bad. In his defense he did not know I had been picking off people who were affiliated with people who were grinding up their enemies and mixing them into hamburger patties, and selling them to local businesses. He made my face look like hamburger because "I dishonored his teacher, and his art"… I guess he liked eating humans? I'm joking, he was a pawn in an ugly game. But really sound advice about knife fighting. Oh and for truth to stay true. All the people who came after me for attempting to stop their feeding ground up people to each other, and stopping their abducting children and selling them for various purposes in different countries to avoid prosecution. Spain was tied to every one by "royal blood" or from kickbacks, some also affiliated with Mexican cartels, and south American cartels, but everyone of them was sending money to Spain. I hope they stop being involved with such dealings. It became obvious they were doing the wrong thing with what they did to saint Diego, also since AOC is the direct decendant of the conquistador Cortez, the most famous for raping the indiginous people… That is why I want the world to know now! So when I die in a botched robbery you know it wasn't a robbery, and you know I once gave a shit. No one that really got into business with me ever got me more than a few honest dollars, before being killed or tortured, the USA government literally owes me millions of dollars American allies multiple countries (it is impolite to kiss and tell) totaling as much or more. Private businesses double to triple that even at the 1% I actually wanted but many of these companies received forged contracts stating 60%, so I could make sure that the stuff I worked on would not be used for nefarious purposes. the stuff has been used for nefarious purposes, I didn't get to control how the stuff has been used and for all of it all together with over 20 years trying to save the world have received less than 2000$. I love you all but you all have treated me like shit at some point, work on that. Good day.

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  56. There is a point that's often entirely missed with knife defense work. Stress is the #1 factor when facing a blade, it's what's going to f**k up everything: speed, critical thinking, ability to use a technique. What people forget or simply don't know is that a person's ability to deal with stress is EXACTLY the same as their ability to lift a certain mass. In order to lift more, start low and build up.

    So we drill with live blades. Every session we drill with live blades. But we start at the stress equivalent of a 20kg bench press level until they get used to it: slowly make a stabbing action to random areas of the body and let them get used to breathing and moving. Then step it up once it becomes boring for them, go to 30kg bench press level… Stay at that new level until it's again boring.

    Over time it will REALLY help to eliminate the STRESS of being confronted by a live blade.

    The problem is that people jump straight to the equivalent of making someone do a 100kg bench press because that's what happens in life. Well of course that isn't going to work. It takes TRAINING! Everything takes training and development.

    The worse thing we can do is never do live blade training, and never give the opportunity to start slow and build up because we all want to get our dicks out and show the world how big they are with fancy f**king YouTube videos and stuff that looks good on TV.

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  63. Knives are why I conceal carry. I have 2 friends who have been attacked with a knife one was minutes from dying and has permanent muscle damage to this day. If someone attacks me with a knife they might get one stab/slash in but they are going to eat some lead and get hauled off in a meat wagon!

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    He went out at 7PM to visit his aunt, at 10:00 he hit the street to go home, a robber approached him, ask for his belongings, my friend retaliated even though the robber had a knife, my friend died, tomorrow, big news!


  72. Thank you for pointing out the reality of being in a knife fight. Fights are very random things because no two people usually fight the same way. So no matter how you train to defend yourself you have to mentally know that you're going to get hurt.

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  76. This video is no different than the rest of the video's out there on YouTube. What makes these people think that the aggressor is going to be more proficient than you who takes time to learn on how to defend themselves. Most crooks are just bums and drug dealers. They probably don't even know how to use a knife. Their's a big risk when attacking someone with a knife is the person can be carrying a gun and the guy with the knife loses the fight hence most of these crooks aren't very skilled at knife fighting. Better to learn how to defend yourself than just trying nothing at all!!

  77. As Ron Balicki has said, “You have to get the knife to go static.” True story IMO if I want to do any technique to disarm the knife. And to paraphrase him- just because you get cut does mean you’re dead and gone. At a minimum get control of the knife arm and give them something else to think about via a heavy dose of knee strikes!😎👍

  78. I don’t know if this is fast, but when I get really scared, I take action in 20 milliseconds or so.

  79. Has anyone here ever been in a real knife fight, if you have we should talk about it to help people understand. I have been in 2 very bloody fights I'm talking using a cotton swab to clean blood out of my ears. Both times it was like 1st I got assaulted 2nd I put my knife training to the test 3rd we end up in a struggle for the blade no longer fighting each other but to control the blade 4th my worry turns from me to him and I end up begging them to stop so I can use my extensive first aid kit I always carry. Sticking a blade in someone and feeling it stopped by bone is an unsettling gross feeling and if you don't agree you obviously have problems.

  80. My favorite skill is called gun

  81. I really agree with the most of this video and with the instructor you interview… Just one question even without go into my experience why create a distance if the most "secure" way is a mix a grappling and joint loks (wich actually I totally agree with)? Lot of times trying to create space give the attacker more option of attack while close the gap help reduce damage as the instructor say… At least this is my experience as martial artist and instructor.
    Great content!

  82. Use pocket sand and run.
    Pepper spray may work but the attacker will feel more anger and attack you more

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  85. Knife defense doesn't work because no one is swinging the knife five miles per hour like they are in the the training videos. Might as well make a bow and arrow defense video where the defender catches the arrow in mid air, because that's about the same chance you have of stopping a knife swing that's faster than your eye.

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