Why you can’t get tickets: The Ticket Game (CBC Marketplace)

Why you can’t get tickets: The Ticket Game (CBC Marketplace)

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  1. how hard is it to tie each and every ticket to a name and DOB that needs to be shown at the door before the ticket holder gets in?

  2. Go in during presale. I’ve never had an issue getting legit tickets.

  3. If I do buy a concert ticket, I go directly in person to the Ticketmaster agent. No worries about 1000% ticket price increase.

  4. Well, I think the scalpers find the "true price" of these tickets in a free market.

  5. the only way to stop is for the fans to just say no if you people always just say no and go without the bots and brokers dont have a income source and will end up looking for another scam personally all tickets should just be sold at the door only fools pay these crooks for tickets i always prefer miss out rather than feed these scammers

  6. I'm 72 and I can't remember the last time I scrambled for tickets to anything. I really don't understand the issue … if someone wants a ticket to anything, they buy it for the price they're willing to pay. Sometimes the price is too high. Then you say no.

    If you can sell a ticket for more than you paid for it, good on you. How is this unfair. Please, could someone explain to me what's wrong with that?

  7. TicketMaster: Start selling your tickets at the correct value. Then, you don't have to worry about bots. Bots don't sit in seats.

  8. well it's 2019 and it seems that nothing has changed yasir and the brokers are just increasing instead of decreasing

  9. Never heard a single song by this band/group. Farewell, I guess.

  10. Someone has to be insane😮to even pay double or triple the price of an entrance to see whoever is singing at a live event. I can't even imagine paying 5 or 10 times.💸And sometimes even that event isn't worth it.👎But if you're willing to pay whatever it takes, then you deserve it.😏

  11. 1:38 Dab time kids

  12. Buy it before the day so that the prices will drop

  13. Why get tickets and see ants? When I can watch close up on tv.

  14. People are so quick, when upset, to jump to illogical conclusions when there are perfectly logical explanations. I guess it's possible but most know that tickets are reserved for the act, fan clubs, as well as credit cards, etc. Unless you marry a member of the act/band, you should join a fan club or credit card if you want to increase your chances of getting a ticket at face value. Take control and don't act like a victim. There will always be those who don't follow the rules but ask yourself what you can do and is within your own control.

  15. The fairest way to sell tickets to all consumer's is to basically set up booths in major cities around where the event is happening and only sell them physically and put the max amount of tickets you can buy is 3 per person

  16. It looks like the capitalist market economy is well oiled and running perfect.Enjoy the show.

  17. Special software called"Bots"

  18. I'm Canadian, it's hurt me that brokers steal tickets that fans want.

  19. Ticketmaster is the scum of the earth.

  20. Interesting 😊

  21. the fix is simple. do not go to concerts, AT ALL. they are bomb magnets now anyway.

  22. Has anyone been to Disney World? It’s very easy. A ticket is sold online which must be redeemed at a ticket booth by a real person, which then gets verified by a registered fingerprint scan at the door. You cannot scalp that. But venues won’t do it. Everyone must push the venue to update their system since they are old schoolers from the 60’s. It’s 2019 and they are selling like if it’s 1980

  23. Unethical? Yes. Ripped off? No, because you have the choice whether to buy it or not. Ripped off means you MUST buy something you need and are being way overcharged, like when stores sell a $5 case of bottled water in a disaster area with no water, for $100.

  24. In Dublin tickets to Khalid sold out in 5 seconds

  25. There should always be a place to go in and buy the ticket. But damn I'm in the wrong business. If I just buy one ticket and resale it for 7x and just keep doing that.. holy f….

  26. Anyone who holds these singers,actors, ballplayers as idols,as some sort of god, doesn't understand what the one and ONLY TRUE God is trying to tell you people!!!!! You are not to have idols,no other gods before the one true God! That means the singers,actors,ball players in today's time,it also includes other so called gods,and false idols made of gold,metal,wood etc!!! Once I learned what these singers,actors had to do to be famous (evil,nasty, ABOMINATIONAL things) THEY sell their souls!!!!! I no longer watch TV,listen to mainstream music,watch movies,I refuse to feed the beast!!!!! See, even this person making this video called the singers rock gods that's what I'm talking about they are not gods they're not anything what you think they are if you people only knew the truth but you refuse to know the truth you'd rather believe the lies how do I know this because I used to be one of you people I'm not anymore I want the truth ALWAYS!!!

  27. The other issue is the criminal prices of these tickets in the first place. I stopped going to stadium shows because I realized I could only afford a few a year. Now I only go to smaller shows, but I can go as often as I like. In 2010 I saw Beyonce for $70, last year the cheapest tickets were $250. David Bowie would have to come back to life for me to shell out that kind of money.

  28. I saved a lot of time and money and made my retirement account much more by not being a 'fan' of all kinds of entertainment junk.


  30. Maybe online ticket sellers should add a anitbot caption so the botters can't gobble up the tickets.

  31. No trying to be rude but these tragically hip people are tragically trash not gonna lie

  32. I love the hypocrisy of the Prime Minister, wotsisname, Trudeau? “I’m with the people, I suffer with the people “. What a load of bollocks.
    I’m amazed the Canadians have this guy as their leader. I honestly thought they were all grizzly fightin’ frontiersmen! How did this guy get elected???

  33. More sensationalism from the Great White North.

  34. 35? Dude looks 55

  35. So you cant tell when it's a bot or a about look at the amount of tickets they buy dumbshit..2 or 4 or even 6 would be fans..anything over 10 is a bot..not very hard

  36. Trudbag is such a joke..what's wrong with you hosers..

  37. Wow you Canadians like pretty bad music lol

  38. You know how you fix it? DON'T buy the tickets above face value. Not a hard decision. The basic economic lesson is a thing is only worth what someone is willing to pay.

  39. First world problems…

  40. Hey, Ticketmaster! You already know who is doing what. Unless the guy who used to use bot is full of it, and had a much more modest operation, the average concert going does not buy 1500 hundred tickets at once. It's very easy to track it down by the volume and credit card number.


  42. When it comes down to it, concert tickets are about as ‘luxury good’ as it gets. So I see no problem with scalping, gouging, bots, reselling. Nobody needs to go to a concert, it’s definitely not on my priority list.

    Aside from that, many of these artists rely on these concerts to pay their bills. It’s not like people are buying records anymore, so whatever helps sell tickets.

  43. I have never heard of that band. Sounds not too good.

  44. If the people couldn't make it they would watch the concert on CBC TV.

  45. Did a little research; turns out Tragically Hip was Tragically Terrible. I wouldn't give a wooden nickel to watch that train wreck.

  46. simple solution: like a plane ticket system. When You buy, you are obligated to register it in a persons name

  47. Set a resale limit of no higher than service fee, plus 5-10%

  48. – this video explains everything.

  49. In the US ticket scalping can land you in jail or a hefty fine. P.S. I have an IT background. Hire a GOOD white-hat hacker to run interference. It will help solve SOME of the issues.

  50. I am wondering if that was the reason.why Garth Brooks and Iron Maiden sold out in minutes.

  51. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles…. 'Who the F is Tragically Hip'

  52. They gage how hot the show is, and then they spread the love, but not really!

  53. You have to go to the ticketmaster physical store in the mall at the time it goes on sale and they will hook you up

  54. just sell the tickets offline, at a window, with a limited number allowed

  55. I'll bet that jerkoff Trudeau didn't have to pay. He probably used tax money to do it.

  56. You DON'T have to be at that show! Unless you're a super wierdo!!!!!!!

  57. I would like it to be illegal to sell tickets at higher than their face value. And prohibit tag-ons that also jack up the price – like giving the tickets away cheap or free with the purchase of an insanely overpriced item. And no bots allowed.

  58. What a bunch of loosers!!! Live nation controls the scalpers for tax reasons. They are part of the black market and allow an avenue for money laundering. I once worked for live nation and what they know is about it is not secret. Premier Talent and others like them like Chrysalis in the UK all were engaged in touting and "reselling". All of them.

  59. If people wouldn't buy a ticket to a concert for more than they were originally, than the scalpers would soon run out of money because they would be stuck with all the tickets they bought.

  60. Scalpers/Brokers are SCUM, plain and simple.

  61. I bought tickets once, the show was canceled and live nation would not refund my purchase. Selling tickets is a corrupt and criminal racket!

  62. this is why we got laws in the netherlands so the resale cant be much more.. like 10 to 20% is max.

  63. just sell the tickets in real life would stop the botting and most scalpers

  64. Any one else see that kid dab at the beginning 🥶

  65. it's a disgrace, but as long as poeple pay, others will conitnue to sell them. just say no to these greedy money grabbers. if fansdon't buy, brokers don't sell and there would be no point anymore

  66. SOLUTION :::::: stay home and keep your money in your back pocket

  67. that spokesman for Live Nation is a liar , it is obvious

  68. The middle men to the middle man. How disgusting is that?

  69. Trudeau with the Canadian tuxedo

  70. It’s simple, stop buying tickets and believe me they will find a solution.

  71. What about the shoe companies that run sweat 😓 shops in other countries then charge double triple and even more for those Nike’s you walk around in. anything we buy has Crazy mark up everything we buy is too expensive and is bought for pennies in bulk. I wonder what the mark up is on my new iPhone?

  72. I paided $9,500 for a seat to see Carmen Opera a few years ago.

  73. A cost-efficient and expedient way to avoid ticket scalping/availability crises is to join the underground scene! Tickets usually go for 1/2-1/10th of the price, in-mic singalongs are way more likely, the venues aren't as massive, and there's a much greater chance of meeting your favorite artists for free.

  74. Why not make it so you have to buy tickets in person so no bots could buy them

  75. The soloution is simple the Ticket have to be personalised! So the are only Vailde with an ID Card.

  76. 13:20I don't know if it is just me but this guy sends my BS detector into overdrive

  77. Mandate in person sales only!!!!

  78. Book your round trip car service to your upcoming concert with Senate Transportation Service in your local city. NO SURGE FEES.

  79. hmmmm I feel they are putting to much into this "bots" problem, I get they are contributing factor, but seems like they are scapegoating

  80. No one forces you you pay these scalper's prices, so how is that a rip-off? You know you're overpaying so it's not a rip-off. Why would someone be "desperate" to buy a ticket? If I can't get it for face value, I won't buy it, period.

  81. If they really wanted to solve this problem, tickets would be non-transferable, at least half of those tickets sold would hold that title. But this is a big businesses and nothing is done about it.

  82. I cannot believe there is a "Ticket Convention" for people screwing others out of money. 🤣🤣🤡

  83. Honestly even with out this people I still think I could get my hand on blackpink concert sold out way too fast T.T

  84. sell the tickets the old fashion way.

  85. omg yall are savage af to blast trudaeu . yall are real news

  86. Crooked! The bands,teams and actors should all boycott stub hub and others like them!

  87. It was a mispronounciation the trajically bad

  88. Never even heard of this band lol.

  89. the "bots" are "bots" ran by BROKERS!!! Brokers get 2/3rds of the tickets

  90. if everyone was resist the urge to see their famous singer or whoever they want to see for a few times. This will put these people out of business. they survive off of your feelings and being a true fan and that's why this exist.

  91. Im so tired of all the dirtbags.

  92. "A fool and their money are soon parted."

    Who in their right mind would waste $1200 on a single concert ticket?!

  93. Since I got sober insert eye twitch O.K

  94. @6:57 this guy is very high

  95. lol in Australia most concerts don't accept resale anymore. If you buy it from another website and have no login you can't even attend. And the events have their own resale sites

  96. big events like U2 lol wut

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