Why Video Games Are Moving From Consoles To Cars

Why Video Games Are Moving From Consoles To Cars

[Narrator] Cars are
becoming more autonomous. As passengers, we’ll
have more time to relax and entertain ourselves. Car companies see a big opportunity not only to provide the car, but also to provide the entertainment. What kind of entertainment are car companies most excited about? Video games. Yes, video games. Played on monitors, on headsets, and even on windshields in our cars. It’s not science fiction. The technology is here today. Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi have all made forays into gaming. Ayoub Aouad: Right now, in a Tesla, you can play Atari or play Centipede. And they just recently announced that they’re gonna enhance the
technology in their vehicles that could potentially
“Fortnite” to Teslas. [Narrator] This is Ayoub Aouad. He’s watched car companies invest heavily in the in-car entertainment experience. The technology he’s referring to are the game engines Unreal and Unity, which Tesla CEO Elon Musk
plans to bring into his cars. We asked a video games reporter why this was important. Kevin Webb: Unreal Engine and Unity are both game-development platforms. They’re used far and wide by tons of different game
companies just to design games, whether it’s for mobile
phones or consoles. You can use those suites the same way you might use, like, Photoshop
to put a game together. Making infotainment
systems more compatible with these kind of dev
tools will just make it that much easier for developers who are already working on games
for other platforms to make them available in the car. [Narrator] Studio MDHR did just this with their popular indie
side-scroller “Cuphead.” In an interview for
IGN, Elon Musk reported MDHR and Tesla had ported the Unity game and that it would be available to play on Tesla’s central-console touchscreens in a limited capacity later this summer. Tesla isn’t the only company
interested in video games. Audi worked with Disney to develop a virtual-reality “Guardians
of the Galaxy”-themed game called “Avengers: Rocket’s Rescue Run.” The VR, backseat gaming experience is designed to react
to real-world factors. When the car accelerates or turns sharply, so does Rocket’s ship in-game. Mercedes-Benz is also in the hunt. Aouad: Daimler, which
is the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, has
also launched its own in-car gaming competition where startups and developers can create their own
immersive gaming experience. You know, this could revolutionize the in-game, in-car experience. [Narrator] Video games have
taken the world by storm. Gaming is a $135 billion industry and a pastime practiced
in nearly every home. “Fortnite,” by developer
Epic Games, for example, has more than 200 million global users, while Respawn Entertainment’s
“Apex Legends” accumulated 50 million in its first month. Car companies hope customers will value an in-car gaming experience as they do a car’s
interior or performance. Webb: I think the idea of, like, selling a car package based on
video games is kind of funny, but at the same time, we see
people spend thousands and thousands of dollars on
just gaming as a hobby. So being able to extend that
into your car does make sense. For the video game industry, the idea of exclusivity
has always been around, from, you know, Nintendo and
Sega to PlayStation and Xbox. The fact that a car company
could have their own exclusive offerings in
terms of video games will probably get people involved. [Narrator] Ride-sharing
companies want in on the action. Aouad: Eventually, if
autonomous vehicles take off, you’re not gonna have drivers anymore, and so how do you create the
best experience for your riders that, like, differentiate Uber from Lyft? And that’s, like, creating, like, a really unique, awesome
in-car experience. If we take GM, with its
autonomous ride-hailing group, Cruise, you know, they’re
fighting against Uber, they’re fighting against Lyft, they’re fighting against Waymo, who all plan to introduce their own autonomous ride-hailing services. Whereas previously it might be the driver that’s a differentiator,
or the actual ride, now it’s gonna be the
actual in-car experience. [Narrator] We may not see a
full living-room experience in our cars this year. But recent advancements
in gaming technology indicate we’re close. Phil Spencer: Our cloud
engineers are building a game-streaming network to
unlock console-quality gaming on any device. Webb: So the next big thing in gaming is going to just be streaming games. Google just announced Stadia, which is going to be their
video-game-streaming platform. Microsoft has a new program
called Project xCloud that they’re going to be able to just beam games to your phone using
your internet connection. I guess the goal of Google Stadia and these other cloud-gaming platforms is to make you forget what
you’re playing the game on and just worry about what it is
that you’re choosing to play. With Stadia, you’ll be able to pause that game in your living room and pick it up from the exact
same location in your car, because the actual computer
that’s running the game is miles and miles away, and all you need is the internet connection
to take it with you. So when it comes to these
infotainment systems in the car, if you have a strong
enough internet connection, it’s possible that you’ll
be able to beam a game directly to the screen
and just play from there and not have to worry about whether it’s compatible or not. Aouad: The future is that,
like, every single display and window in the vehicle
is part of the experience. And, like, that future, if it’s like that, will be pretty cool.

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