Why the World’s Best Mathematicians Are Hoarding Chalk

Why the World’s Best Mathematicians Are Hoarding Chalk

(upbeat music) – The legend around this
chalk is that it’s impossible to write a false theorem. – I assume the special
ingredient was angel tears. – Mathematicians from all
of the top schools very frequently use it. – It’s a cult favorite. – As soon as I use it I was a convert. – The chalk is one of
the best kept secrets in the math world. – It’s the Rolls Royce of chalk. (gentle music) (chalk scratching) – Hagoromo is a brand of Japanese chalk. The way it flows on a board
is a bit hard to describe in words. – It’s really hard to get. You can only get it from
Japan, you need a Japanese person to bring it back for you. – I discovered it when I went to visit the University of Tokyo and
one of the professors there said to me, you know, we have better chalk than you do in the States
and I said, oh go on, chalk is chalk. And so I tried it out, and
I was surprised to find that he was right. – I tried it, and I
thought it was phenomenal. It’s the densest, it erases the cleanest, it leaves the nicest line. – If you use bad chalk
often you have to press really hard for anyone to
see what you’re writing so using Hagoromo on a good
board, it doesn’t really feel like you’re working hard to write. – When I’m teaching I
get a feeling of energy, confidence, and the
chalk absolutely helps. (chalk clacking) – Slowly the math world
has become aware of this, and it became a bit of
a fad in some circles. (upbeat music) – It was like maybe four
years ago the word came out that the company was
going out of business. I sort of jokingly referred
to it as a chalk apocalypse. So I immediately started
hoarding up as much as I could. – I ordered three boxes
of Hagoromo and kept it in my office and used it very sparingly. – I should’ve bought more but
I have friends that bought boxes and boxes and boxes of the stuff. They might very well be set
for the rest of their career. – We’ve got like 1,500 sticks. That’s a lot of days, four sticks a day. I think I’m gonna make it. – I have probably a 10-year
supply still at home. – I calculated how many boxes
would I need to last for 10 or 15 years. I didn’t wanna become a chalk
dealer, but I did like the idea that I could be
the first stick is free chalk dealer on the
block in my department. – I was probably selling
it regularly to maybe eight to 10 colleagues. I would reach into my
cupboard in my office and pull out another
box and we’d do the deal in my office. Yeah, we all had a chalk fix. And we still do. (gentle music) – The original Hagoromo
chalk is slowly disappearing. A few years ago, a Korean
company bought their formulas and did the best job of
faithfully reproducing it in Korea. – It was mixed emotions. I was happy to know that
it would still be made. But I was a little disappointed
that I was less clever than I thought I was. (gentle music) – In many ways mathematics
is like craftsmanship, in some ways it’s like artistry; in some ways it’s like science. But there’s a real high
craft side to getting a beautiful lecture on a blackboard. Mathematicians admire this in each other and like to use the best tools for it. – There’s incredible value
to this but the value is in using it up, not hoarding it. (gentle music)

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  13. I've never been good at math… but I always liked it. I have failed math multiple times… but I still like it and kept studying it. I like the idea that there's always an onjectove answer (as opposed to more subjective views auch as literature). After tkaing physics and learned of Quantum physics, I learned to love it even more… I'm still not the best; but I love math

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  26. The chalk is great indeed. I have maybe 10 different boxes all together. The large Hagoromo chalks are very nice too.
    Besides writing very smoothly, it is also very easy to erase, especially the color chalk, which for ordinary chalk is gritty and resists erasure.
    Telling the students that the Hagoromo chalk allows no mistakes is a plus.
    The only problem is to transport the chalk safely in your bag. I found an inexpensive sunshades maker, Polar Optics, the boxes of which are ideal, very hard.

    I watched the Hagoromo factory story as told by its last manager in Japan.
    What killed the chalk there was that students started to get computers with floppy disks, and were afraid of the dust… although this chalk is almost dustless.
    The Japanese school organization is very regimented, and they all switched to white boards.

    The current Korean factory packed all the Japanese machines from the floor and transported them.
    The product is virtually identical, made by the same procedures and machinery.

    After watching the people I knew in the movie, I realized to my dismay that I lacked the yellow-green, brown, violet and scarlet.
    How can you draw complex graphics without?
    I quickly took care of it…

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