Why The Star Of Marvelous Mrs Maisel Looks So Familiar

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel was one of the biggest
TV hits of 2017. Created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, of Gilmore
Girls fame, the zippy Amazon Prime series debuted in November and become an instant
fan favorite. The show’s star, Rachel Brosnahan, won a Golden
Globe for her role as the joke-slinging title heroine. “Why do we have to pretend to be stupid when
we’re not stupid?” And this isn’t the first time the actress’s
work has been touted by critics. If you feel like Mrs. Maisel looks a bit familiar,
here are some of the places you’ve probably seen her on-screen before. The Unborn Brosnahan was still in high school when she
landed her first major role in horror film The Unborn. Despite the fact that she was considered to
be too young and too short for the part, Brosnahan won the role — but she very nearly turned
down her big break. She later told Zimbio: “I got a callback and it turned out I was
going to be out of town the day the part was shooting. The director, David Goyer, asked me, ‘Would
you rather be in a major feature film or take a vacation?’ I was 17 and still in high school and said,
‘Well, I’ve had this vacation planned for a very long time.’ They must have thought I was a complete moron.” Fortunately, Brosnahan wised up and made her
movie debut instead of taking time off, and thus, her screen career was born. Beautiful Creatures In 2013’s cinematic adaptation of Beautiful
Creatures, Brosnahan starred in a flashback sequence as a witch who used a forbidden spell
to revive her lost love and doomed her entire bloodline to darkness as a result. She later revealed that as a fan of fantasy
films, it was a very big deal for her to nab that role, telling Zimbio: “I loved Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia,
A Series of Unfortunate Events, and all that fantastical stuff. That’s why working on Beautiful Creatures
was a dream come true for me.” Orange Is The New Black Fans of the hit Netflix series Orange Is The
New Black might recognize Brosnahan from a 2013 episode of the show. She took on the small role of Lil’ Allie in
the show’s first season, appearing as someone from one of the central character’s past. And while the character might not have been
very memorable to most audiences, Brosnahan certainly remembers the experience well. She told AfterEllen: “I got this call, before anybody knew what
the show was … I got it and I couldn’t believe it. I had the best time.” ​The Blacklist Brosnahan got a chance to really stretch her
legs on the small screen with a recurring role in TV’s The Blacklist. While fans might be used to seeing her as
the peppy jokester in Mrs. Maisel now, on The Blacklist she had a much darker role. In the drama series, she played the part of
Jolene Parker, a teacher who conceals some sinister motives. The role is a far cry from the fast-paced
comedic wit of Midge Maisel, but one that Brosnahan still played to equal perfection,
proving that she’s not beholden to just one genre. House of Cards One of Brosnahan’s best-known roles outside
of Mrs. Maisel was that of Rachel Posner on House of Cards. Originally considered to be too young for
the role of a Washington courtesan, she won the role against all odds. And while Brosnahan was only supposed to have
a few lines in the show, she did such a great job that she ended up having her part significantly
expanded. Showrunner Beau Willimon told The Chicago
Tribune: “She had done such a fine job those first
two episodes that I started exploring what it would mean to bring her character back
and fully three dimensionalize her. Rachel was so fantastic when we brought her
back that I just wanted to write for her more and more.” Brosnahan would go on to be nominated for
an Emmy for her role on the show. The Dovekeepers In 2015’s The Dovekeepers, Brosnahan appeared
as Yael, a Jewish woman who’s trying to survive the Roman siege of Masada in 73 A.D. Brosnahan herself is not Jewish and she said
that for the role, and Midge Maisel, she had to draw upon her personal relationships with
people of that faith, telling The Chicago Sun Times: “I’ve spent more time in a temple than I ever
have in a church. I spent so many Shabbat dinners with friends. I’ve probably been to 150 bar mitzvahs…. So this was a cool project to be a part of.” Manhattan In 2014, Brosnahan landed her first regular
role in the period drama, Manhattan. The role ended up being a pivotal one for
the actress, who, until that point, had earned substantial supporting roles but had never
been part of the main cast of a show. The series focused on the Manhattan Project,
which was the race to build the first atomic bomb during the height of World War II, and
Brosnahan led the series for its two seasons on WGN America. Crisis in Six Scenes The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel was not Brosnahan’s
first Amazon Original Series. In 2016, Brosnahan appeared in Woody Allen’s
Crisis in Six Scenes, which takes place in the 1960s. This show, along with Manhattan and The Dovekeepers
proved Brosnahan’s versatility in portraying characters from different time periods. No doubt that quality certainly prepared her
well for her starring role in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. “That’s the end of my show folks. See me next week when my grandmother steals
my pearls and f—s my boyfriend.” Thanks for watching! Click the List icon to subscribe to our YouTube
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