Why Do We Feel Insecure? – Dealing With Insecurity

Why Do We Feel Insecure? – Dealing With Insecurity

We are all insecure. Some a little more than others. Some a little less. And perhaps some are just better at working
around it, while others wear it on their sleeves. Nonetheless, we are all insecure. We’re all insecure about who we are, because
none of us truly know who or what that is. We’re all insecure about our achievements
or lack there of, because we’re wired to never feel like enough is ever enough. And we’re all insecure about life itself,
because it looms over us with its apathetic bravado, mocking our ignorance to its mystery. Arguably, insecurity is in us all, fully included
with the human condition. From an evolutionary standpoint, the state
of insecurity is likely to be essential. It is what has kept us on our toes throughout
history, forcing us to remain on high alert, safe from our environmental conditions and
those who seek to defeat us. And it is also, to some degree, at the root
of the motivation to progress and achieve success in life. To attempt to impact the world and acquire
a sense of importance. But then how can we reduce our sense of insecurity
if it is so essentially a part of us? On one hand, you are a part of the collective
humanity, and the quality of your life experience is partially based on your ability to contribute
to its forward movement. To feel like you have a sense of contribution
outside of yourself. But simultaneously, you are a uniquely complex
being with a meaningful, individual experience of life that you should enjoy and appreciate,
without it getting reduced by a constant need to influence, impress, or prove something. And this is what we must understand and gain
agency over. That as humans, we have a conflict in our
nature. Our experience of life is both individual
and collective. But we can and should reduce the affects of
this conflict by becoming aware of it and setting limitations for how much we let it
impose a sense of insecurity into our life. Use insecurity to your advantage. Use it to light the flame within you. To facilitate self-discipline and proficiency,
so you can do cool things and impact the world in positive ways. So you can feel involved, fulfilled, and plugged
in to the collective. Use insecurity as this fuel, but know and
remind yourself that that’s all it is. That as an individual, you’re obligation
in life is not solely to contribute to the evolution of the collective. But that as a self-aware, conscious individual,
it is also to appreciate your own existence. To appreciation that against all odds, you
get to experience the phenomenon of life as your unique self. And you need nothing beyond that to revel
in the beauty of it all. To extend beyond the foolishness of draining
insecurity and self-doubt. Contribute and find fulfillment in helping
humanity push the massive boulder of evolution forward. But don’t forget that we don’t even know
where we are pushing it or why we are pushing it in the first place. And that we are all a little insecure about
that. But perhaps by simply realizing this, you
might just feel a little less insecure.

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  1. Fabulous piece. Thank you!

  2. Fantastic..Thank you!

  3. The world says they are that, but is their insecuritty really a trait, or a safety net to claim they arent overpowered in their insecurity that ceates insecurity in all the naturals that really deal with and have to deal with the inadequacies in real time IRL?

  4. God is ins2cure.

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