Why Dating With Depression Is So (Bleeping) Hard – People Watching #3

Why Dating With Depression Is So (Bleeping) Hard – People Watching #3

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  1. She's having both visual and auditory hallucinations as well as a disconnect from the passage of time. This seems like more then depression. Also [email protected]#_ mustache guy he used to tell me I wasn't good enough to jump out of helicopters and now I have a pair of wings on my chest.

  2. Uuuugggh they all look ugly

  3. THERES A SAN JUNIPERO POSTER. Now wait just a hot second isnt this the one who had a throwaway line about wanting to be gay? Cause what straight person hangs that on the wall………

  4. I totally know exactly what X-Files episode talking about lol

  5. Well that hit me right in the feels…

  6. Shit I thought that happened to normal people too….

  7. This is so accurate…..

  8. I think a lot of my depression stems from the girls I date (I’m gay). I’m a senior in highschool and I’ve only had two (maybe 1 1/2) real and super short relationships and both were pretty toxic and left me feeling really shitty about myself. Not to count the numerous times girls have left me for other people or left me period during a date. I’ve given up on dating because I honestly feel like there are no people out there who actually like me for me! Or not want to hurt me. Anyways sorry, this video kind of hits hard with my depression constantly weighing me down telling me I’ll never be good enough and I’ll never find love

  9. What is the song playing in the beginning of the episode?

  10. Dear people in the comments : please don’t self diagnose with depression. Yes, you may have hard days. As we all do, yes you may feel your pain is greater than others, as most of us think. And yes ; talk to a doctor or a pyschologist before self diagnosing.

  11. Why does she talk about her depression so much? And so quickly…

  12. Hi, today has been the day that finally triggered that impulse to end my suffering, that one woman I really really love, that one person that makes talking to someone interesting, and not some bs answer like "wow, thast nice" or some vague shit like that.

    Today, I make this decision
    some people say it cowardly to take ones life, but I think now that im standing right in the edge of this depression cliff, it takes a shit ton of courage to take ones life. I´ve endured twice now, twice the woman that I´m now married to, to cheat in a way that at least from my point of view, isn´t quite a cheat, but it feels like one too, she sending nude pictures to some random guy and the first time she actually cheated was sleeping with another random guy.

    I have 2 little girls I really dont want to lose, can´t bear to not see them anymore, so divorce is not my first choice, and well, why am I writting this tonight?, well because that one person I love so much, that one person that makes my entire life shine like it has a purpose, just now, wanted me to somehow forget all my love towards her and go back to been "friends" because she really enjoys my company and the way we talk to each other and shit.

    yeah, trying to friendzone me after you´ve shown me true love, yeah ain´t happening baby.

    plus add the cheat after I´ve literally done everything I can to make her (my wife´s) life much much better than her bachelor life ever was.

    I didn´t get the job that I was hoping for because "I wasn´t called earlier" and now I got job at the place I wanted, but 3 levels down.

    anyhow, my life is just garbage overall, if It weren´t for my two girls, I woul´ve killed myself a lot earlier, but now, this pain, the pain of failure, the pain of having your soulmate wanting you to become her friend so that she can fucking ask you fucking questions of why her fucking love life sucks ass, even though I literally just told her I would fucking die for her isnt enough.

    neither my family nor friends take enough effort to notice if my miserable life has a purpose, If Im ok or not, nobody does and come to think of it, why should I?

    I love this series, I always come here to grief out and cry a little in secret, alone and well, wish I had take other choices in the past.

    At least my babies wont remember me in sadness and I can go in peace knowing my death wont really matter to them as much as It would have if they were a little older.

    thanks for taking this long in reading my pathetic life.
    unfortunately I dont have a gun, and I wanna go in peace, sleep my self to death I guess.

    take care and remember, dont ignore the ones that smile the most, they´re the ones that have the biggest emotional wounds of us all.

    see you guys in the next life, if there is one.

  13. Jesus Christ!! ……………………………………………..

  14. I need more of this!!

  15. That Conversation With Depression Felt Way To Real

  16. This girl sounds like every girl in 8th grade.

  17. This is fuckin harsh

  18. I really don't know how to feel about this video… I could relate to every single thing she said, but I was never diagnosed with depression and I can't say for sure if that's what it is… Because sometimes I can be fine. But then I'm in this state of my mind for different periods of time… sometimes days, weeks, months if something that really hit me hard happens and triggers this… But I deep down know what the reality is, and that it's all in my head, and that I was able to be ok before so I kinda just find a way to snap out of it, convince myself to be motivated. but even that takes a lot of time normally, I have a whole period of just thinking about doing stuff before I actually do them, all of it, even just washing my teeth… But like I said… I sometimes wonder if it is just me dramatizing… Because, for example, right now I've been in a period where I'm really motivated, trying to do even the smallest things… but last night I slipped and I couldn't sleep because my brain wouldn't shut up and now I just feel shitty because of putting all my thoughts and fears weight into my boyfriend… I don't know… I'm ok, I never had anything really really bad happen to me like a lot of people had… sure I've had little bad experiences but everyone has… And I know I can be fine, but it feels so momentaneous and it's exhausting knowing that it won't last and this cicle will always be repeating

  19. U personalize the voice and outsmart it. Its created in the moment you feel self cynical.

    If u start feeling depressed at 8am it was born at 7:59.

    You win because its trapped in the past.

    Mine told me I was the worst person in the world. When that failed it said the world was better off without me.

    But I care for many. That I protect and serve. So it was wrong

    Now whenever I'm depressed I just have to endure the self isolation and feelings of sadness.
    And by surrounding myself with people I can rely on….
    Combating sadness with laughter and bittersweet anime. Boom

    Fuck you Liam

    Have fun you dumb self crippling bastards.

    You either….

    Listen to the pitiful lies they're^
    Feeding you.

    Or be your own placibo vaccine

    I recomend the second

  20. @2:51 yeah that’s me

  21. Damn, this felt good to have something to relate to and seeing so many people in the comments relating to this too. I literally overthink and realize I overshare like this all of the time because I isolate myself and when I finally let someone get to know me, I open up and let it all out. I guess none of us is as alone as we think we are.

  22. Im crying right now its so fucking true and you feel like that not only on Dating but in every social relate stuff

  23. One night I started watching videos about what depression was. I literally thought I had depression. I saw all the signs of having depression and applied them to myself. I actually started acting like I was depressed… I tricked myself into being depressed for some reason. But it was like a fake version of depression. But I was just sad and hadn’t cried in a while. That was like… three years ago. I don’t know why but this reminds me of that.

  24. Extremely relatable….. damn 🥺

  25. Idk how i clicked on but am glad I did bc I can't relate however reading the comments helps me to understand this mental disorder in short. I pray that God finds his way into your mental thoughts .Dont be sad guys he loves you and I pray you find mental peace. ❤❤✌🙏

  26. By the end I was completely all "NO DON'T LISTEN TO HIM IT'S DEPRESSION MAN, RUN RUN RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". Sucks to be right.

  27. Depression is just a lack of feeling gods grace. If you try praying no matter how stupid it sounds, treat it like a silly experiment just ask for help, I get it god doesn’t exist, it doesn’t need to, we’ve evolved to need two things redemption which requires benevolence and trust which requires believing things are being taken care of. Belief in god solves both issues. Notice how didn’t say god solves those problems. I said belief in god. Atheists see believers as being stupid and delusional because they believe in something which is ephemeral and unprovable but the unspoken truth is that believers see atheists as stupid and delusional. Because they deny theirs any utility in faith or that believing someone loves you can make you feel more grateful and at peace. Atheists routinely choose to make fun of fighters thanking god. They thank god because in order to step into that cage you have to believe something greater than you is protecting you is keeping you from being mamed or killed. Praying can give you that small milligram of courage you need to jump out of a burning building or fight someone who’s wielding a weapon. Believing you might be protected allows you to focus on what the moment needs, like: throw this punch or dodge this kick without becoming paralyzed by all the what if’s. Your brain can’t tell you how to fight if it’s busy worrying about you getting hurt but if you believe god will protect you then you can give those worries to god, you can put them on the shelf.

    Redemption= God loves you because he made you to be as you are. He can’t love you less and importantly he can’t love you more there’s nothing you need to do to prove your lovesble, that you are ok. You are ok so you are completely empowered in this moment to forgive yourself with all the might you have to muster. Because god didn’t make a mistake when you were made he made you so you could learn from your story. If you have grief and regrets it means you learned you got what you needed to get and even though it was real bad god built you with weakness so they would become strength and the only way they become strength is if you accept gods love and his help in forgiving yourself. Again God doesn’t need to exist for this to function this is all just the power of belief doing it’s job. But if you get enough out of your prayers and supplication/devotions you will begin to know he does exist. Which might mean your delusional but your delusional that a perfectly benevolent force of unconditional love is embracing you and healing you and wants the best for you. If that’s a reason for people to look down on you it’s laugh out loud silly because that type of crazy will make you one of the happiest people in the world. So what if I have an imaginary friend he’s a very amazing Imaginary friend who makes me feel love unconditionally and empowers me to forgive myself to stop hating myself and honestly love myself and be grateful for every breath. Make fun of me all you want for not being scientific in my heart I feel good I feel loved unconditionally.

    Trust: our brains are really bad at thinking about multiple things and most of what we imagine is true ends up being wrong. Atheists spend time thinking about billions of things that they have no control over. As a result they are depressed because the weight of the world is on their shoulders. They honestly believe that if they don’t figure out how to make it work it won’t work. It doesn’t matter if they can’t control it, they just feel they need to figure out how to control it. They are always planning and analyzing and strategizing about every little thing all this intense thinking is called stress and neuroticism. Believers TRUST that God is taking care of all the stuff they don’t have control over so they only focus on what they can change in any given moment. This gives the, the ability to relax and trust that as long as they work hard at the things they can change god will take care of the rest. They don’t have a billion thoughts moving through their head they probably have two. They don’t worry about nuclear war, or epidemics or planes going down because they trust something is watching over them. Just imagine how wonderful it must be to believe that the thing that created the universe is totally benevolent and is always looking out for you, totally unscientific, almost certainly delusional but to them they know they are being taken care of, looked out for, that they are on a well laid path, they are where they are supposed to be and they are totally protected. No matter how delusional or stupid you think it is. They sleep perfectly, they don’t worry when they don’t have the money because they trust god will show them the way no matter how idiotic and stupidly delusional. They don’t worry about anything but doing a good job. In other words all the stress of your atheist life to,them that’s delusional, that’s stupid, that’s idiotic. Because good is taking care of it weather you believe in him or not. The only difference is you have panic attacks and they have moments akin to being a baby in a loving mothers embrace. They Trust everything they can’t control god is taken care of and every time they get hurt or wronged they can pray to god and feel his love. And they do feel his love because that’s how imagination works; if you imagine biting into a lemon your mouth will water.

    Every single group,of people on earth before the “enlightenment” (tragic choice of words) believed in god, not because they are stupid but because it’s an evolutionary necessity. The Japanese didn’t invent the wheel but they invented Shintoism and when Buddhism came along it unified the country in a peace The lasted a century. A religion caused them to move from jutsu functionality to Do,a path or way. They rewrote their greatest technical achievements which had all been in warfare to reflect belief in god. A sword wasn’t a weapon it was an instrument of the spirit.

    Believing in god can revolutionize your life and most of the time it’s something you have to wrestle with, you have to pray and read and meditate in little skeptical bits and littlest by little you may begin to feel as if something is changing for the better. You may one day sit down to pray and notice you feel better then you did before you started and one day you might feel this strange feeling like something really big loves you intensely. The biggest lie of atheists is blind faith no legitimate believer has blind faith, they have a long history of skepticism and experience and at some point there was just too much experience to deny it. Too much evidence for it to matter if science could prove it or not. There was just so much good in there lives they stopped fighting with doubt.

    I know Christians especially but all religious people can be despicable, hateful, intolerant, bigoted, that’s because people are generally pretty terrible lost and messed up. But if you take chance if you run the stupid dumb silly experiment of praying to a god you don’t believe in, you might discover god is full of love and goodness. In which case who cares if someone said whatever to you, you pray and feel grace and know that person didn’t know the first thing about god because all they did was judge and when you feel god touch your heart the one thing your damned sure of is God doesn’t judge anyone.

  28. I've watched this over n over

  29. I want to make everyone happy that I'm not happy anymore. Is that depression?

  30. She talked too much. You’re suppose to chill and have fun while dating. If you need a therapist then, go to an actual therapist. 🤷🏽‍♀️😂

  31. This boy I like pushed himself away for two days we were at the talking stage and around 1 in the morning on a Monday he explained to me he was going through some stuff & wouldn’t be able to be in a relationship I woke up 15min after he sent it and I wasn’t able to click on it until 4 am . I explained to him it was okay and hope he got through it, later that day around 2 I talked to my mom about it I had thought about what he could be going through and looked up videos as to how a person could be when they are depressed, everything was coming together . But he then blocks me on Instagram and I felt so confused. I looked for many answers online as to why this could happen & looking through some of these comments makes me believe that it wasn’t me and he’s just trying to have some space from me .

  32. Holy shit do I have dEpReSsIoN

  33. The entire series is great and so is season 2 so dont stop here. It's all brain food.

  34. i literally come back to this video every few months its insane how real it is

  35. I always come back to this video because it a little refreshing to have a video explain me so well.

  36. Oh gosh I felt this

  37. This is torture the animation is so cringe

  38. Hi, I'm French and I just became so far into that show!! Like it's becoming essential for me right now to understand all the nuances of the dialogue, but I don't, I'm trying but I can't. The 2 firsts episode were subtitled in French, do you know any way to find the followings subtitled too?
    Fuck, I just don't want to pass next too that great source of emotional reflexion
    Yup and sorry for my messy comment
    Enough right now

  39. oh man… that ending.. total mind fuck.. that kinda hurts to see.

  40. The ending hit me hard

  41. I watch this every year

  42. So I don't get it… If you're depressed don't date?

  43. It really starts to fuck me up at 7:45. Especially the line about how you have to meet a certain "level" to be deserving of love and mutual support. It's the one I relate to the most and the one that infuriates me the most because for some people like me, we might never get there no matter how hard we try. Does that mean we're undeserving of love? That we're just supposed to feel alone for the rest of our lives and accept it because of an adversity we're constantly fighting but can't fully overcome? That's so fucked up

  44. This is bullshit

  45. Except for the end

  46. How do you know that Depression Guy is wrong? In some cases, he might have a good point. In other cases, he is clearly not reflecting reality.

  47. When people ask me how I never had any girlfriend,you look good ,have good sense of humour ,career and I never been relationship well I will answer you today because I cry myself to sleep every once in while ,lose my drive ,and you will never know when I would never even have proper food and sleep for days with zero loss of energy in front of you.

  48. This is helping me ramp down so much. So thankful that I found this again

  49. This is terrifying in a way, some of the things that just pop up are bullseyes.

  50. I dated a girl who used to be married but she had like a severe depression, I have dealt with depression since I was 15 y/o I grew up in a toxic marriage, I'm not going to bore you with my past, when I dated this girl everything seemed fine, she even divorced from her husband to be with me… But soon the crisis began, her jealously, her insecurities started to ruin our relationship, she got to the point to check my phone, exactly the conversation that I had with my mom… If you're already depressed I don't suggest you to date someone with your same mental illness, also don't expect to save or to be saved by someone, you're the only one who can get out of that dark place.

  51. Grow up you little baby!

  52. I identify with her character and how she rambles just to not make the awkward silence exist.

  53. I manage I really don't have that much depression stay busy been a year since I commented on this video looking back I'm glad I survived almost gave up so many times

  54. This is every single date ive ever been on

  55. I wanna write Down the script for tweaked purposes

  56. I just took a lady on a date and while we had a lot of fun and I really like her I think she’s amazing but I think she doesn’t like me and feel like garbage. I’ll update depending on what happens next.

  57. It hits hard….

  58. Did anyone else see the San Junipero reference at 6:35?

  59. If i go on dates I could never talk like this, I would be referencing memes the whole entire time.

  60. She talks too much

  61. I realized no matter how this dude tries to shift minor topics like a subtle clue to next topic then this lady keeps on extending a different topic within the same problem of her…. hmmmm

  62. Remember when Cracked was a humour website?

  63. Whoa… I did NOT expect! That ending mang… Biggest twist ever, ever!!! O.O

  64. This is way to relatable to me as a person with depression and I literally hear that voice everyday. Its so scary

  65. I understood this whole situation! I suffer from depression also! Dating is sooooooooo difficult! The end was the best! I can totally relate to it! And, I relate easier to animated things than real! This was so cool!

  66. This might sound crazy but I think depression be speaking through me in that I always talk to myself. I Know it looks crazy so I wait till I'm alone. Like the guy sitting in the living room we have a conversation about things happen and the terrible things that I did. Why no one not even God will love you or accept you in his kingdom of heaven. I don't go on Facebook anymore because it did more harm than good. I d look at the lives of other people and see how happy and glad they are. Living their lives. I like being alone most of the time because I dont want to waste anyone s time talking about my depression. I relate to how some people act depression is you just being weak and you should just get over it like if I crushed my hands people act like i can just suck up the pain. I don't know a true cure for depression but I m trying to get over it. I hate it so much and I never want to let her take over me again.

  67. Tatoos .. Mental illness

  68. I once had a « friend » who was depression guy. We’re not friends anymore.

  69. Men are depressed too.

  70. im getting huge bojack vibes

  71. Amazing video I'm the guy that has to drink a lot to be comfortable on a date. I feel so much more relaxed and loose with drink and tbh my first date usually goes really well. However on the 2nd date when I don't drink I just crumble and feel so inadequate and awkward.

  72. Mmmm cracked supposed to be funny….im assuming…but these videos lately…..yo they making points about real issues that people ignore. Kudos

  73. I am intimately close to the subject. I just didn't date. I didn't cut my hair or shave my beard for three years I worked and went home. When it was over I got my hair cut and shaved my beard, restarted my life.

  74. Puts two of the most ostracized groups of society together, and they find common ground like HELL….. Man this channel is winning

  75. so depression dude was not real?

  76. I appreciate her honesty, but she unloaded A LOT on the first date.


  78. I wish I could get a date. I’m the girl with depression and no dates

  79. The end of that video. I have had that happen to me so many times, on almost a daily basis where I'm talking to them and I see them smile and I see their reaction and I can't help but think, how much of this is just them being polite? Do they really like me? Or are they just a nice enough person to not stamp on my heart on the first day?
    Did they genuinely find that funny? Is what I'm saying actually okay? You know nothing good ever comes out of your mouth, she can't genuinely like what you're saying (I try to be positive but I generally have a dark sense of humour, just because I say it though doesn't mean I think it's right or true, I'm just trying to be myself while provide a little humour, possibly a little shock humour).
    There's too much to explain in one ten minute video or one short essay in the comments section, but.. Depression is like the weight of all past events and blaming yourself for everything. Sometimes in life, shit just happens. And it can be no one's fault. But what are we doing about it? What am I doing about it? Why am I allowing the world to continue its dilapidated path and for government and industries, police forces and military minds to commit atrocities, to become rich beyond comprehension, while the public starve on the streets.
    Why am I not better off? Why was I given the start I was? All these and more are like constant messages stuck on a voicemail loop ringing in the ears.
    Some things start with you. We all need a little help from time to time, but we can all be too hard on ourselves, to carry too much of a burden for past mistakes or things that weren't even in our control, but someone needs to be blamed for it to all make sense.
    Sometimes.. Shit just genuinely happens. But we can all make a difference, to at least feel a little certainty in ourselves, we owe it to ourselves, to admit if you're emotionally well connected enough to feel true remorse, that you've bearded your heart and soul only to be manipulated and twisted, that YOU are a GOOD person. What's happened has happened, it may not ever go away and you may not certainly forget it, but it doesn't rule you, it doesn't define you, it doesn't make you who you are.
    You are who you have always been. You just need to realise it, dust yourself off, smile at your own reflection and say, you know what? It's not actually that bad. It could be alot worse. Today, if I can help it or help someone or just generally change my outlook, then maybe today will be a good day, and for many more to follow.

    I still struggle to this day. I know what it's like. But not only is someone here for you,as someone can always be there for you, you need to be there for yourself. To realise, you are only human, and there's nothing wrong or shameful with asking for help, from a stranger or close friend.

  80. The bully at the end described my thought process in a depressive state perfectly.

  81. Get me out of here,
    I'm alright.😞

  82. it was a real mindfuck to relate on such a deep emotional level with the things said in this video that i'm still not processing every aspect even after watching it 3 times in 3 separate days…. and the biggest thing that is bothering me is that it was drilled into me as a child that ''men should not relate to such emotional crap, because we are men and men should be an f-ing rock in relation to everybody'' especially when you are around women. I fucking hate what society makes us think is ''the right mindset to have''.

  83. 4:40 made me want to cry… so true…

  84. This is deep deep

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