Cristiano Ronaldo has been creating his own
brand for many years. His income breaks all records in football
and the business empire he built will allow Cristiano to leave football in a few years. It is unlikely that you ever see Ronaldo as
a coach or sports director. The Portuguese star will continue to earn
money, and we will tell you what the striker has already achieved in business. Mate, please subscribe to watch more stories
about top football players and clubs. We promise even more unique information about
football! We are only at the beginning of the journey! Sponsorship deals In addition to a salary of £500,000 in Juventus
Ronaldo has many long-term sponsorship deals with different brands. His lifetime contract with the sportswear
manufacturers Nike, which began in 2003, is worth an astonishing £1billion in itself. Nike is his main sponsor, but other big companies
also generate serious income for Cristiano. Write in the comments below which brand you
prefer. Nike or Adidas? He replaced his former Manchester United David
Beckham for the endorsement of the Armani. Ronaldo modeling for the Emporio Armani men’s
underwear and Jeans. Cristiano became the brand Ambassador of Castrol
in 2009 by signing deal of £8.2m for two years. He extended his affiliation with Castrol as
he renewed the contract with £5.5m. Also portuguese joined the luxury watch brand
Tag Heuer in 2014, as long term brand Ambassador. In Forbes calculated that every year the total
piggy bank of a football player is replenished by more than 20 million euros thanks to advertising. Sponsors often changed, but in the life of
the star there was always a place for global brands – from Samsung to KFC. Hotels and gyms Cristiano Ronaldo became a partner of the
largest Portuguese hotel chain Pestana Hotels a few years ago. Four major hotels will be operating under
the CR7 brand in Madrid, Madeira, Lisbon and New York. The project costs 75 million euros and Ronaldo
owns 50% of the shares. The first two hotels – in Madeira and Lisbon
– are ready and host guests. Like, if you want to visit one of CR7 hotels! In early 2017, the Crunch Fitness gym opened
under the CR7 brand in Madrid. The American network decided to conquer the
European market by attracting the most recognizable athlete. The are two CR7 gyms now. Both are located in Madrid. Clothes and underwear Ronaldo`s self-brand launched with branded
underwear and socks sales. Shirts and other clothes were added later. There was an idea to release boots, but this
project was blocked by Nike. Since 2013, the Scandinavian company JBS Textile
Group has been producing branded underwear for Cristiano. The design of clothes was developed by Richard
Chai, an American designer of Korean descent. Ronaldo brand also produces rugs and toilet
water. All sales bring Ronaldo from 6 to 10 million
per year. Mobile apps and museum During Euro 2016, an Ronaldo Kick’n’Run
adventure game appeared in all application stores, in which each user could play for
Ronaldo running around Paris and collecting coins. In addition, there is a CR7Selfie application:
each user can gracefully stick a photo of Ronaldo to his selfie, creating the appearance
of a real meeting. In 2012, Ronaldo invested in the Mobitto app. With this app, you can find the best prices
for goods in the nearest stores. With regular use of the service and purchases,
the user receives bonuses that can be exchanged for a gift coupon or discount. The main PR project for Ronaldo anyway was
the museum, opened in 2013 on his native island of Madeira. On 400 square meters, the whole story of the
formation of one of the best players in the history of football is told – from the first
cups in Sporting to four Golden Balls. At the end of March 2017, Cristiano took a
step further: now Madeira’s main airport is named after him. What is Ronaldo’s total net worth? It is hard to estimate exactly, but somewhere
between £210m and £230m factoring in our lack of exact knowledge into his various deals,
and discrepancies in how much he earns. Cristiano Ronaldo is the best paid football
and overall sportsman in the world, beating basketball start LeBron James and his Barcelona
footballing nemesis Lionel Messi into second and third. Thank you for watching! See you soon, bro!

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