Why Credit Cards Are A Scam – Honest Ads

Why Credit Cards Are A Scam – Honest Ads

want to have money without having money want to go to stores and get things because you want them then use my Horton card it’s reliable it’s no fuss it’s a fancy plastic IOU card that will have you swimming in debt for the rest of your and your offsprings life and to make sure you feel comfortable with spending money you don’t have we’ll use this comedian to make you feel like it’s no big thing I’m from that TV show that’s doing reasonably well so I’ve got a sense of humor about spending money on stuff I don’t need just charge my card buddy whatever it doesn’t really matter to me because I’m mostly excited to get cash back relatable now why use gross paper covered with pictures of dead guys when you can use my square piece of dinosaur carcass with numbers on it in fact nowadays you have to have a square of recycled soda bottle because how else would you even be able to purchase your online subscription to watching what used to be free or paying for an expensive education that won’t lead to a job really any financial milestone that’s right to get a roof over your head you need to earn credit which is really just showing you own a little square that you have to pay off continually somehow that’s what makes you trustworthy and shows you’re good with money we’ve made it impossible to live without our plastic numbers Swiper we’re putting chips in some of them nob look at that it’s kind of a pain in the ass also a pain in the ass you can’t even use these everywhere you can use it in some places that pay me to accept your card otherwise you can just use money which is what people who are taking your money would prefer I’m an expensive middleman who’s charging everyone extra for using my plastic cutout also you’ll probably need a different swipe e Swiper when my card doesn’t work at one place where another one does work is it harder to keep track of how much you’re spending when you don’t physically see the presidentially decorated paper strips leaving your hands we’re counting on it especially when we encourage you to go paper we’ll say it’s for the environment but it’s really because we know if we send you emails if the charges you made you’ll only skim the email if you’re reading them at all here’s where it gets fun for me and exclusively no one else we made it so the longer it takes for you to be able to pay us back on time the more money you’ll rack up an interest and the harder it’ll be to pay off and doesn’t that sound like it should be illegal it’s not it’s interest interest is a random percentage we charge you because you made charges this is going to get pretty technical and pretty crimey so let’s look at a graph if you’re the average American credit card holder then you owe more than $10,000 in debt let’s say your interest rate is twenty four point nine nine percent and you’re paying off just the minimum because times are tough or you know because times are normal that means it in ten years you’ll have paid more than twenty six thousand dollars and still owe over eleven thousand dollars more and that’s just ten years after fifty years you’ll have paid a hundred sixty five thousand seven hundred twenty nine and still owe more than seventeen thousand so you will always owe me money but the more you use our card the more worthless things will give you all right yes let’s hear it first stuff or even better than stuff cash back which is just a tiny portion of money that you used to pay off the debt but of course you’ll never see actual money the more you charge the more cash back we’d give you it’s like you’re digging a hole and we throw in a handful of dirt to help you get out of the hole but only after you dig five feet deeper if you’re worried you might not be able to pay off this credit card will encourage you to get another card to pay off that one and then another to pay off that one the more credit cards the more you have to pay and the more you owe us it’s literally the same apparatus as a Ponzi scheme but we tell you about it with a 300-page tiny printed booklet that you won’t read so get yourself a Horten card credit card go ahead and swipe it through machines till you owe us billions Oh was that too harsh oh here hey laughing machine make the people feel better with your jokey words hey so you guys ever notice how a Katy Katy Perry is you feel better already right Katy Perry’s basically just Zoe ditional but gasps ears I’m Roger by the way [Music] hey guys thanks for watching if you like the video click like and if you want to subscribe you should because then you get to watch more videos from cracked and if you want some more great jokes then just I’ve

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  1. Haha use debit losers

  2. why use gross paper with dead guys on it, When you can use dead animal carcass…. XD

  3. i have 4. i pay them off until theyre done and then discard them. i prefer cash. im 64. i learned years ago howto use them and theyre a waste to me.

  4. Max them all out, then file bankruptcy; worked for me….

  5. A credit card commercial with Kevin Hart played on tv as I was watching this.

  6. If you don't have the money now you sure as hell won't have it later.

  7. The girl is supposed to be Tina Fey.

  8. Never had a credit card and never will. Makes no sense and has never made sense to me.

  9. Square piece of dinosaur carcass with numbers on it🤣🤣

  10. some people are stupid, others are rich – simple!!

  11. Why is this still legal???!!!

  12. Average person: “spend what I want cause I have unlimited money with a credit care”
    Me with a Credit Card: “lemme use the entire max amount for ad spend, then repay it in full by the end of the month”

  13. I don't think they got the right guy for this. His nose isn't big enough.

  14. this is the hole reason i only get a debit card with no overdraft protection meaning i dont owe interest ever and i can never spend more then whats in my account but is smaller and easier to carry around then cash also easier to stop theft on never ever do credit cards in my opinion

  15. I think Dave Ramsey absolutely loves this ad…lol

  16. He's so painfully honest I love that

  17. you could reduce all of this to one video by doig "what if capitalism was honest?"

  18. gross paper covered with pictures of dead guys , that's the best description of money ever

  19. In all things considered, if you have immense debt, it's your own stupid fking fault.

  20. I actually find it easier to track my expenses with cards than cash

  21. Literally impossible to get a new car, place to live, or a loan without credit…

  22. Roger is coming for everything hahahah

  23. American propaganda will be taught to future civilizations to control the masses

  24. It's a debt card, not a credit card. Allows banks to engage in fractional banking to lend $1 10xs to create invisible money at usurious interest that is illegal for anyone except them. You have to be in debt to live now. Welcome to the machine.

  25. Zionist invention parasite

  26. Nowadays you have to have square of recycled soda bottle….

    Best definition of credit cards.

  27. Use your cc and pretend it's your bank card. Pay it off every month, and you'll pay 0 interest. I get cash back every month as well so they pay me to use their cards. Plus the fraud protection is way better than if your bank card is stolen.

  28. I mean, as long as you understand how to not over spend, credit cards can be very lucrative.

  29. Best Cracked video I’ve seen yet!!! Perfect information.

  30. Touche, 1:05 Or, paying for an expensive education that won't lead to a job…

  31. 03:41 great analogy!

  32. 2.5M views
    2.5M Subscribers
    What a loyal crowd

  33. Help me get freedom from credits. O yes I'm forget you don't care.

  34. I owe ZERO dollars on my cards and now have an 839 credit score.
    The big trick is to only buy crap on the card when you can pay it off in full before the next card billing cycle.
    You avoid interest and soon enough you can be like me……
    I can go get ANY car I want for ZERO down…..
    But I won't, because car makers, healthcare and all insurance companies are just like credit cards….. here to fuck ya and create poverty.

  35. I never saw poor people until I came to the USA. Where I come from the only people who can afford really expensive stuff are people who really have a lot of money. In America, you can be poor and take out a loan for a new car or house. It's looking rich on the surface but being poor on the inside, especially after you've sold your soul.

  36. If your income can't cover the expense of the purchase you're looking to make your loans won't cover the purchase either in the long run because your income won't be able to cover them either. if you can't afford to buy it out right with cash you shouldn't be looking for other ways of buying it. They only screw you over in the long run. Just save up for a bit and buy one that's second hand and in good condition. When it comes to housing, country side is always cheaper because of increased land space that no one wants since its always out of convenience unless you want that sort of thing. Suburbs are for people who have stable incomes with both parents working and may be the kids who pull in their monthly income to pay off the place faster. Spend within your income folks.


  38. Some of this reminds me of casino's , I've seen little old ladies lose hundreds of dollars on slots then the casino will give them a $5 bag with the casino's name on it and they come out of the building smiling like Rosie O ' Donnell at an all you can eat buffet.

  39. Me and my family are debt free completely. It’s fantastic. No mortgage. No credit card. No car payment.

  40. Use this cash back in a smart way. Pay your debt with those cards

  41. credit card wont work here, debit card will do

  42. “When you can use my square piece of dinosaur carcass with numbers on it”

  43. I’m still young and this is making me fear adulthood even more I genuinely don’t want to live in a place like this

  44. I'm impressed that Roger put the card back on the stand in front of the holder without looking… Raw talent!

  45. "how else will you pay for what use to be free"

  46. What pisses me off is trying to read news articles and being nagged silly bu credit card ads.

  47. They needed to change usury laws before they could start this scam. That's right, that high of interest was illegal.

  48. Why use gross paper covered with pictures of dead guys 😂😂😂

  49. 2:29–2:40 “and doesn’t that sound like it should be illegal” 😂😅

  50. this is why I use a DEBIT CARD but I always withdraw cash so that the government or my bank can't track my purchases and send me targeted advertising afterwards. I bank with National Westminister Plc which is part owned by the UK Government.

  51. I bought a cnc programming book and a machinist handbook online. I hate using my card, but I saved $150.

  52. Gotta know how to budget yourself

  53. Not applying even 0.01% to me. In România we have another financial system and I keep track of every cent spent.

    But thumbs up for the funny video how Americans are fucked :))

  54. Anyone who thinks credit cards are a scam is clearly NOT financially literate.

  55. Then you have people like me that benefit greatly by using their cards. My business ships over $300k a year with Fedex. I get a 5% discount for paying my FEDEX bill with my AMEX. I then selected postage as my 3X points rewards category. That's 900,000-1,000,000 points a year. I pay the card off in full each month so there is never any interest. So with the exception of the $99 annual fee I get about $15,000 in immediate Fedex savings plus about $10,000 in rewards points each year. It works out great if you know how to work the system. Oh, one other thing. Credit card companies don't just monitor your credit. They also have a scoring system for how much you cost them vs how much they make off of you. I am pretty much in the "watch out this customer will hurt you" rating so even though I'm pushing a 800+ credit score, companies like Capital One won't issue me a Spark rewards card which has UNLIMITED 2% cash back. They want customers that carry high balances and don't pay off their balance monthly. After all they want you to pay that 24-28% interest on a huge balance.

  56. The WORST thing to ever happen to mankind – credit cards. You need it to rent cars etc. The credit card companies have powerful insiders to make sure you HAVE to have one to do certain basic transactions.

  57. “The more you use our card, the more worthless stuff we’ll give you.”

    1-800-Flowers has entered the chat

  58. That’s why interest is haram

  59. Reminds me of an old saying. In order to get a loan you must first prove you don't need one.

  60. If you pay your entire bill each month, you are ok……been doing that for 16 years

  61. “I’m a comedian from that show…”

  62. “Carrying gross paper with dead people “

  63. That's why they call it swiping.

  64. Wow can I have a couple More of those cards, I'll just buy everything I ever wanted, even if I can't use it, ha ha, then go BANKRUPT, then start over again!!!, 😆😆

  65. I wouldn't touch a credit card with two barge poles tied together, they amount to a blank cheque from a money lender. One that makes Ebenezer Scrooge seem positively benevolent.

  66. Well so oay off more than the minimum, problem solved

  67. Step 1: Sign up for automatic bill payments that pay the entire statement on the due date
    Step 2: Always ensure you have more money in your bank account than the credit card statement. If you're having a hard time with step 2, reduce spending or increase income.
    Result: Never pay any interest & take full advantage of cards rewards. I get about $500.00 every year just after Christmas.

  68. Just declare yourself bankrupt to avoid paying it back.

  69. was so help when i got help from john hacker, he helped me with $25.000 you can text him on +1808633952

  70. I don't have one 😉 as I knew using money I don't have has never been smart

  71. I am german, I have no fucking idea about credit cards. We only have debit cards, and using them is kind of annoying because it takes ages. You need to put in your pin and stuff.

  72. Davey Ramsey: If you're worried about a high credit score that just means you like debt.
    Me: 855 boi!

  73. Why dont they show this video in schools?

  74. It’s true I have one cc n I get cards in mail like crazy but I throw them out n cut them up. No thanks one card made my score go up so high I don’t need 2 or 3.4 or 5 no thanks

  75. "Papers covered with pictures of dead guys" hahahhaha

  76. If only I know when I'm about to die so I could spend 40k of credit that I will never pay back👹

  77. A rather lame piece. Just pay your credit back in full and there won’t be any interest and all the credit cards companies make is the percentage – which, at least in Europe, lies in the same range of cost as handling cash.

    The “stuff you watched for free” was never free. It's usually paid with eyeballs, like this series, advertisements which cost money that raise the products' prices.

    Also, your children don’t get into debt because of you: If your estate is negative, they are not obliged to accept it.

    What else? Oh, keeping track of purchases. I can see the point, but I maintain that this is just a matter of habituation. I knew plenty of people who used cash whenever possible who still ran out of their money and had to borrow and had no idea where they money went to. For me, cash is worse than using card. With cards I know precisely how much money I spent, where I spent it, and, by extension, what I spent it on. Cash is far more inconvenient with regards to keeping track of your purchases. The only thing that's true is that if you start your month with $1,000 and have an empty wallet at the end of the months, you spent $1,000. Guess what, that's still possible with a card. It's called a budget. Granted, I use mostly a debit card directly to my giro account, but that's what I do: Top my account at the start of the month and watch the numbers go down towards 0. Sometimes I have to borrow money for myself, since there are irregular charges, like communal taxes, back to school expenses for the kids, etc. That's what a separate buffer amount is for. However, if my buffer is full and I have money left at the end of the month, I transfer the rest to savings. However, I consider that a failure, as the whole point of a budget is to hit it – savings are what I put aside at the beginning of the month.

  78. Currently have 3 credit cards all $0 balance. I have never missed a payment and have never been charged interest. My credit sore last check was 811. Just get Quicken software and budget. Don't spend what you don't have and don't buy what you don't need. If is really that hard to comprehend for some people?

  79. Just paid off all my credit cards!!! Eat that credit card companies! I’m saving $500 a month by not paying them interest, crazy.

  80. 2.5m subs,2.5m views.

  81. Those credits cards 🎴 are like magnets, not easily to get rid off.

  82. I just use my credit cards like debit cards. If there isn’t enough money in the bank account, I don’t really need it.
    I just pay off the entire balance each month, rack up the benefits and sign on bonuses, keep my utilization under 30%, and once I get my credit score high enough or I take out a mortgage, I’ll start deactivating the cards I never use.
    Checkmate, Mr. Roger By The Way 🙂

  83. Who else get a credit card add when yo never get one before on this episode? Lol

  84. Credit cards are great if you use them responsibly like a debit card.

  85. Wanna have money without having money?

  86. I didn't understand the video

  87. Bendiciones si usa tarjetas de crédito

  88. I use CapOne for everything, pay off the balance monthly and use the acquired points to travel for free. I also apply for cards with bonus miles for spending x amount of dollars in 3 months, get my points, cancel the cards and presto, I'm on a flight to Hawaii for free. Works for me.

  89. If somone thinks bad of you guz you dont have this peace of plastic, say if that was an insult or something.

  90. They'll try to convince you that if you don't have debt, then your cash back is free money in your ppocket. It's a scam! They give you 2% cashback only to charge 3% on every swipe, and ban any stores from telling you there's a 3% charge, causing them to increase the price of everything in their store by 3%. Now they're starting to lie even more and tell you they have cashbacks of 3% to even 5% but they worked out maximum awards and limits in the fineprint rules so that no matter how much gas or hotels you buy, the total award is always less than 2% of the total amount you swiped! And most importantly it's much less than the 3% they take on every swipe. Because that's how Roger keeps that money where he wants it, in his pocket.

  91. "Wanna have money without having money"

  92. Could you do a video on weathermen and women.

    Paid to be wrong half the time.

  93. That's why why you should use debit in any situation that you can

  94. Why is there a credit card ad under the vid

  95. Every time I watch a movie about some evil but kinda likeable corporate sleezeball, I imagine Roger / Jack in that role, convinced he'd just be soooo much better : )

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