Why Business Cards Matter

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE BUSINESS CARDS!!!! I am not sure if that was clear enough so
i am going to reiterate MAKE (zoom) SURE (zoom) YOU (zoom) HAVE (zoom)
BUSINESS (zoom) CARDS!!! Is that clear now? Or once more? MAKE SURE YOU HAVE BUSINESS CARDS!!!! Oh and make sure you take them with you everywhere
you go (Slide a couple into your wallet or purse in case you forget your business card
holder as you never know when you might need them). I bumped into someone who worked in
film and tv the other day when i was getting a new SD card from argos (it wasn’t the
place to start spouting my CV so i just handed them my card and told them to get in touch).
I can’t tell you how many times i hear this (Oh I left my cards at home) or (I just ran
out of cards and haven’t got my new ones printed yet) I’ve even said both of those
things myself (once or twice). The worst though is this (s….t…..a…..t…..i…..s…….no,
not U,S , ……..i………s……[email protected] beatnik ……..b……e……a…..t…..n…..i……k……no,
k not c k…………tv………yes, like television, tv……… com) (and all
of this is happening in a loud club with music blaring). Then you wake up the next morning
and have no memory of which random email address belonged to which person you met (especially
while you are packing away all your DJ gear and focussing on not forgetting anything). Business cards lead to getting more work and
are like little adverts for your business (That’s why on mine i even decided to put
free download codes so people can download music and interact with your brand even more).
As ultimately that’s what it’s all about (brand awareness). So the first step is to get yourself some
business cards made that represent your brand (i guess the real first step is to make sure
you have developed a brand and logo but even if you haven’t done any of that, an egg
shell coloured card with your details on it is still better than nothing at all). Here
are my cards and they are in my brand colours (to combat the problem of forgetting which
of the numerous cards you were handed at an event belong to which person i have even added
my face). This is the same design and branding that you will find when you go to my youtube
page, website and all my social media (this lets people know instantly that they have
the correct person and company). Make sure you include all the relevant details on your
card (phone, email, website, social media and then anything else you think relevant
or memorable) and get them set up ready to print (a quick google search will tell you
the standard business card size and for printing i would advise a quality of at least 300dpi).
So next you need to think about printing them (I have done everything in the past from printing
them on thick paper on my home printer and cutting them out to expensive high end printing
processes like embossing and debossing). For this most recent set of business cards i decided
to test out my design on a small print run of 50 (firstly to see how they looked and
secondly to gauge people’s reaction to them). I handed out all 50 pretty quickly (in just
a couple of weeks) so now that I felt happy with the design I decided to do a proper run
of high quality cards (and as they have just arrived in the post i thought i should do
a quick review). The company that printed these for me is called
Aura print and i went with their highest quality 800gsm cards. Don’t worry if you don’t
know what that means it’s just a way of describing the thickness of paper, the higher
it is the thicker the paper, but anything from about 300gsm should be ok. My old cards
here are 350gsm and you can see the difference in thickness compared to the new ones. The
800 gsm cards seem to actually be two cards sandwiching another material between them.
I could have chosen this material to be any colour but as i wasn’t entirely sure i decided
to go for half in black and half in yellow. I think that i prefer the yellow though personally.
The print quality seems good even with the very delicate lines i have in my design. The
colors are really vibrant which is exactly the reason i chose a black and yellow scheme
to really stand out. As you can see all of my details are there including the free download
incentive to get people to go to my website. My logo is repeated on the back as well to
try and embed that into people’s subconscious. I am really pleased with the quality of these
cards and can’t wait to start handing them out. There are 250 of them so they should
last me quite a while! I will put a link in the description to Aura prints website in
case you want to use them to print your cards too. No matter what else, always remember the cardinal

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