Why are You Still Carrying a Business Card?! – Make It Happen Monday

Why are You Still Carrying a Business Card?! – Make It Happen Monday

Hey, this is Paul Colligan and it is Make
it Happen Monday. Today’s topic is why in the world are you still carrying a business
card? Most of us have a business card because well,
either our boss issued us one or as we put together the office, the cell phone, the laptop,
the cool bag, the nylon case, we just decided that we had to have a batch of business cards.
Let’s admit it, most of the business cards stand on our shelf in that box from Vistaprint
or whatever you got them from. About a fourth of what you do give away, a half, maybe even
more than that end up in those fish bowls at the local deli and hope that you might
have switched your business card for a free sandwich. The rest of them are either thrown
away or they are on stacks on somebody’s desk with a rubber band around them of people
that one day hope to follow up with. Business cards aren’t doing most of us any
good because of those very factors. Yes, occasionally you want a sandwich, but it’s very seldom
that the cost of the sandwich costs more than what you spend on printing the business cards. Here’s my suggestion, on your business card,
have a very direct singular call to action. Your mailing address, your fax number, your
e-mail, your website doesn’t matter if all they are going to do is to put that thing
in a stack, put rubber band around it and hope one day they get to you. A simple card with a simple message with simple
call to action on it, “Visit my website. Text me with this number. Go here. Call this.”
It will get the action that you’re looking for and if you only have one thing on it,
they might do it immediately before they put it in the stack, before they throw it away,
before they leave it in the airplane on the way home from the event that they were at. Here’s my challenge. If we ever meet in
public, ask me for my business card. You’ll find that it’s simple, it’s easy. You’re
not going to get my mailing address on it. You’re not even going to get my direct e-mail
address, but what you’re going to get is a call to action that’s going to get interactivity
between you and me in a way very specifically designed to do well. My business cards are some of my best assets.
I’m thrilled with them and I just like to encourage you on this Make it Happen Monday
to kind of think about yours a little bit differently. This is Paul Colligan, Make it Happen Monday.

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  1. Good idea, but incorrectly labeled video and lacking in specific examples of actions to take

  2. That may sound good, but in practice people want to see a business card that has some contact information on it. Simply having a call to action is like handing them a coupon, either they use it or they don't.

    A business card is also the easiest way to transfer contact information beyond who you give it to. I recently gave a friend a business card from one of my customers because he needed their service.

    I'm not giving up my business card anytime soon!

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