Who can possibly step up to the Murderhawk Monster Archer? #njwtl

Who can possibly step up to the Murderhawk Monster Archer? #njwtl

I know that we can’t win this WORLD TAG LEAGUE, However, me and Ishii hate losing,
so we won’t give this ring up that easily. On the final day, we will face Tama Tonga… And Tanga Loa… And when we beat them,
then a new chance might present itself. The point is… That in just one
moment you can turn things around. 広島… EVERYBODY DIES どこの誰がかかってこようと
誰もこのベルトを奪うことはできない お前らがどれだけ必死であろうが
俺にかかってくる奴は 殺してやる BECAUSE EVERYBODY XXXXXXX DIES Earlier, what I said in the ring, If we can beat team Tama, I know we can’t win the league, I get that, But if we give up, then we won’t get anything. If we phone it in because we don’t have a chance, Then we can’t achieve anything in the future. Although we can’t see our path right now,
we have to make something happen. And we have to keep fighting.
That’s what matters. That’s how I have survived in this company. I always have looked for hope.
That’s what’s kept me going. That won’t change.
Tama Tonga and Tanga Roa, We will pay you back for
our losses in Oita and Beppu. Be ready for us.

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  1. このメインの締め方

  2. Kill his bitch ass Archer.

  3. YOSHI-HASHI needs to start a feud with KENTARO.

  4. Lance Archer rocks as the iwgp United States Champion and look like someone want a piece of him.

  5. 広島でみのる裏切られそうな気がするんだが

  6. なんだこの締め方は!最悪だ!


  7. Hiroshima….everybody dies
    Hiroshima….everybody dies

    Peak heel

  8. ねこさーーーん!!??

  9. 何この締め方…

  10. I want FinJuice to win personally, but btw… Everybody Dies

  11. やっぱりヨシハシブスや

  12. 広島モクスリー乱入希望

  13. お客さん、みっちゃ帰ってるやん

  14. Immediately skipped the YOSHI-HASHI.

  15. ヨシハシ「今のオレ、結構イケてる」

  16. 目バッキバキでこうぇー

  17. What was wrong with American Psycho?

  18. Paul Bearer: Well, I should not let Mark do the talking.
    KENTA: Well, I should not let Taniguchi do the talking.
    Ishii: Damn, what is Nobuo talking about?

  19. I really hope it Jon Moxley is the one that goes against Lance Archer for the IWGP US Championship at WK 14!

  20. 生き残ってきたって笑笑


  21. 生き残ってきたから(?)(?)(?)

  22. アーチャーにUSベルトは本当に似合うね!

  23. ヨシハシ…ソウイウトコヤゾ

  24. ドームでモクスリーvsアーチャーとかならんかなぁ笑

  25. 石井YOSHI-HASHIがG.O.Dに勝って

  26. YOSHI-HASHIコメント力ほんとにないけど、いい人だから嫌いになれないんどよなぁ。

  27. Hope juice will be 3x iwgp us heavyweight champion

  28. that dude really bringin the nuke for his promo lmfao

  29. 何が言いたいかっていうと

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