White Crane Kung Fu | Master Richard Huang 黃正斌 | Season 3 Ep 4

White Crane Kung Fu | Master Richard Huang 黃正斌 | Season 3 Ep 4

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  2. Please record an interview with te great master Ip ching (wing chun)

  3. I am so glad you found this Sifu!

  4. Beautiful system. Interesting because there is a link to Taiji with the White Crane. Wing Chun uses similar movements but from "center". Here the movements are sinking and rooting/ground movements. Done by this mechanism it "spreads" more and "settles". Cool how each idea changes the structure and movement. He is an amazing teacher. Intriguing.

    Thank you.

  5. Hey man, love this video. I'd like to help providing spanish subtitles if you are interested, so I can share it with my local taiji brothers and sisters 🙂 Cheers!

  6. Mythology.. Any known fighters in MMA or boxing today?

  7. The hand speed @10:47 is insane! Very inspiring

  8. Very nice video and I believe this guy is legit .

  9. i doubt this works

  10. Ok, i'm a long time martial artist and seeing this was fantastic!!! Thank you!!

  11. Always blows my mind how well these guys speak English. Don't expect the average citizen of Anytown USA to speak a second language. But anyways, the Kung fu is even more mind blowing!

  12. I am sure a lot of people look at this different and wonder what he's doing and perhaps skeptical of the slapping movements, however, I see a lot going on here and its fascinating. I don't pretend to grasp all or even most of what he is doing, but the parts that I think I can understand are really amazing to see.

  13. It looks unreal…because it is.


  15. fair explanation. admiting regarding limitation but I doubt about 4, 5 , 6 steps because you don't conquer the centerline.
    from my experience, if people conquer the centerline, they can feel better than weaker one. Moreover, they just rotate which faster than 4,5,6 steps

  16. Tai chi have soft & hard part, unless you train under half baked master, but yeah I agree, there are too many half baked master teaching something like that.

  17. This stuff is such B.S.!! I have done enough to know in live action there is absolutely no way this stuff would work. Sure it looks pretty and I as much as anybody appreciate the history behind it. I have not one belt, but one to hold my pants up and I promise you I would ragdoll this dude.

  18. Бесполезные стили для реальной ситуации .

  19. MMA fighters can take down most Kung fu guys.

  20. all that falling was so exaggerated

  21. is there any way we can see some of the sparring in his class? I think it'd be really helpful to understand how this translates into free fighting

  22. Superb. Thank you.

  23. Wowi glad i find this channel really love kung fu and want to learn..


  25. I need to ask everybody out there that knows karate and knows kung fu what are you doing about these Grapplers that's making you look bad can somebody give me an answer cuz I still love kung fu

  26. 就是一堆這種裝神弄鬼的,才一直有人說中國功夫都是假的。

  27. What a fucking joke. Good way to get injured by following this ridiculously useless set of movements…

  28. Interesting but can use to protect me n friends from ruded attack?

  29. I have been training since 18yrs old, Wing Chun 10 yrs, TKD 14 yrs and am now 66 and training in Shotokan. I also lived nearly 20yrs in India where I learned Hatha yoga, one on one for over an hour a day with a top yoga guru. I am sorry, but half of the stuff shown here looks like nonsense to me!


  31. Love it… Adding to what I've already learned

  32. How would you get a DVD from the guy to learn his style please get back I would like to learn this style

  33. Beautiful, but without sparring, it's almost TOTALLY USELESS

  34. Ahhh after so many days a video from my favourite…the martial man!! And wonderful stuff as usual…i never knew the white crane, which i presume is a southern style, has so much of tai chi in it🙂

  35. From the videos I also think it is fake. I mean I would have to see it proven in real life. Looks fake as hell.

  36. Why does he make those sounds what is their purpose?

  37. He deffently a clown

  38. Looks the rain shaman asking for

  39. Mister – master richard huang…..i have never seen anything so beautifull than your bird ( white crane )….. i noticed that the same movements used and bruce lee….but quickly he was turning the bird ( defence ) to fist ( agression ) …..i m shure he knew anything……….but the defence of crane never someone did it it so well to make a greek to understund it………this style fits for me……….i have done so much work for the lowing and trupping……but " useless " as you said….now i can combine my extra abilities wright….. …….may the blessing of the innocent and good crane be with you…..

  40. Damn! I expected him to hop around with chopsticks, snatching dumplings.

  41. Practicing more than 40 years – he looks younger than 40!

  42. Alright I'm gonna be the asshole and speak the truth… Huang Shen Shyan @ 4:07 is a poser demonstrating fake skills.

  43. practice every day

  44. Whats the name of the ending song.?

  45. Here is something that I know he did not say in his video he should know that all martial arts is from karate and kungfu. I am taekwondo thank you kungfu styles .

  46. Really love your channel. Great gems. I did something similar in the ealry 90's traveled to seeked out masters that took me around the world. Thanks for this.

  47. Thank you for sharing.
    Great video again.
    Only one thing,an elastic band doesn t need grounding to produce power.
    Beginners sink the qi in the ground,advance students sink the qi in themself(dan tian,bones..) .
    Experts sink the qi in the space.
    This is an alchemical formula, song doesn t mean relax,but transform: jin into qi ,qi into shen.

  48. Been practicing Kung-Fu for 30 years, now (not consistently, unfortunately), but still learning new things all the time. Thanks for sharing this!

  49. This guy wouldn't last a minute in the octagon against a highly skilled mixed martial artist, that is a highly trained striker, grappler, Kung-fu and styles like that are not practical in a real life fight, they would get their butt kicked

  50. No way some old ass dude is throwing me all the way across the room with a tiny push…lol. I agree with him it looks staged. But, this is a good video. Interesting.

  51. I can clearly see how this white crane system of kung fu has influenced Wing Chun and Okinawan karate as well!

  52. Is this truly used for self defense? 8:41 is pretty ridiculous

  53. If only Kung Fu worked, I'd do it for sure then.

  54. I’m tired of all this BS. All these fake martial artists need be exposed.

  55. Any martial art has something good to offer instead of being close minded show appreciation

  56. Ever seen an MMA fight get stopped by accidental eye poke. Imagine if it was done purposely with force.

  57. Just watched a Chinese fighter Weili zhang Female MMA fighter KO'd Brazilian Champion UFC Jéssica Andrade in 42 seconds.


  59. Brilliant
    Where does this Master reside.

  60. 7:39 what is this bs?

  61. Fucking liars! There is no real tai chi
    Its a big HOAX

  62. The best contribution of modern MMA in martial arts is it opened our eyes to what a fight will lead too if your fighting a well conditioned fighter. Seeing these old videos of masters doing their application one can clearly see they will get destroyed by today's modern MMA fighters. Lets all train honestly without bullshit.

  63. This was so informative. Thank you for not constantly interrupting Master. Master was teaching me a lot about the “root” (Qi) which helps my understand of my journey in Martial Art.

  64. Rubbish,for 'master'

  65. All experts here that have yet to touch hands with someone competent in this, saying this doesn't work.
    As if an uninstructed guy told an engineer that a combustion engine doesn't work based on those attempts which may have not worked in the development of engineering.
    Silly to say the least.
    Please, see the real thing for yourself. Then, only then, speak.

  66. Xu xiao dong going to kick your fake ass

  67. Amazing martial art, I wish I could study this . It reminds me a little bit of Aikido .

  68. Fascinating stuff, always had a slight interest in White Crane and can easily see the similarities there with the hakka southern systems in terms of opening the hands, sinking and power generation. It has that interesting blend with taichi in some ways and at times, also reminiscent of i liq chaun. Good to see the traditional arts still represented and excellent production/content as usual Mr MM. Thanks for the upload.

  69. Whats the instrument or song on the end seems like an harp?

  70. dansuri populare chinezesti…

  71. "What… What are these? Why doesn't he need subtitles???? She sells sea shells…"

  72. Amazing to finally see a sifu that teaches the application.

    Very informative to understand and great for karateka to see the inate origins of where karate came from (in terms of martial principles) e.g. treating the body like a whip to relax.

    Great video.

  73. At first when I saw him doing his form and making snake sounds I thought what a load of crap. But when he demonstrated the application of the concepts I got completely hooked. Great video.

  74. You practice 30yrs..I would like to see you contest with MMA fighter n proff your discpline are great.

  75. Nope…
    The shaking of the hands is disconnected. It's called shaking the leaves, this is not correct.

  76. So great video !! Amazing information

  77. Great video, thank you!

  78. Real demonstration please.. Only theory… I want to see master VS mma

  79. Hello make video about lost track first

  80. A very elusive style, one people who know it always say it is great. Thanks for the upload.

  81. 15:00 is just like tai chi's opening when you raise the chi and then sink and 17:20 is just like roll back. I see how his grand master went from this to tai chi chaun.

  82. I can see from his kata. The fluttering of his hands. And the breathing exercises. Develops tenacity of movement. And an understanding of the technique.

  83. Another reason why I absolutely love martial arts!!!😭😭🙏🏽🙏🏽💜💜💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  84. N Grand Master Huang Shyen Shen did not settle in Taipei…he settled down in Kuching, Sarawak in East Malaysia

  85. He looks like a 30 yr old guy, amazing

  86. Today students don't even spend 5 mins in the basic Wing Chun stance. They see things in an external way with frame but they cannot be blamed for that`s the job of a patient master to guide them. If they had the patience they would learn as this video pointed out rooting is a key point in energy expression. First to sink the Chi then direct it up and out freely through the hand.

  87. Huang Sheng Shyan, when the guy walked up to him, if u watch slowly, u'll see that the approaching man begins to tilt to the right even before the master's hand even touches him . The third time the man faces the master, he walks up to the master and before the master's hand touches him, he's already begun to tilt his body backwards. From the highly suspicious clips, i'm calling him sham wow.

    K, Huang did a nice crane dance. But only thing that was of any effective use was the straight front kick. Only real attack the crane does is fast stab down from his beak into the water to stab a fish. I'm guess the whole crane style is jst the act of moving fluidly. Let's test his skill, and see if all the fancy dances and fluidity actually works by setting up a fight with a real mma fighter.

  88. Hey Martial Man, why don't you make an interview over Master Richard Clear, he is such an incredible master of teaching so many magical skills over innumerable martial arts topics combining them with other topics to clear them out to people.. I am suggesting you because you have already interviewed so many incredible internal art masters.. However this is just another incredible video with another incredible master of internal understanding❤❤

  89. To all those who say TCMA are ineffective today, then try them for yourself and see before you comment about something that you've never experienced.

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