Where do the keys on G2A Marketplace come from?

Where do the keys on G2A Marketplace come from?

Where do G2A sellers get their keys from? All keys come from developers and publishers, only they can generate them The publishers and developers then sell keys in bulk to wholesalers, some of who put their products up on G2A.COM to resell Publishers and developers, as well as wholesalers, also sell keys to different online stores, including bundle sites. Some of these stores then sell keys on our marketplace Clients also buy game keys from these stores, and can resell them on G2A.COM themselves Publishers and developers often give game keys for free on social media and in different contests Clients get these keys and sometimes put them up on G2A.COM Last but not least, developers and publishers can create their own storefronts on G2A.COM through G2A Direct and sell directly to our customers themselves Add all that up and you have G2A.COM

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  1. Wherever they come from, unless there is a sale on steam I am still going to use G2A even if the keys are supplied by Russian mafia as long as they work. xd

  2. couldve at least had a native English speaker do this video.


  4. G2A Prices are higher than steam price for Indian.. For India, Steam Games are cheaper than G2A. Imagine the summer sale and , what they must be worth in india xD

  5. aka bying keys from russians

  6. Can you sell used games?? From steam?

  7. How many keys can i use with out paying more?

  8. Or somebody buys Keys with stolen credit card information, sells them on g2a. After a week steam/origin tells you that your key is invalid/got revoked. If you havent bought the shield rip off, they ignore your request. Otherwise they just give you a new one that is also stolen. No consequences for the seller for months until g2a reacts, then he creates a new account and does it again

  9. I bought battlefield 3 ultimate edition for 6$ and battlefield V for 24$ and both key worked for me.😉happy playing fellows!

  10. Shut up G2A, you are scammers and you cannot change your reputation, ever!

  11. You can hear the braces.

  12. Don't ever fall for G2A. The third-party sellers on there generally use stolen credit cards or some kind of fraud to get the games. That's why they're so cheap! I have had a few games removed due to G2A's sellers.

  13. Credit card fraud, despite the site's public reputation, is not the leading source of keys on G2A. It happens, but it's not the norm. In most cases, keys come from people who buy global access keys in bulk from eastern European markets where game prices are adjusted for the lower income, then resold in regions with higher incomes in order to turn a profit. It's a capitalist tale as old as time, and while ethically dubious there's nothing illegal about it (except in Japan, thanks to new legislation). If game devs don't want their products being bought and resold in different markets, they need to start region locking their keys. As far as buyers go, if you're dead set on using the grey market to bypass good faith pricing based on your region… best advice is to always use Paypal and only shop with the larger vendors with good reputations. Never buy one-off keys from sellers with no ratings.

  14. The "stolen credit cards" claim is so fucking stupid. Why would someone with a stolen credit card go through the trouble of buying and then reselling the game if they could just buy what they want directly? That's just adding a redundant step. Developers are now getting butthurt that people are buying games from key sites which makes them miss out on their cut but they're the ones who sent out all the keys in the first place, just as the video says.

  15. in my key is writen ,,mtcgames”

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