WHEN LIFE BREAKS YOU | Steve Harvey Motivational Speech On Success

WHEN LIFE BREAKS YOU | Steve Harvey Motivational Speech On Success

I was miserable in my life. I didn’t like
wakin’ up, I ain’t have no purpose, I didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing. On October
8, 1985, I walked in a comedy club for the first time, signed up for the following week.
The following week, a girl took me down there, she said, “You got to go to comedy club, you
the funniest person I’ve ever met. I’d never even heard of comedy clubs. I’m 27. I walked
into the comedy club, I sign up for the following week. I’m gonna sit here and learn. I knew
I was funny, I just didn’t know what to do with it. They had 10 acts go up. Nine of ’em
went up, I didn’t laugh at one joke. I was just sittin’ there just, “Man, I wished that
was me. Man, they shoulda said this.” Every joke they told, I knew the punch line before
they said it, and I wrote a better punch line in my mind, what they shoulda said. It got
to guy number 10, they called his name, he wasn’t there. They said, “Well, he’s not here,
we gonna go to next week’s list. Steve Harvey, where are you? Long story short, I won amateur
night that night. I won $50. It was a 45-minute drive to my house with this girl named Gladys.
I cried 45 minutes. She said, “What you crying for? It ain’t but $50.” I said, “No, no, you
don’t even understand. I was born tonight. I now know what I’m supposed to do.“ I went
to work the next day, October 9th and quit my job. With $50. I had nothing. I just never
gave up. I’mma tell you something that decision cost me everything I had I lost everything
I lost my family I lost friends I lost every day I became homeless I lived in a car for
three years but I just saw this I saw this I saw this vision I just pursued it I said
why I said you have to take chances in life. Life is about risk. If you play it safe in
life you ain’t gonna have much of a life. If you play it safe you won’t have much of
a life. Life is risk it takes it take courage to pursue your dreams. now it’s gonna cost
you something but most people are not willing to pay what it costs to go after your dream
cuz you gonna have to hurt a little bit and most people don’t like being uncomfortable
if you don’t want to be uncomfortable please do not pursue success because success is a
very uncomfortable feeling and I just learned to be I learned to be comfortable being uncomfortable.
Life is hard. See for every time you have a plan, a dream, an aspiration or a goal,
do you know what happens every time you have one of those? This thing comes along called
life. It happens to everybody. Life has disappointment it got peaks and valleys. You gonna lose somebody
you care about one day. That’s a valley. Somebody gonna close the plan you thought
was gonna stay open so you could retire. That’s a valley. Somebody gonna fire you for an unjust
cause, that’s a valley. The people that got your credit card, gonna sell their company,
gonna sell their business to another credit card company, your 18% go up to 26%, you don’t
even know why now, your minimum didn’t change. Cause it’s life. You can stop thinking,
that life finna be easy cause I got news for you, it ain’t. That’s a false hope, to
think you’re gonna have a wonderfully carefree life. That’s unthinkable. We all live in
this bubble. What you gotta do, you gotta put more air in your bubble. You got to blow
your bubble up. Expand yourself. Take yourself out of your comfort zone. Do not live in your
bubble. Put some more air in your bubble. If you stay in your comfort zone, that’s
where you will fail. You will fail in your comfort zone. Success is not a comfortable
procedure. It is a very uncomfortable thing to attempt. So you gotta get comfortable being
uncomfortable if you ever wanna be successful. Start putting some pressure on. Put some pressure
on yourself. Get out here and get about it. Look I’d love to sugar coat this thing for
you, I’d love to tell you look “you can go out here and get rich, do a couple of things.”
That ain’t happening. You gotta get real doggish. You gotta get down right funky if
you wanna make it. Now like I was telling you before if you wanna be ordinary, you ain’t
even got to listen to me. Just go on about your business. If you think ordinary is cool,
ain’t no problem. It’s some really really wonderful ordinary people. But if you’re
sitting in this room, and you have extraordinary aspirations, then you gonna have to do extra.
You put extra on top of ordinary, and you come up with extraordinary. It’s no other
way. I’m sorry. But here’s the fact. All of you have extraordinary capabilities. All
of you. You have to decide if you are willing to do the things to put you in that category.

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    Here you go guys. For those who requested it, here it is! Enjoy and keep pushing! ❤

  2. the devil and his people will make u uncomfortable in life to not succeed. but you gotto to pray read ur bible n realised life is not failytale….. to succeed is to be uncomfortable…. life aint eat sleeep n dream it about makin it to life cuz u never know when it will be over for u in life .. I cry prayed n yet cryin n prayin even tho life is uncomfortable am still prayin for better future if incase I die sooon I will smile someday in life….. my testimony is great and an inspiration…. Thank YOU GOD!!..

  3. Check this out @Johnny S

  4. I love your words so much gangsta… we need this because some of us contemplating on this……💀💯💯💜💜💜💜💜

  5. I keep getting goosebumps man

  6. If you play it safe, you won’t have much of a life 🙏 You must get comfortable being uncomfortable

  7. All I can say is, God bless you!!

  8. Life is unfair..

    yea, it is, so what!??
    You gonna cry like a little bitch, and complain like a pussy.
    you gonna man the fuck up and deal with it.

    It's up to you, nobody is gonna fucking come to you, and help you become successful.
    Whatever you want in life, you have to go out there, and get it yourself, no one is doing it for you. Only you can!

  9. This is dope overall . Check out my Chicago Vlog Featuring Eric "ET"Thomas.
    . Subscribe & Comment Youtube Channel: LanceBTV

  10. “Do not live in your bubble, stay out of your bubble.”

  11. The most successful people once were struggling to live.

  12. So I’m not alone !!!! Wow !!

  13. Amazing STORY……… GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME……..

  14. This is so inspirational 🙏 I raise my son alone with literally no help and there are days where we struggle but for him I keep trying 🙏

  15. Good morning Steven very good show thank you for sharing very encouraging and inspiring well-informed send some more please have a wonderful day God bless you and your family stay happy😊😘

  16. The story behind what he love to say "I is rich", "I got 4 jobs"

  17. This video reminds me to keep going even when I'm at my very lowest point in my 31 years of existence. I took a big risk to relocate to a different country with my wife 7 months back. It has been hell and nothing has settled, I haven't had employment since I came here, the system and processes in this country is absolutely appalling and disgusting for anyone coming here to settle and have a life.

    It is one of my darkest days and I really needed this video to keep me going. I'm being put through so much anxiety that I wish no one would have to ever experience. I'm definitely outside of my comfort zone and i'm gonna keep going in this death valley.

    Thank you for this video.

  18. Very inspiring speech… But in Hollywood… To obtain success… You have to sign your name in blood and sell your soul… He forgot 🤔 to mention that…

  19. You Believe on something call determination and fate. That is the key of success 🥰.

  20. Oh my lord this is so real 😌

  21. “If you play it safe, you won’t have much of a life “.

  22. I’ve been watching these videos all day it inspires me alot❤️❤️

  23. struggling to know who Will I be…👦

  24. All I want to do is be a mother, but I can't conceive. My husband and I have been trying for a year, going on 2 years now. I've been eating clean and exercising, taking vitamins, prenatal, drinking fertile teas. But nothing has happened. I feel so lost, I don't have a job. I'm an house wife, well taking care of our home, cooking, and cleaning is my job. But I feel like I should do more and I cannot figure out what it is. Once, I do figure it out, it's on. Maybe it can help me find me. I've been through a lot of disappointments, but I endure it. I'm ready to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I'm ready.♥️

  25. I needed this right now in my life

  26. I'm turning 27 in two weeks, and I also feel like my life is going nowhere. Steve Harvey makes me hope I can also become successful one day.

  27. This was very profound to me. I cried. I felt this.

    Don't let the haters stop you.
    They will try!! 1❤

  29. Put more air in your bubble.

  30. Steve you are the SHIT…..
    YOUR inspiration is wonderful need more like you…..

  31. 🎤 drop and walk away boo yah!

  32. My man your don’t just bring smiles on the world but you got the motivation skills. Big fan! Hope my dream to see you one day be it real.

  33. I lost everything 18 years ago and still have NOTHING And NOBODY THIS IS HIS STORY NOT MINE😒

  34. I love Steve Harvey, whether he's being serious or being funny. He's always got a point and is doing a big part to make this world a better place with comedy and life lessons.

  35. Im that 27 year old Steve right now only am older wishing if only I knew what I was good at because everything am trying doesn't seem to define me.

  36. I hope you have saved your money..

  37. This is Steve's life story, don't go thinking your life will be the same .he was crazy, haf nothing to loose. Everybody needs a cushion or you will be on The streets, the streets sre a lot worse than what they use to be.

  38. Thank You Steve! Very inspirational & encouraging! Much needed in this society that we’re living in.

  39. This WOULD be motivational If Steve wasn't such a jerk to his employees and people in general. A lucky dipshit if there ever was one.

  40. It's not jealousy when everyone in the church is spinning on a pogo stick, thats why there are no men in the church, and we all know where your fidelity lies, little girls

  41. I'm "old school", saw a few comments that says ".. I quit my job and lost everything🤔…" What did you think would happen! It takes money 💰 to make money, always keep your day job. Work that schedule out until your dream career start pulling in way more funds than your current job, then you'll be more comfortable and can quit your less paying job, "cha-ching$"!

  42. I'm comfortable being 9 trillion dollars richer than our government.

  43. Dream and think big.


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  45. Wish i could be stronger. Drugs killed my life, i fear people, man i used to be happy now i just stand at home cause is the only place it feels right for me. If not for my dad and mom i would be homeless and i will probably be someday, kids plz stay away from drugs, it will take away everything from you, it will change you into a rat and look what rats are in life.

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  47. oh Steve Harvey I can relate 100% now. I was a drug addict for almost a decade and I am 67 days clean today clean and sober. I just reunited with my twin flame my soulmate the love of my life Jose Aguilar. He is a veteran a war veteran. He opened the door and Iraq and a bomb went off in his face. And it's so hard for me to go see him it's costing $500 and I just started working again. I was in a coma and God brought me out of it. God is good all the time. I cried when you said that you cried when you were onstage because that was me a month ago I was in the hospital I went to the ER because my blood pressure was 155 over 113. I've always had perfect blood pressure I don't understand why. But it's amazing because my man my future husband is my best friends first love. And he took her virginity. He also slept with my sister LOL. It's a beautiful story it's f**** poetic you know. I don't mean to cuz I'm just really excited about living my best life now. As soon as I can get $137 scraped up I'm looking in my couch for quarters that's how desperate I am right now. I'm asking my friends for help. But unfortunately life is hard it's hustle and struggle everyday. And we have to put on a mask and try to survive. That's why I did drugs that's why I drink alcohol because I didn't know who I was. I was trying to find happiness in all the wrong places with all the wrong toxic people. I've cut so many people out of my life I can't believe I survived surrounding myself with all that garbage and toxicity. I want to start motivational speaking I want to travel the world I just don't have the money. I barely have a home my home is falling apart my washer and dryer doesn't work. I don't have a lawnmower. We have to scrape money together to have our lawn look decent so we don't look like an outsider that can't afford to pay our bills you know it's sad. We're in the pawn shop. My mom will probably be mad that I am telling you Steve Harvey this. But it needs to be heard by story needs to be hard because I know I'm not the only one. you are not alone if you're reading this you're reading is for a reason. You can do this you can get off drugs and alcohol I was kicking and screaming on my dining room floor last November and I had the cops called on me for disruption. They put me in handcuffs and he took me to a hospital. St. Anthony's in St Petersburg Florida. And I stayed there three days in begged the doctor for pills. And it's really sad because I had gotten baptized on November 26th 2018. I didn't know my purpose back then I didn't know who Amber Rochelle Levine. Is. And now I do and I have so much regret and so much heartbreak because of the way I treated the people I love in my story is inspirational AF. And I wanted to share it. Maybe you can help me Steve. You've been where I'm at if you can help me I'm Beethoven I just took a break from working at JCPenney at Tyrone square Mall because I'm writing a book. That is what my calling is. I was born on July 16th 2019. Being born on January 9th 1987 it doesn't sound like an accomplishment. But I'm at my mountaintop now. Those valleys taught me lessons that this feeling I feel right now could never teach me. I know you can understand. I hope to meet you one day Steve Harvey you're an inspiration to me friend. I hope to call you my friend I already do I feel like I've known you forever. Thank you for your time. Be good. And be kind always.

  48. Oh well, we live and we learn don't we? Yes we do, everyday.

  49. No you gave your and mine away.

  50. I love Steve Harvey.. Thanks that u exist. God bless all the people reading this. May God bless you abundantly. 😇

  51. I just wish for more love, I used to have it one day, man, if only things could be same or better one day

  52. I know im useless in life there's no point of trying

  53. Can someone tell what doggish mean? When he said you gotta get real doggish

  54. The level of genuine success you will ever reach in this world depends on the level of concern or love you have for others.

  55. Very rightly said by Steve and very nicely said about life

  56. Comfort being uncomfortable

  57. One of the most inspiring and truthful video I have ever watched

  58. my god i love this guy


  60. This gave me the chills

  61. MDD taught me about being comfortable with uncomfortability. Occasionally symptoms reoccur but I'm familiar with them, I greet them as an old friend. A friend that taught me so much about being human.

  62. He's Uncle Tom sellout

  63. Jesus loves you and you matter. don’t give up. when it is meant to be, it will be.

  64. I'm 29 jobless for almost a year ,quit the job for silly issue , gave up on life ,don't know what to do in life ,I didn't do anything to change my situation ,at this old age my father working hard the family and I just sit at home complaint about my miserable life and do nothing to change it .now feel like I just wake up from dream . I won't give up anymore …. I'll make my parents proud of me

  65. So inspiring This made me cry.

  66. hey did i actually interrupt family feud supernaturally 2 years ago? i was worrying and countering those worries while trying to focus on something else to not focus on feeling hurt by the extreme amount of frightening sadness i was experiencing.

  67. This is soo powerful. Gotta take risks to move towards your dream. Nothing comes easy. If it was easier everybody would be doing it. His message and his life story is an inspiration. Thanks for putting this amazing piece from his channel. Good job.

  68. Successful Navy SEALs say the same thing- To be successful you have to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Listen to David Goggins, Jocko Willink and others.

  69. Wanting to create a new engineering business tapping onto Unheard and untouched market to allow Human habitation is a rly risky thing but hearing successful ppl say you can achieve anything, even the crazy ones. This really boost me. Thnx

  70. This hit me strut to the heart.

  71. Suzuki Said: The Buddah taught that life was suffering to correct for the wrong view that it ought to be for pleasure

  72. He could have just… Kept his day job and did comedy on the side until he got traction? Like u didnt have to do that bro

  73. I am struggling but I know I will not fail

  74. Very motivational !!!

  75. Steve a lucky SOB that one girl from the beginning encouraging him to do comedy help his entire future!

    Or who knows where he’d be today without that guardian angel!

  76. It’s crazy but my dad literally just told me “be comfortable with being uncomfortable” maybe a month ago. It changed the way I saw life.

  77. Working for the better way to get a hold of something else to do with the Lord, I will never be able to make it.

  78. Thanks for the video 💯

  79. Life is hard, plus the harder you work the more people won't you sacked from your job. There's is so much hate from other ppl it's ppl knocking you down
    Life mainly work is mostly being in will the right ppl if your not ppl get you sacked

  80. I’m a single female from the U.K. I lost my job, and my friends, family and boyfriends hit the road when I had no money. Tough to find out you were nothing but a cash’s cow and the love you had for everyone was a one-sided illusion. I was depressed for long. I isolate myself from people now. My success brought me nothing but users and latch-ons. But I’m picking myself up again FOR ME. I’m very lonely but peaceful. It’s very tough when your bubble has burst. But it has to be done. Love to you all.

  81. I grew up poor in a double wide trailer with my grandmother. Even though I’m still ordinary, I know in my heart my two sons will be extraordinary…because I will lead them to greatness. Even if your own dreams do not materialize, it doesn’t mean someone else has to embark on his/her dreams alone without your help. Much love ❤️


  83. 3 years in car? annd you wanna teach me what to do?

  84. You are a great man-just did my first amateur stand up -Bart brewer stand up live -check it out-your right never give up -things do happen when we least expect it

  85. Man today is my birthday I’m so low ,eyes full of tears,I haven’t celebrated my own birthday or been happy in so long,I’m so tired of this🥺

  86. No problem if something lose me ,
    I need to be real person,
    Not because of things and everything's in worlds,,!!!


  88. Some one that got lucky at a moment of pure luck .

  89. Today, I was called ' a disappointment' for the third time in my marriage because my partner feels I have abandoned my role as a mother and wife to my help and that I have assumed the role of ' a help'. Reason being that I am always going out in pursuit of what seems worthless and not adding any usefulness to the family. I work from home so I've got my eyes on my kids activities. Just occasional outings to meet with clients or prospect, that's where the issue is. There is no explanation of what I do, steps I take or plans I relay to him that makes any meaning. But hey, thanks a lot for uploading this powerful video for I'm highly motivated. I will break all odds and prove to the world that 'I am not a disappointment'. Jesus has got my back… Yeah.

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