When Art and Physics Collide – Brought to you by Hyundai Motor Company

When Art and Physics Collide – Brought to you by Hyundai Motor Company

Quantica is an exhibition that puts together
scientific discovery and artistic exploration. Richard Fineman said that if you think you know
quantum mechanics, you don’t know it at all. When the visitors leave the exhibition, there is this sort of immersive space
that is giving more questions than answers. Quantica is CERN’s vision that puts together
the interactions between art and technology, and these ideas merge well in the moment
of important and huge discoveries and conversations around
what we do on our planet, what we want to achieve with
the new knowledge and what other fields can do in intervening in scientific
and technological development. Quantica deals with the understanding
of fundamental science and how artists may give us interpretations
around the topics of quantum physics and how those topics
may impact our social reality. The artists are the voices
that are bringing this intuition that something happens in our world
that we might not be perceiving. Lea Porsager is showing here a cosmic strike. There are two films that the visitors can see
and can listen to, And Lea is being transported
inside this neutrino horn. Cosmic Strike, it’s a 3D animation
working with this particle, the neutrino so in the animation, you kind of go through
the horn as if you were a particle. I went around in the storage of CERN
with Monica, and I fell in love with this neutrino horn. I’ve already worked a little bit
with these cosmic messengers, one of them being gravitational waves. I have worked on this relationship between
quantum mechanics and spirituality for a while, thinking about dreams and visions,
and meditations, and going deeper into this kind of
tantric method that I did for this work. There are ten art projects here
and all of them are very different and I’m always amazed by how artists
approach the same topic in so many ways. Cascade is composed by three different
installations and sculptures. The artist spends time at CERN,
working with the idea of fluid dynamics. He explains the technology he uses, but what he talks about most of all
is the contemplation moment. This art project allows the visitors to contemplate
something that is not clear what it is, but allows us to think in a hidden realm
that we don’t need to explain to engage with. It’s important to clarify that this is not an
exhibition that you will see in a science museum. We configured the space as a conversation
between scientific concepts and artworks. What we want is that the audience gets
an idea of this new paradigm in terms of science that in a way, defies our common sense. We don’t expect the visitors to know about
quantum mechanics to understand the exhibition. It’s not about being didactic
or being a tool for communication of science which we really don’t think is our role. It’s about covering a part of our research,
a part of what is being human. Being human is about questioning our nature,
our planet, the way we travel, the way we talk and this is what
quantum mechanics is giving us; a new way of understanding
without understanding.

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  1. This is amazing. Multiple perspectives on science, expressionism and our existence

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