WHAT’S IN MY TRAVEL CAMERA BAG? Photographer and videographer

WHAT’S IN MY TRAVEL CAMERA BAG? Photographer and videographer

Hi guys! I’m going to visit my sister today I’m in Conegliano (TV) Nina Daniels At the moment I’m in Conegliano and I’m going to visit my sister in Udine It’s 8:34 am Now there is twenty minutes to wait for the train to go straight to my sister place I can’t wait to get there Trenitalia Trenitalia Let’s see what I brought in my camera bag This is my travel camera bag so I needed to make it not too heavy Here we have my Dji Osmo My Nikon An other lense Some chargers, batteries, the microphone for videos and interviews and then here you can see my business cards a shopping bag those three are really small and really useful This is to place on top of the camera I use this when I place the camera far when I shoot usually for my second camera I keep this so I can save the battery And this one is from Zoweetek ® as you can see here you can place one memory card and one micro SD here other two: a memory card and a micro SD you can close it and here the USB Once you connect it with the laptop or the computer this is the light to see when it’s connected And this is my hand made Polaroid case I made it with my mother for the final work for my degree It was the case for the small book Polaroid shaped and the book was here and you could take it off in this way And then I kept it for my camera bag Inside you can find memory cards, this Macaroon I use those Macaroons for everything With the Osmo here I can’t keep my lights inside But I kept it in my other bag This bag is from Tigernu And I really liked the colour It was available in red, orange and green And here I have the cover for my bag I can catch with my hand the cover from my side And I can cover the whole bag so it’s everything protected by the rain It’s really good to have one bag can keep everything safe and dried And maybe you didn’t see my mascotte of the bag Did you see my Pandarello? Pandarello Pandarello Pandarello

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  1. amazing video
    but you could really record your voice louder its hard to hear

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