What you NEED to KNOW when you First Arrive in Japan

What you NEED to KNOW when you First Arrive in Japan

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  1. CDMA or GSM sim card??

  2. Guzman – a strong Jewish surname.

  3. I’m so happy 😀 that I found your channel! I do plan on going to Japan soon, and every bit of information is much appreciated!

  4. Awesome! I'll be arriving in Tokyo next month. Flying into Haneda then going to Ebina-shi!

  5. hey do you of any food delkvery apps in japan like doordash or grubhub there?

  6. Bit of advice for ATT users, you have the option to activate international data that cost around $10 a day. Last time I visited Japan I didn't know this and was stuck carrying around a wifi device.

  7. glad I found this video. Planning to go to Tokyo later this year and this is great info for solo travelers like me

  8. may have been mentioned in another video. But, PLEASE DO NOT OPEN or CLOSE the door of the taxi. Let the driver open or close it for you.


  9. Do you know if it’s possible to buy the Mobal sim with cash at one of the airports or is it only online?

  10. Awesome video, thanks

  11. Helpfule vid. Can attest to how awesome Mobal is. They're literally the only company that gives tourists a Japanese mobile number for calling at a decent price. I used their sim card to make reservations at restaurants.

  12. My first time going to Okinawa. Does your information work the same there?

  13. Does anyone know how much the Sim Card would be for two weeks?

  14. If i buy a sim card on narita they can put it and set it up??

  15. What hotels can you recommend for a few days first time in Japan that are good, convenient, but not too pricey ?
    Like to go to Kyoto as well.

  16. looking forward to visit Japan in October. thanks for good Video

  17. Hi, im Jovard from Philippines. Im going to Tokyo this coming July 26-30 particularly im gonna stay at Shinjuku Welome House Inn. This is my first time to tour in japan. Just want to ask, how can i avail the Sim Card

  18. Hey dude, stumbled on your channel just recently and I've been binging on your videos. Keep it up. Quick question though. Do you need a visa to access 9 hours hotel at Narita? My wife is traveling from Manila to Chicago via Narita with a 14hr layover. This was not planned as her flight was changed by her booking agency 4 days before her departure from Manila. She was supposed to have a layover at Taiwan but because of EVA air strike her flight was rebooked. She's leaving July 4th and she doesn't know what to do or where to stay during the 14hr wait. Any idea? She's still a us permanent resident.

  19. Any idea why so many ticketing sites in Japan only go out three months? I am coming in December and am trying to purchase tickets in advance but a LOT of the sites only go out for about 3 months. Is that a thing in Japan?

  20. does Haneda have those showers that you mentioned?

  21. I like your videos about japan and their culture. I'm just curious, from your face and your name, you look like Philippines. Am I right? Not mean to bother or mock you. I'm just curious.

  22. Found you channel a couple of days ago and your videos are great! Really good info. Never been to Japan but It’s a dream of mine and I hope I can go next year!

  23. how much did it cost to go from Narita to Shibuya station? I caught the kesei bus for 1000 and it took me to Tokyo station then I jumped on the subway to Shibuya.

  24. Why buy japan sim card if you can buy a wifi pocket?? Its more cheaper and its sharable

  25. Omg thankss soo much Paolo!!
    I was nearly about to buy Pocket wifi for my trip to Japan soon. It costs me almost £90 for 12 days. While the sim card you recommended is only £45 for 16 days!!
    Totally going for this one. You are a life saver.. or should I say money saver lol.
    Looking forward to my trip soon!

  26. Hey Paolo. what is better to use ? Pocket wifi or SIM card ?

  27. Hi thanks you for your very informative site, I have a question. I preparing ahead of the Rugby world cup and will be in Tokyo just for 2 days than to Yokohama where my hotel is. My trip will include trains to and from Hakone and also to and from Osaka. Not sure if the train pass in japan is a "one pass" system which will cover all of my commute or I have to buy a different train pass at each stations? Be good if it did! Thanks for your advise

  28. Excellent. Love all the tips. Very impressed.

  29. I love your hoodie! ❤️

  30. how much is the sim sell in narita airport

  31. ur dry lips tell me u smoke weed a lot

  32. Can this farm guy stay with you for a week should I ever attempt to visit? I’ve never been there but find It so beautiful!! Joseph DuranJr

  33. i normally like your video, however this one felt like 'how to make the most of your MOBAL sim card once you land in Tokyo'. I've been to Japan several times and there's absolutely no need for a local sim card since every air bnb and most hotels offer a portable wifi. wish you offered more genuine tips about your first day in Japan

  34. how much is the simcard btw? also, can it be act like a hotspot where my friends can connect and use my data if I have one? thanks!

  35. Your videos are truly helpful.

  36. I hope to visit for about 3 weeks or more funds depending, in hopefully 2020 but might be a bit chaotic as Olympics and that, unsure or it might even be a bit easier, follow quite a few VLogger including yourself, Im quite happy in the cold but melt in the heat 😀 im also a bit worried as iam a giant (6'5) some things might be a bit tricky ^_^

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    first call to putin japan have send five tickets
    – this one
    . what you think about
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  38. As someone who lived in Japan a few years, Paolo is right on the money with his info. Now one thing about the sim cards, make sure your phone can take sim cards outside of your country. Here in the US, some providers lock their phones only to the US but most of them can unlock it for you if you call them before you leave. Sometimes it takes 24-72 hours to get the unlock information, sometimes you have to go to one of their corporate stores to do it. So check with your provider. Also check if your phone can operate on international frequencies, most 3G and 4G ones can.

  39. Does mobal need load like in the Philippines, you need to get load to register for a mobile data?

  40. We found the city mapper app best for getting around. Tells which exits to take on the subway and a lot more details than google maps

  41. What happened to his face?

  42. It is a very useful video!
    However I suggest that you should make one HND video and one NRT video. The two airports are quite different. As for HND, some of your footages are from domestic terminals, which may cause confusion.

  43. Well, for transportation I would definitely recommend hyperdia for English speakers. Not sure about google maps, but there are so many different companies operating in Tokyo that it is rather useful to be able to travel cheaper.

    Also, when you arrive at Narita, avoid the NEX, it is really expensive compared to the normal transportation, which is almost as convenient and fast as the NEX.. So, if you want to save some money, check the other trains.

  44. Just googled the price of the soft bank mobile sim. £48 for 3GB! That's crazy.

  45. can you talk about japanese people an sex??

  46. I have seen multiple channels dedicated to foreigners living in japan lol, i wonder if these channels do any crossovers or something.

  47. I can't find tabelog in android phone

  48. Great tips Paulo. Thank you.

  49. The only thing i screwed up on was not preplanning my train trip from hotel. I had to figure it out after being tired from my long flight

  50. Pro tip! If you have sprint in the us, you get free data and texts unlimited! The internet was a tad slower than the one in the states but good enough to use google, youtube, spotify and most importantly the map!


  52. I use

  53. Thank you for sharing.. Very informative

  54. cool tips, never knew that google translate app has that camera function. Gonna be so usefull

  55. 50 years! dude you look no older then 30

  56. Started to follow you on youtube, as me and husband is currently planning to visit Japan this coming Oct. Your videos are very informative. So much we could learn from it very our flight 😊 nice work!

  57. I know Japan is not one for tipping, but should you tip taxi drivers?

  58. You are to enumerate your points and give each one a heading because when you just start rambling and rambling so many words on and on every list I started tuning you out but yet I still would love to have this info! (Sorry for the Well meaning feedback)

  59. The Japanese tourism board should be paying you for this top quality content!

  60. Sorry but you talk too fast, no one's in a hurry 🙂

  61. Hi, does Kitaca from Hokkaido work the same as Suica?

  62. Can inuse suica card on shinkansen ?

  63. You talk too fast

  64. On my way to japan from Korea for the second time! Last time was during winter, this time its summer, thank goodness Ive lived in Korea for so long so there will be no difference in heat and humidity 🤦‍♀️😂😂

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  66. Your videos are great! And just what I've been looking for. I'll be in Tokyo next summer for the Olympics and these vids are super helpful. 👍

  67. Hi! Can you do a video on how to get to narita airport from osaka ?

  68. Thank you very much for all these useful tips.
    I just wanted to ask you which website would you recommend to buy my JR Pass for my two weeks trip to Japan.

  69. I'm really enjoying your videos, but here i'm worried about your breath dude! 01:30 + 06:05…

  70. need more info on Suica phone app what is the pros and cons on having the Suica phone app and not cause i can see that Suica can get all the full amount of your suica card to the phone app so what is better or what can be better to be used. And another note the app of Google translate requires to allow them to be used from mic to image you did not clarify that part.

  71. If you have multiple devices is it better to get one of those pocket wifi things?

  72. I need that hoodie

  73. What does he mean by "metro"? The bus?

  74. Your punny stuff makes me irrationally angry

  75. I speak very little japanese. Can i be a backpacker in japan? Do japanese speak simple english?

  76. so if i arrive at narita airport and my hotel check in time is in 8-9 hrs i can take a shower at capsule hotel without paying for the night??

  77. your sweat shirt is so punny

  78. Your reviews are very informative. Thank you. Any chance you could do a review of eating with allergies – e.g. gluten free for people with coeliac disease? I understand there are allergy menus at some sushi restaurants, but I would love to know if they cover gluten free options. I would like to eat like a local as much as possible, but understand there are huge limitations.

  79. First thing I did was hit an atm. There was one right in front of the exit 😂
    You can use your debit card on them and it charges 0 bucks, even though you’re using a foreign bank account. Pretty awesome in my opinion .

  80. i hope my dream will not just be a dream

  81. Boy have I watched this video like 5 times, going to Japan next week so probably next week will be the 6th time I watch it xD

  82. Does the Mobal SIM card allow us to use our phones as Hot spot or tethering? I’ve read in some forums that some SIM cards telco providers disable this function. I’m traveling with a Samsung Note 8 and a MacBook Air

    If no issues with Tethering, then I’ll certainly pick up a Mobal card.

    Can we also also purchase the Mobal SIM card without pre- ordering online?

  83. It's just another globalized country. Even if a tourist didn't study anything before coming, they would quickly get around here just fine.

  84. 4:38 That is a perfectly acceptable room to sleep in. But this 4:21, fuck that. I would suffocate in that thing.

  85. Has anyone actually used mobal? I keep seeing articles/bloggers recommending it but then all the customer reviews are bad?

  86. But what if youre a japaNEET?

  87. Going to Tokyo in 2 weeks where can I buy the SIM card so I can have unlimited internet while I’m there.

  88. UPDATE:
    I purchased my SIM card with the link and for whatever reason it appeared on my bank statement 3 times, making me believe I got charged 3 separate times, after contacting the bank they explained I was only charged ONCE, so for anyone thinking of buying the sim with the link I would like to clarify that it’s 100% safe and not a scam.

  89. Paolo, I just had an awesome week in Tokyo thanks to you. Very helpful content that maximized my time. Appreciate it!

  90. Paolo: You said the Navitime app was in Japanese. The one I use is in English.

  91. Is there a 7 days plan SIM card?

  92. Traveling in 2020!! Your videos will be my references until then!

  93. Where can I pick up a sim card by Mobal in Yokohoma station

  94. You talk like a drunk man

  95. @Paolo fromTokyo
    Are there any benefits for frequent visitors to Japan?
    I've heard that foreigners meeting certain criteria can use the local residents' immigration terminals but haven't been able to confirm.

    I normally visit Japan at least twice a year, so it would be convenient to have options at immigration.

  96. Will order a Sim card from my home country before landing, thanks for the tip. Actually thanks for all the great content!

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