What you get with Office 365 Business Premium​

What you get with Office 365 Business Premium​

Hi, I’m Doug from Office. I want to talk to you about our most popular plan for small businesses, Office 365 Business Premium. This works well for the small business owner up to 300 employees. First and foremost, everyone gets the full and latest version of Office on their Mac or PC. These are the apps you know, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook. Everyone can also use the Office Mobile apps so they can work on tablets or smartphones, and work virtually anywhere. Every employee gets a terabyte of storage in the cloud, so you can share your content between devices and your employees can work with customers, and each other, in the cloud. There’s free and unlimited tech support for the small business owner or tech admin. You also get Exchange, which is the muscle behind business-class email, makes it fast, reliable, ad-free. You get Skype for Business for chatting and video conferencing in HD. You get the internal social network—Yammer, and can also build internal team sites. Now the cost for all of this? Well, think of a latte. It cost about 3 lattes per month, per employee, to get all of this with Office 365 Business Premium.

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  1. Microsoft should rethink about its paid services of Office applications, because there are a big rival companies provide same ones for free.

  2. There is nothing new about this YouTube video. How about working on Skype for Business working with Skype? What about the constant breaking of OneDrive for Business? to name but a few….

  3. Down the line, will Microsoft sell only dreams in the future?.

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