What to Wear with A Navy Blazer | Matching Navy Blazers with Shirts Shoes Trousers & Accessories

What to Wear with A Navy Blazer | Matching Navy Blazers with Shirts Shoes Trousers & Accessories

What to Wear with A Navy Blazer Matching Navy
Blazers with Shirts Shoes Trousers & Accessories [0:00:00] Hi! I’m Antonio Centeno. I’m the founder of
Real Men Real Style. Today, we’re going to be talking about what to wear with a navy
blazer. Now, I’m going to link over to an article
at A Tailored Suit that goes into more detail about what to wear with a navy blazer, but
in this video, I want to talk about first off what is a blazer and then I’m going to
give you ideas when it comes to shirts, when it comes to trousers, when it comes to shoes,
and then I’ll talk about a few other things that you could wear with a navy blazer. But before I get into this, gentlemen, I’m
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being a part of my community. Okay, so what to wear with a navy blazer.
Let’s first start off with what is a navy blazer. There are three things to know about
a navy blazer. One, it’s not a suit. A suit is a jacket and trouser made from the same
material that follows certain style regulations. Now, the difference between that and a blazer
is that the blazer does not have the matching trousers, but many other things like that
are going to be very similar to a suit, which is why there’s a lot of confusion between
suit jackets and blazer jackets. Now, blazer jackets also have a nautical feel
to them and this nautical feel has evolved over the years, but usually what we’re going
to see are specialty buttons and we’re also going to see that it keeps a very formal idea.
The idea with the blazer — and depending on what story you want to believe, whether
it came off the HMS Blazer and they dressed up for the queen whenever she was coming aboard
that ship or other places that we would see them, the big thing that blazers are used
nowadays is associated with clubs. We’ll see regatta blazers with rowing clubs.
We’ll see blazers associated with certain universities, certain clubs, certain types
of men’s groups. And because of that, the blazer is going to be a bit more formal than
the sports jacket. Both the blazer and the sports jacket broke off with the suit. The
blazer retained a little bit more formality. The sports jacket went more down towards the
sport and as such is a little bit less formal than a blazer. Now, the fabrics that we’re normally going
to see in a blazer are going to be the vast majority of the time navy. We’re going to
see worsted wools. We’re going to see hopsack, but almost all of those are going to be navy.
You will see sometimes red, bottle green. You’re also going to see a few others, the
regattas, which I’ve talked about, which are going to be brightly colored, but we’re going
to talk about navy. When I refer to matching here, I’m most definitely talking about navy. When it comes to a red blazer, that right
there, you don’t have to worry about matching. Well, just don’t wear shorts with it, but
the point is if you’re wearing a green blazer or you’ve just won the masters, in that case,
whatever you happen to be wearing, it doesn’t even matter if those things fit, it seems
like. Let’s talk first about shirts. The number
one, the easiest thing to pull off with a navy blazer is going to be a dress shirt,
a simple, light-colored dress shirt. Now, why do I say light-colored? Because you don’t
want to go dark-colored, you don’t want to go with some complex pattern. The reason
being is all of a sudden, those become less formal shirts and they start to not really
mesh well with the formality of the blazer. Now, blazers can also be worn with polos.
I know I just said that blazers should be more formal, but they do have a bit of a sporting
nature. This is where if you’re wearing — and these aren’t just any polos. This isn’t something
you pick up at Old Navy. I’m talking of a higher end polo which is going to be made
from a higher end cotton, usually a pima cotton that’s going to be very smooth to the touch.
It’s usually going to be sold in at least the hundred dollar range, so we’re talking
nicer polos that are going to be able to retain their shape. The key here is going to be the color. They
still have the color style. You can wear a short-sleeved polo, yes, with a navy blazer,
assuming it’s very hot outside, or a longer sleeve. Occasionally then you’ll start to
see these mixed with knits because you can wear a very lightweight, dark-colored, or
in some cases, light-colored sweater with a blazer as well. This is a bit harder to
pull off and I think you need to be an advanced dresser and know what you’re doing especially
when mixing it with the trousers, but that is possible when trying to match something. But the easiest thing for the vast majority
of you guys is to stick with a classic dress shirt, white, light blue, or you can bring
in a very small, repeating pattern, but those two colors are going to be very safe especially
with a navy blazer. Now, let’s go to trousers. Jeans, yes, you
can wear jeans with a navy blazer, but be very careful. I’ve got an entire separate
video and article on this. I’ll link over to it, but guys, understand that you really
are getting close and that’s difficult to pull off, so I would reserve that for men
that really know what they’re doing. For most guys, it’s just going to be simple
to mix it with a pair of odd trousers. By that, I mean any pair of dress slacks, any
pair that does not look like you’re trying to match with the navy blazer, so you want
to have a bit of contrast here, not too much contrast, although — I take that back. [0:05:06] You can wear it and I have seen some men wear
red trousers with a navy blazer and they’re able to pull that off, but the key is you
don’t want to have anything that is too closely matched which looks like you’re trying
to put together a suit. Gray flannels are a great option and gray
comes in many shades of it, so you can go from light gray to medium gray to charcoal
gray. All of those in my opinion look good with a navy blazer. You can also look at moleskin.
There are a few other types of trousers, khakis, chinos. Those are going to be a little bit
more casual, but you can still pull them off especially if you’re going with something
that is well-fitted and you wear the right types of shoes, which is a great transition
in the shoes. Let’s go ahead and let’s talk about shoes.
Derbies, Bloochers, basically an informal dress shoe. Now, many of you guys may consider
this to be a little bit more formal of a dress shoe, but the key here is to focus in on those
trousers. If you’re wearing gray flannels, a pair of brown Derbies is going to be perfect.
That’s one of my favorite looks like there, but you can also bring in slip-ins. You can
bring in the double monk, the single monk. Any type of monk strap is going to work well
with a navy blazer and a nice pair of odd trousers. You can also start to bring in Chelsea Boots.
Now, most Chelsea Boots you’re going to see out there are going to be in black and you
want to be careful with black shoes and a navy blazer unless you are wearing gray trousers.
Then the transition is fine. Also, let’s look at driving shoes, moccasins.
You may consider those. Those are going to be fine perhaps if you’re wearing jeans, perhaps
if you’re wearing a pair of chinos or khakis. Then you can maybe pull that off, but understand
that’s a very casual look, although the boat shoe look does work whenever you are in a
nautical setting. Again, that’s where the navy blazer is I think best served. Ties, pocket squares, all those other accessories,
watches, those naturally go with a navy blazer. You can wear navy blazer without a necktie,
but if it’s a double-breasted navy blazer, don’t do that. Always have a necktie. If
it’s an informal, very casual event, then you can go with a very crisp, nice, white,
light-colored dress shirt and you don’t have to wear a necktie with it. I rarely ever mention this, buts ascots, this
is when you can actually pull off an ascot, that look. Go check out my friend, Raphael
Schneider, over at the Gentleman’s Gazette. He knows how to pull off an ascot, but this
is a situation in which you could — if you choose not to wear a necktie, you could actually
wear that nice ascot there. I would recommend maybe looking at something
that’s a little — where you could have a little bit more fun. This is when you can
wear a club tie at a club event, and pocket squares. It naturally works. You can be a
little bit more casual with the pocket square, although a simple, white presidential fold
is always going to be welcome. All right, guys, that’s it. Let me know what
you think. If you want to read more, go over to A Tailored Suit. Check out the article
“What to Wear with a Navy Blazer”. I go into more detail there. Take care. Bye-bye. [0:08:12] End of Audio

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