What To Pack for an Atlantis Gay Cruise || Gay Cruise Tips

What To Pack for an Atlantis Gay Cruise || Gay Cruise Tips

getting ready for your next Atlantis gay cruise but not sure what to bring for this amazing adventure? Well get ready to take some notes because I’m gonna give you six pro-level items to pack for your next gay cruise. Hi everyone I’m Doug and this is FatBoyDoug a channel with an appetite for life! This channel is all about giving tips and advice on how you too can live a happy and fabulously gay lifestyle so if you’re new to us please consider subscribing below. Guys I am so excited to talk about this next topic. This will be the first in a series of videos all about the Atlantis gay cruises. if you haven’t been it’s seriously the most exciting experience you’ll ever have in your entire life. It’s just the idea of being around people just like me without having to hide or pretend to be someone or not and you can meet people all around the world that is what Atlantis cruises are all about. personally I’ve been on 4 Atlantis cruises myself and I’ve been able to meet so many people all around the world and we continue to meet up and plan for next cruises because it’s just so much fun. and what makes Atlantis even more special to me was that I was proposed to on the cruise this last January. My fiance Darren planned a group photo with everyone and all I knew was that there was gonna be a group photo so I showed up to it with all my friends there and then all of a sudden at the end of it he proposed and of course with a fan and as you can see in this video I was speechless and just so surprised and it was one of the happiest moments of my life what a great way to start the cruise off okay enough of that let’s get back to the topic at hand what to pack for our cruise of course there’s the essential clothing items that you’re gonna need to pack and if you stay to the end of this video I’m gonna give you a link to download a checklist of all those items but right now I’m gonna give you some special items to pack that it’s gonna help you have a really great time on the cruise ok the first thing I’m going to talk about our door decorations you may be asking what the heck is that well your doors are actually a really great way for your neighbors to get to know you so you decorate your doors by putting up pictures of yourself or anything else that’s gonna make people remember who you and you don’t have to be modest with these pictures but definitely no nudes okay there are people that work on the cruise that don’t need to see you naked now the best way to put those photos on the door themselves are the little stickies they’re little sticky squares you put on the back of your photos and then they stick right on to the door you want to use something that’s adhesive that’s not gonna damage the door so this is a perfect thing to use and another thing you may want to put on your door or the wall next to it is a dry erase wall sticker it’s basically a whiteboard but it’s on a decal so you can roll it up and pack it easily but pack some dry erase markers with it as well and you can put messages on the dry erase wall or you can invite people to write messages on your wall again it’s a great way for you to introduce yourselves and for people to get to know you and other suggestions are just to put some letters on the wall to spell out your name or some lights or anything that’s flashy because that’s gonna be a great way for you to remember where your room is some cruise ships have eight nine ten decks of cabins and the cabin hallways are so long that they all look the same so a way for you to remember where your room is is just to make it as flashy and bright as possible all right I don’t number two our cruise cards okay now you’re wondering what the heck our cruise cards well cruise cards are small business cards for you to print your picture on and some info on it so that you can pass them out when you’re at parties or when you’re just out and about on the ship though some of my cards look like this or actually really many mini cards which is great because it doesn’t take up that much room but then you can have multiple designs or different pictures on them and on the back just as our name and one cabin number or any contact info like Facebook or Instagram that you may want other people to know about once they get off the cruise this is a really great idea because there’s no cell reception on the cruise so you want people to be able to get in contact with you after the cruise so you just hand them one of these whenever you’ve connected I use muqaam to print my cruise cards but if you look in the description below you’re gonna find a link with a discount for your next purchase item number three resistance bands you want to look good during Kruse but i know for a fact that everyone else is gonna want to look good also so that gym is packed every single day at all times but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do a workout somewhere else and the best way is to just do it in your room with resistance bands these are such a great way to get a nice pump for your arms or your shoulders or your chest they’re easy to pack and there’s multiple levels of resistance bands on one string so your new some shoulder exercises some bicep curls so just do a few of these before you go out to the pool or before you go out to the parties and you’re set alright item number four is a handy dandy first-aid kit so on this last cruise we had an injury that required us to go down to the Med Bay a couple times so if you have minor injuries you may not want to go down to the Med Bay and just take care of yourself with a first-aid kit also the hours of operation for the Med Bay are really short so even if you have time to go down there it may not be open plus if you are down there you’re gonna be around people that are sick when I was down there there were so many people with symptoms of norovirus and you definitely don’t want that while you’re on the cruise so stay away from the Med Bay use your own first-aid kit item number five is a fanny pack with water bottle holder if you’ve watched any of my other videos on raves this is what I preach so the fanny pack itself can hold all your stuff like your gum your mints your cruise cards and then the water bottle holder is great so that when you’re out dancing in the parties you don’t have to hold on to your water ball the entire time I got this for cheap on Amazon and I’m gonna have a link with all these items in the description below I actually have a page on my website that lists all of these items out so it’s easy for you to see and you can just click on each one and I’ll send you straight to Amazon alright the last item on your list is number six a small bag to hold all of your stuff for the first day of your cruise if you’re going on a seven-day cruise you’re gonna have a lot of items packed in your luggage but your check luggage is actually not gonna get to your room until much later at night so you’re gonna want a small duffel bag that holds all of your stuff like your swim shorts your tank tops or anything that you want to change into for the first day of your cruise so this is the bag that Atlantis gives you on the cruise but it’s perfect for those first day items so you can put your toiletries your sandals your swimwear your shorts your tank tops anything you’re gonna need for your first day okay I hope this list is gonna help you pack for your next atlantis cruise so as i mention it at the beginning of this video i’m gonna give you a bonus packing checklist that includes all the items that you saw in this video but also all other items that you’re going to need to make sure you’re gonna have a great time at the cruise so when are you gonna go on your nyx atlantis cruise and for those that have been on atlantis cruises what essential items do you guys bring every time you go on a cruise I’d love to know in the comments below I’m gonna do a couple more videos on our line of skate cruises so make sure you subscribe right here and click the Bell notification so you know when the next one gets uploaded and make sure to check out my other videos right here okay alright thanks for watching

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  1. Love you, Doug!! I would have never thought of these tips. Door stickers and crusie cards make so much sense!! Love the resistance bands and day one bag also. i enjoy your positive energy and am just happy to support you. I make original music and my partner shoots the videos for the music. Greetings from Northern California 🌻

  2. When are you going on your next gay cruise! What items from this video are you going to bring? Would love to know!

  3. Is this #sponsored? Lol it should be lol

  4. your boyfriend is very lucky to have you May ya guys Be for ever together

  5. I love you glasses!

  6. Wow!! Great tips!!! Thanks you so much! We’re going on the October cruise!!

  7. Is this a video on what to pack when moving into a dorm or going on vacation?

  8. I love your videos so much. And awwww! Congrats on your engagement!

  9. Congratulations on your engagement!!

  10. Great video Doug. Love your energy and vibe! 😊

  11. Good video Doug. I've also been on as many Atlantis Events cruises, so these are good tips. I have more to add…. Condoms, headache medicine, antacid, or any other drug store items will be marked up by as much as 80-90% at the ship's gift shop. Better to take precautions than to have to buy $20.00 cough syrup from the gift shop.

    If you're doing a roommate share especially, some dollar store tea lights or a nightlight can be helpful. I make a "roommate kit" – a bag with an eye mask, ear plugs, and some snacks, to give to my roommate upon meeting. Purchase some Clorox Health Care Hydrogen Peroxide wipes – these wipes will eliminate any risk of Norovirus on contact. Wipe down everything in your stateroom when you get there.

    Cruise ship walls are magnetic. Bring some magnetic hooks for you to put your lanyard on when you're in for the night, or to hang other things off of. The Atlantis gym bag gift from Atlantis is usually given on the night before the first port of call, so you can use it in port. You'll see many fellow cruise mates using it as his beach bag. I usually bring a cinch style backpack into ports to put a double wall Yeti-like 64oz. rambler into on beach days if I'm not doing an excursion. Having cold water on demand is a great thing when you know you'll be walking around in warm/hot areas for a duration of 6-8 hours.

  12. Booked my Atlantis cruise for February 2019! SO EXCITED! That’s for the tips!!

  13. This is so helpful, I’m a gay man in my mid 20s and i’ve never even left my state before much less been on an airplane but a good friend of mine is helping me plan for a gay cruise and this video is so helpful!! i love it and also i’m new to you channel but congrats on the engagement!!!

  14. Great suggestion! Can't wait for my first Atlantis Cruise!

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  17. How about how much does an Atlantis gay cruise cost? And what is the best time to go season wise?

  18. great advice! I'm going on the Feb '20 one from Auckland to Sydney, see y'all there 🙂

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