What is a Zombie Home?

What is a Zombie Home?

A lot of us can still feel the effects of the financial crisis, even 10 years later. But there are places in the country where you can still see them. Places where houses got stuck in a sort of foreclosure limbo. People call them Here’s how this happens: If you buy a house and at some point stop paying your mortgage, the bank can foreclose on you take your house and sell it. But, that’s a complicated process, and it got even more complicated during the housing crisis. Foreclosures started mounting into the millions. Also, a lot of foreclosures stalled because banks have been sloppy with their paperwork, and it wasn’t clear which mortgages belong to them. Some cases dragged on for so many years the banks just walked away. That left thousands of homes in ownership limbo. Meanwhile, the people living in a lot of these homes left. Bill Manton and Carol Gordon live in Massapequa, New York. A town plagued with zombie homes. People walked away without any consequences as far as mortgages or taxes. They just got up, and they left. They just left it. They just walked out and left it. And so, we got zombie homes stuck in forclosure and abandoned. There were 50,000 of them by 2013. clustered in states where there are lots of protections for homeowners so foreclosures take the longest, like New York, New Jersey and Florida. So they just sit there. Weeds grow. Sometimes squatters move in. The other thing is that they don’t maintain the houses. There’s no incentive. They’re only interested in having a roof over their head. They’re not interested. They have no legal ownership to any of this. Nationwide, the number of zombie homes has actually dropped 70 percent over the past few years. But in someplaces, they’re still a big problem People can’t even afford to get a home, affordable housing. So it’s like there’s this shortage of housing here on Long Island, but meanwhile you have all these empty houses. Empty houses. That’s right. It’s easy to forget the housing crisis happened. Home values are soaring again. Rents are rising. But in places like Massapequa, these zombie homes are constant reminders that the crisis isn’t over yet.

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