What is a VA!? (Virtual Assistant Meaning and Definition)

What is a VA!? (Virtual Assistant Meaning and Definition)

– Have you heard of working
as a virtual assistant but you don’t really know what a VA does? In this video, I will give you a virtual
assistant definition and show you what it really looks like to
work with clients as a VA. For the best advice on starting your own virtual assistant business
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the bell to be notified every time I release a new video. (upbeat electric guitar music) Whether you are completely
stuck in your nine to five or just seeing if virtual
assistance is right for you, by the end of this video
you’ll know exactly what a virtual assistant is so you
can better make that decision. By the way, I’m Abbey
Ashley and I’ve helped over 30,000 people
discover virtual assistance and I’m excited to show you
this whole working online world. In order to know virtual
assistance is right for you you first need to know what
is a virtual assistant. You may have heard of
virtual assistance like Siri or Alexa but that’s not
what I’m talking about here. Sure those systems can
tell you the weather or help you with your
grocery list but the services that you’re going to be
providing are much more valuable. Here’s what my definition
of a virtual assistant is. A virtual assistant is any
type of remote assistant who provides administrative, creative, or technical support services for online or brick and mortar business owners. Is there something that
you could be doing remotely for a small business owner? As a virtual assistant, this
is what you’ll be doing. There are literally hundreds
of services that you can offer as a virtual assistant. But some of the most common ones are answering customer service
emails, posting on social media for the business, writing
or blogging, invoicing, calendar management, research,
and appointment setting. I wanna hear from you. What services do you think
you could possibly offer as a virtual assistant? Comment below and let me know. When you start a virtual
assistant business, you’ll be working as your own boss as an independent contractor for the business that is hiring you. This means three important things to you. Number one, you’ll set your own hours. This means that a business
owner can’t tell you that you have to work from
nine to five or you have to be available in the evenings. As an independent contractor, you get to choose your own hours. Which means if you need to take
off in the middle of the day or it’s nice outside so you
wanna take your kid to the park, go for it. Number two, you’ll set your own rate. Just like a contractor
that comes to your house to paint your office or fix your sink, you’ll be able to set your own prices as a virtual assistant. Number three, you decide
where and how you work. Wanna work all day in your
PJs or take a road trip? As long as there’s good internet access you can work literally anywhere
as a virtual assistant. You’ll also set up your
own systems for working, which means you’ll set up the
system for how your clients will pay you. You’ll get to choose your
own invoicing software. It’s up to you how you
want to run your business. Okay, so now you know what
a virtual assistant is but how do you get started working as one? I’ve got a free virtual assistant
checklist and starter kit that you can download right
now for free to get started. Just go to
to download your copy. And hey, if you liked this
video, make sure you let me know by liking it below and
also let me know on a scale from one to five in the
comments how much you think virtual assistance is right for you.

Comments (13)

  1. Social media management is my preferred service as a virtual assistant! Thanks Abbey!

  2. What services do YOU offer (or think you could offer) as a virtual assistant? Comment below!

  3. HR & Insurance Claim Mgmt Services for businesses would be my first set of services, then Social Media Marketing/Mgmt Services

  4. Social media & email management, writing/blogging & quite possibly scheduling are services I’m interested in offering. 🙂 💖🍃🌸

  5. Being a virtual assistant is the perfect fit for me so I’m a 5 on your scale 😊 I have experience with everything you’ve listed except social media management…I’m learning that now. Thanks to your videos and resources like this I have been able to launch my VA business though I’m still looking for my first paying client. Thank you Abbey for this video!!

  6. Calendar management via Calendly and data entry/spreadsheets is what I've been doing most. I also enjoy research. Can't seem to convince business owners that they can let go of their massive emails to increase attention on their clients.

  7. Aloha, Abbey! I'm looking to start PT as a VA and appreciate the info/tips/videos on YT – I'm hoping to expand 2 make it F/T long-term.

  8. Great – I’m about to retire from teaching. This is a Bonanza! On a scale of 1-5,/VA is an 8.

  9. Awesome video! Best definition, ever!

  10. Hi Abbey I work for Verizon, call center and trouble shoot for cell phones. Will that also benefit me as well, by becoming a VA.

  11. I offer Pinterest and Instagram management for bloggers, coaches, and digital artists at You've been such an amazing resource and inspiration for my biz, thank you!!

  12. Customer service Emails

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