What is a Film Business Plan? – The Ask Alex Show 005

What is a Film Business Plan? – The Ask Alex Show 005

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  1. As a producer/line producer who specializes in pitch decks for filmmakers seeking funding to me a business plan is extremely important. It's a road map on the life span of your film, intended market, potential revenue, and exit plan. I've worked on budgets ranging from $50k to $2.5 million. Its all the same you need a finished film to distribute.

    We all collective agree that a business plan is a projection. We have no idea if it will ever find it's audience but its extremely important to have a Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C on how your film will make money.

    Alex you are right about putting a deadline on your film. If your budget is $250,000.00 and you only have $75,000.00 shoot it!

  2. It's a blueprint for attracting Investors

  3. i love this "Ask Alex show" so helpful!! Thankyou

  4. Such great advice about having a lot of industry experience before people will invest millions with you. Excellent point about chasing millions vs. getting more production experience. Great Video and well worth watching!

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