What Does Your Heart Truly Desire💝{Timeless Pick A Card Reading}

What Does Your Heart Truly Desire💝{Timeless Pick A Card Reading}

what’s up oh my beautiful loves welcome
back to my channel or welcome to my channel if you’re new here my name is
Heather and this is the fluffy Oracle this reading is going to be all about
what your heart truly desires and also we are going to find out what your heart
needs to heal or is working on trying to heal at its deepest core level and also
we are going to get you some guidance and some extra help with healing your
heart for manifesting anything that you would like to manifest at this time
through this reading that comes through with the cards for what your heart truly
and deeply desires on a soul level something that you might not actually be
seeing at this time or that your feeling is there but you kind of can’t quite
pinpoint we’re gonna see if we can get to the bottom of that and see if those
messages will come through with these cards please remember that these are for
entertainment purposes only and to just be determined however you would like to
determine it and that it is a general reading it is not a personal reading if
you would like to book a personal reading with me that information will be
down below as well in the description box for my website – feel free to go
ahead and check it out and book with me if you would like a personal reading of
this sort for the first pile we have the green and the blue Yoshi for number two
and the pink Yoshi for number three I decided to use my favorite Yoshi’s for
this one I do hope that you enjoy and without further ado we will go ahead and
jump in with pile one if you are looking for your time descriptions well time
stamps sorry it’ll be down below in the description box as well as in the first
comment for my mobile users to be able to click to your convenience and I do
hope you enjoy and I will see you in just a sec re so for my loved to chose
pile one let’s get into your messages and see what exactly it is that your
heart is truly desiring deep within I feel like for some of you because we
have the card exhaustion stress inner voice moment to moment and laziness I
feel like for your current situation I feel like
you’ve been very very stressed and it’s been very hard for you to listen to your
heart and your emotions and your intuition and it’s also causing you to
kind of go into this almost like a hermit laziness mode because you’re so
exhausted that you feel like you just don’t have the energy or the earth to
just make that next step and you’re trying to figure out exactly what is the
next step in order to have fulfillment in your life and feel satisfied and
happy I feel we do have some success and victory but I want to get to these cards
over here first these cards are going to be what you need to heal deep within and
then these cards will be the outcome of what is being healed for your heart’s
deepest desire and then I also have some color cards to help you with kind of
putting those like incorporating those colors with into your life to kind of
help you kind of have like a little bit of a reminder or an effect from the
colors so to speak and then I also have an extra guidance card so what your
heart really needs to heat work on healing and deep within is we have
beauty and we have how teachable are you so I feel like with these cards it’s
kind of I feel like you don’t feel like you measure up or that you’re not as
pretty as others might seem to you even though you are very beautiful it’s kind
of like a learning curve for you to kind of get over that
body dysmorphic type of image and I recognize your true inner beauty and to
not listen to others who might be kind of whispering your in your ear or kind
of like um subliminal type messages where like on as an example just example
on Instagram how everybody is always living their quote/unquote best life
even though they’re just a lot of it is just BS and it kind of makes you feel a
little bit inferior I feel like you actually have that it factor within you
you just need to kind of bring that out and teach yourself that you are or the
you are beautiful you do have everything else and you are just as good as anybody
else and you measure up no matter what you measure up and if not beyond them
and you can be better than them but it is all about a learning curve and kind
of getting into that mindset you will have success with it and victory it’s
just gonna take its time with getting there and I feel like once you’re able
to get there it’s going to help you kind of shine your light and have a lot more
love for yourself and for others around you and a little bit more self care and
understanding of yourself because it says act with care with a love and light
card and then we also have eternal union new love is for me so I feel like once
you’re able to get yourself out of this funk you’ll be able to see exactly
what’s right in front of you and kind of acknowledge the person that’s been kind
of treating you like a queen or even a king doesn’t matter male female whatever
type of relationship same sex doesn’t matter you have someone in your life
that value you values you a lot and sees a lot of your beauty and tries to kind
of make you aware of that subtly if not they plain outright just tell you how
beautiful you are and what they think and how they feel about you they want
you to kind of listen they want you to listen to them and they want you to feel
that way as well and they want you to acknowledge it and I feel like once you
are able to do so and you finally come to agreeance with them and you see what
they see or feel what they you know see what feel what they see I’m trying to
explain it the best way I can so I do hope that you understand what I’m trying
to say I feel like it will cause you to kind of have a defined union and it will
also bring new love into your lives as well once you have that self-love it’s
kind of like Spirit is saying how you gonna love anyone else if you don’t love
yourself first basically but know that you do have
success in victory in this and that there is possibilities and potential for
this for you it just takes time so let’s see what colors we have that can help
you with this we have coral with a low flow in synchronicity into your life so
it’s kind of like an orange color and then we have amber with awaken your
creativity so with the amber card I actually have an amber ring on my
finger I wear this all the time and paint on mine to the bruise I did I work
really hard at my job and my job tends to kind of do a number on me and
everyone’s very easily unfortunately but I digress the amber is a wonderful
crystal to have and it’s very calming it’s very grounding and it’s very
protective especially spiritually and mentally and it kind of helps you to
feel a little bit more one with yourself and I also feel with the amber crystal I
absolutely love it I get tons and tons of compliments on this ring it I’ve had
this ring for almost 10 years now I absolutely loved it it was one of my
first amber pieces ever that I’ve gotten if you have children and they are
teething they can wear amber necklaces I don’t really suggest that because I kind
of find it to be a little silly but I have seen some children wear them and
somehow it helps to relax them and calm them and soothe them and I feel like
that will also help to de-stress you as well especially with the coral because
the coral is kind of almost like an orange color as well with the amber but
not as golden I feel like orange kind of feels like kind of like a Dreamsicle
type thing to me where it’s kind of like orange creamsicle popsicles absolutely
love those they’re quite yummy to me if you’ve ever tried one then you know what
I’m talking about if you haven’t find them try them I
promise you you won’t regret it if you like the orange taste so for the extra
guidance we have joy is the ultimate creator
so taking time to enjoy the little things in life and to find the joy in
the little things and to celebrate the littlest things can lead to even bigger
and bigger and bigger things and to kind of slowly work your way up to that state
where you feel joy and happiness quite often if not all the time so these are
your messages I do hope that you enjoyed this reading and if you haven’t done so
already feel free to hit that subscribe button down below for me give this video
a thumbs up share this out if you think somebody else might be able to use these
messages and benefit from the messages and know that I love you and I will see
you guys next video have a blessed one already so for my loves to chose pile
number two the blue Russell let’s get into your reading and see what you have
for your heart’s deepest desires so right away I’m really attracted to the
ordinariness card I feel like a lot of you feel like you’re just almost like
kind of like a plain Jane type of ordinary and that you kind of really
wish really deeply that you were more creative and kind of almost more
spiritual like almost as if you look up to a lot of us here in the spiritual
community like Victor Otto Erin Daughtry some of the readers out there that are
really great like star girl etc etc just to name a few I feel like some of you
really kind of look up to them very highly in the spiritual community and I
feel like you kind of want to attain kind of how they’ve you know their their
level of consciousness with spirit and their connection it let me tell you it
takes work I’ve been at this journey and doing this for a long time and I am I
feel like I still don’t almost measure up to them but I also know that I am
unique in my own way and I will get there and I will have my you know my my
turn it will be my turn eventually be cuz eventually it will be in its own
time and it will happen on its own process but what they’re asking you to
do is to be able to surrender to that and to be able to just go with the flow
and learn at your own pace instead of kind of having this false projection and
this false personify you know they’re not better than you you are at your own
pace they just happen to be a little bit more ahead and a little bit more aware
and a little bit more in tune why because they’ve been at this since they
were freaking kids most of them and they’ve done their research their
homework their you know they’ve done the work they’ve put the work in to get to
where they are let me tell you and they are trying to help the rest of the
community to get to that level some faster than others some a little bit
slower either way you are still headed in the right direction no matter what as
you are continuing to learn on this journey take it with a peaceful approach
and surrender to the journey let things flow and don’t have this false
projection that you have to be a certain way to attain this because you don’t you
will get there in your own way you will do things on your own and that is what’s
right for you that is what’s meant for you that is the right direction for you
you can’t just follow someone else’s exact path because what works for them
may not work for you take what resonates with you as we always say and use what
works for you try different things out one thing might work better than another if you’ve ever heard of crystal in
Compton she is amazing I will try and link her down below she
is another person that is basically kind of like a life coach and helps with a
lot of learning and connection and gives a lot of different tips and techniques
as well she also does um attunements like spiritual attunements in her videos
which are phenomenal and I promise you they do work I have one that I watch
quite often whenever I need a chakra to emit so these cards over here are going
to be what your heart needs to heal on the deepest soul level as well as what
an outcome might be to kind of help you with the healing process and after the
healing process then I have some cards over here for extra guidance and I also
have some color cards to kind of see what colors might actually help you feel
a little bit more connected to spirit or just help you in general with the
healing process so let’s see what your heart really needs to heal and work on
ooh we have selling out and we have
procrastination so with these cards these couldn’t be more perfect with what
I was just saying before by comparing yourself to others I feel like you don’t
need to be a sellout okay because the minute you buy into a gimmick is the
minute you sell out and it also makes you kind of head off in the wrong
direction and it steers you in the wrong direction and it’s kind of like
procrastination with progress of your own spirituality I also feel like
sometimes when you don’t feel like you measure up you tend to kind of sit down
and not move forward and you procrastinate and you have a new hall
and you’re just like wise and things why aren’t things working why am I in such a
low it’s when you feel like you need to be someone else don’t give in to any
false imagery or any false sense of having to be like someone else
be yourself be okay with being yourself and I feel like holding on to that
mentality will help you to refrain from selling out in the long run and feeling
in that kind of way so I feel like also once you’ve really kind of taken a look
at this and put things in a perspective I feel like
going within and doing a lot of meditation is going to be what kind of
helps get you to where you need to be in your own spiritual practice and then we
have darknut of the soul with life brings new meaning so with the dark
night of the soul even though you may feel like you’re in kind of like a
procrastination or a stuck period or kind of like things just aren’t going
the way that they need to be going for you it this this is the time where you
need to learn these lessons and you need to go within in order to have these
answers and in order to clear the blockages and to remove any kind of
things that may stand in your way and you’ll also be able to kind of figure
things out a little bit easier by putting things into perspective and
seeing things from a higher point of view so let’s see what kind of colors
might help you with this with the color cards so we have the brilliance with
discovery or sparkle so I feel like a lot of white and blue
I have not very fond of the color white with wearing the color white because it
gets dirty very easily but the crispness of having like something white either
jewelry wise like um white howlite crystal you can use the white howlite
stone that will help it also helped with grounding and cleansing especially with
your chakras and also spiritual protection and then with the blue in
this card I feel like you could wear blue shirts blue jeans blue sweats
whatever something blue even a blue hair tie doesn’t matter if you like the color
blue and you already automatically wear it you’ve already got half the puzzle
and it should help you because it also helps you to speak your truth you could
also use blue crystals like turquoise you could use what else as your right
although azurite is kind of expensive what else peacock or has some blue in it
you could use amazonite is a very good one for mental clarity especially
combined with smoky quartz for absorption of negativity so we also have
burgundy with awaken your passion so if you are kind of into kind of like the
Reds or like the plumy colors you could you know put a burgundy lipstick on and
be kind of bold with it just to have a little bit of a bold lip if you’re
daring enough or like um what else you could do raw rubies for the color
burgundy because it’s kind of the color variation gets a little bit dark too
almost burgundy ish um what else you could use some carnelian because
carnelian almost resembles the lighter shade of red and burgundy in this color
even though it’s more on the orangie scale you can find some darker
carnelians because they’re absolutely beautiful it does also give help with
fertility and sexual energy with carnelian crystal for those of you who
are kind of wondering so let’s see what else else we have for guidance we have
in any moment I can surrender to the powerful presence of love through prayer
contemplation and stillness so they are very adamant about kind of surrendering
and going with the flow and having patience and being persistent in your
spiritual practices and going within and kind of getting kind of a routine down
in order to kind of have a daily meditation in order to clear out any
negativity any concepts that need to be cleared out any old paradigms that no
longer serve you will be cleared out and also it also helps to boost your
connection to your spirits and guides if you are clairaudient or even clairvoyant
with a third eye it does wonders for those um those parts
of Claire’s at least I feel and then sometimes some people have that smell or
you can smell spirit at different times that’s about it for your messages so I
do hope that you enjoyed this and that you got something out of it if you feel
somebody else could use these messages and it might help them please feel free
to share this out to your heart’s content if you’re new here and you
haven’t done so already please feel free to hit that subscribe button down below
for me and give this video a big thumbs up if you enjoyed it and let me know how
this resonated for you down below in the comments
know that I love you and I will see you guys next video have a blessed already
so for my lips I chose pound number three of the pink let’s get any reading
alright so what your heart deeply desires is I feel like some of you have
been kind of trying to go within quite a lot and figure out like a really deep
sense of love and kind of trying to experience that love whether it be with
yourself or with another but I feel like you’ve been trying to experience it more
mostly with like self-love and trying to kind of give yourself the love and
attention that you really need and I feel like you are doing all of this work
because you feel really guided to in order to kind of have that great
experience with someone else because you’re working on releasing whether you
know it or not and letting go of the past and what no longer serves you and
you’re being divinely guided with this you you’re paying attention to your
intuition and your kind of really growing quite well with this because I’m
really attracted to the trees in the friendliness card I’m not really
attracted to the word friendliness although I do feel like some of you as
well are kind of trying to find that love where you can start off as a
friendship and is that friendship first and then
develop into a love it’s just gonna take a lot of time in patience as well but
you will get there you will receive that love and you will have that bond you
will have that experience but right now you’re working on letting go and
releasing what no longer serves you because they’re really drilling that in
with those two cards won’t release and letting go so I have some extra cards
over here that are going to be what your heart needs to work on healing or what
it’s already trying to work on healing but you may not have noticed already and
then I also have some outcome cards for some extra help with the healing and for
kind of possibilities with what happens after you’ve done the healing and then I
also have some extra cards for guidance and some color cards to kind of put some
color on your life to kind of give yourself a reminder and to help you
along with the healing as well because color has an awesome vibrational energy
and it can either lift or lower your vibration and your mood so we have
rejection your heart needs to heal from some rejection and then we have letting
go yet again so spirit is really really really really really trying to enforce
this whole letting go thing and just because someone may have rejected you in
the past I feel like you weren’t needing to kind of work on healing from that
with letting that rejection go and knowing that it was for the best and it
was a blessing in disguise in some cases for some of you and for others I feel
like it was an absolutely true blessing and sorry
kind of losing my voice here a little bit I feel like it was a true blessing
to have that rejection in order for you to kind of free yourself up for the
person that is meant for you to come in and give you that love and that
friendship and that experience and have that divine connection or that deep deep
connection that your heart is so yearning for so I feel like
once you’re able to work on this we have ground your light with let your soul
shine and then we have a third eye vision with Rick reclaim your mind so
with that I feel like part of the healing is going to be kind of grounding
yourself and getting really centered and really diving deep within and kind of
really straightening everything out and putting things to where you want them to
be and kind of setting your intentions and kind of having like a vision of how
you want things to be and working on manifesting that vision as well as kind
of meditating upon that mission will help manifest it as well and it will
also kind of help you to reclaim your mind and kind of lift yourself out of
this rejected state and it will help you to realize that you did not need this
person and that letting them go was the best thing that could possibly happen
for you and the best thing for you to do as well so I also let’s see it I want to
get into the color cards because I’m really really drawn to wanting to read
them for some reason so we have magenta with connect here
deepest inner knowing interesting with the whole ground your light and going
within type of deal going on and then we have Jade with take action so the action
that I feel like you really need to take is the whole meditation thing and taking
that time to kind of really dive deep and figure out exactly what it is that
you truly wanted in your relationship sorry about losing my voice guys and
I’ve been talking a lot today I also feel like you would benefit from wearing
the curse a jade crystal or using one during your meditations Jade is also
very pretty to wear as a jewelry piece and then with the magenta if you like
the magenta color add that to your wardrobe or something within your life
there are crystals out there like pink agate and what else you could use some
rose quartz as well I feel with that pink to add some extra love and some
love and some healing for your heart and what else I feel like once you’re
able to do this and these colors I feel like these colors will kind of help you
blossom and bloom and lift you to that place and kind of help draw that person
in easier for you and I also feel like it will help you to do the releasing
that you need in the letting go that you need to work on so let’s see what the
extra guidance is that we have free we have when I leaned on the faith of the
universe peace becomes real so we have two owls in this I almost said lovebirds
but they look like two birds that are kind of in love with each other or like
very close to each other and they’re for each other so I feel like spirit is
saying that they’re there for you as well and that they want you to have
faith as well as also letting the universe do its job for you when you’ve
asked it to help you with the manifestation and help you and they give
you signs and synchronicities I feel like kind of letting go and you know
giving it to God or the universe is what’s called for with this and kind of
taking a step back in order to kind of release and be a peace with yourselves
and then I feel like once you’re able to do all that things will start coming
into fruition a lot faster and it will kind of pretty much happen right before
your eyes and you will be able to watch that beauty unfold as well so these are
your messages I do hope that you enjoyed this reading and if you’re new here feel
free to subscribe if you haven’t done so already by hitting that subscribe button
down below for me and giving this video a big thumbs up if you enjoyed this
reading so also if you think these messages could be used by someone else
please feel free to share this video out to your heart’s content with as many
people as you’d like know that I love you and I will see you guys next video
and have a blessed one

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