What A Nightmare | Season 3 Ep. 3 | HOTEL HELL

What A Nightmare | Season 3 Ep. 3 | HOTEL HELL

What have you done to my wall? This is so weird. You paint over cracks.
-I know Look at this here. I know. And this, apparently,
is something new that is falling apart. Wow. I mean– It must be wet. Wet? It’s soaking wet. The plaster’s just– Whoa. [chuckling] These are bits of card. That’s correct. It was a temporary fix. So it’s not mural. It’s business cards. You put your cards on here, and
then you paint over the cards. You should make a label
for this– decaying wall, do not paint over it. I mean, what– the
wall is rotten. And you just go
and paint over it. It was meant as
a temporary fix. The wall is rotten. You’re right. And you just paint over it. You can’t just go filling
cracks with tacky painting. Look at it down here. You’ve gone over
cracks and holes. Look. [bleep] Ew. What’s that in there? Um, I put some sort of
a mesh, because it was– [groaning] –a hole, and I didn’t want
anything to come through it. [bleep] I wish you wouldn’t
use that word. What, “hole”? What– do you want me to
sing [bleep] “Hallelujah”? That’d be better. Pff. [coughing]

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  1. اريد تردد القناة

  2. Boiled burger haahhaha

  3. "I wish you wouldn't use that word." "What? Hole?"

  4. This owner pissed me off even more than Pa Butt. My god, she was handed this gorgeous place by her son to run and she acts like she couldn't give two shits about destroying it and her son' finances along with it!

  5. ignorant inbreed hillbillys.

  6. Had a hole in my drywall today. I just filled it in with silly putty.

  7. Did they censor out "jesus christ"? lol

  8. What's wrong with them

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