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  1. Courtney massages people so hard they can't walk anymore

  2. Shayne really just embodies Borat

  3. Shayne has respect from the kids because they think he's the bogeyman

  4. Noahs cards in the second round were in alphabetical order

  5. It’s so funny because I’m from Minnesota and I haven’t met anybody who talked like that before 😂😂

  6. Is it just me not does Shayne sound like pewdiepie with the accent he used on the last round😂

  7. shayne with his accents and random spongey dinosaurs im crying please someone come pick me up off the floor

  8. Shayne sounds like Noho Hank from Barry

  9. Shayne’s Barbra thing slowly started turning into Pewdiepie’s weird Swedish accent

  10. You know why Shayne has a claw? Cause he has Crabs…

  11. Courtney said she knew when the Apocolypse was gonna happen… 2019 Smosh summer games

  12. Shane could have started rapping when he got the heavy flow card

  13. Noah is just crying-

  14. Shayne was basically the only reason this was funny

  15. Shaynes so f***ing funny

  16. Olivia: stops at red light don't look at my butt

  17. Raging Alcoholic, Hoarder…ARE YOU SURE YOU STUDY BUDDHISM?!

  18. The best thing for having an associates degree but bei g just plain stupid was to have said that he got the degree despite being stupid because he’s psychic and saw all the test auestions beforehand smh.

  19. 5:26 umm today is 9/11 for me

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