Wedding markups exposed (CBC Marketplace)

Wedding markups exposed (CBC Marketplace)

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  1. Amazing flowers great dirt great worms 🐛😂

  2. Forget the limo! …hire horses and buggies instead! or maybe a couple of Chinese immigrants with Rickshaws!

  3. Weddings don't have to be expensive if you just remember the day is for you and your partner to enjoy with your family. Not about all the STUFF. My husband and I got married for under $1,500. That included everything from venue, my dress, and a humble taxi to the wedding. We got married for free in our city's town hall, which is a historic and beautiful venue. For the reception, we chose a restaurant which allowed us to use their private upstairs for free – from them we paid $25 per person for meals plus a champagne reception (at $500 and $150, the restaurant was our largest expense). With the help of my mom, my husband and I did simple DIY party favors and a handful of centerpieces. The wedding cakes were ordered from a grocery store bakery and were simple but beautiful, and all other decorations were either DIY or store-bought. The one thing I wished we could have provided was an open bar. It was an awesome, memorable day uncluttered by excessive fanciness, and no bill to pay after. Honestly, if someone had handed me $10,000 to spend on my wedding, I wouldn't have known how to spend it – but I've always had humble tastes.

  4. I’d rather just go to the courthouse then have a barbecue, and spend the money I saved on a fabulous honeymoon

  5. Well.. duh.. wedding mark up. Who could have guessed?

  6. As a wedding planner you KNOW not to drop the word

  7. Put it on a nice stylish dress with a had on vaile and the guy wearing his best suit and going down to the courthouse have not went out of style save your money for after-party or for a destination vacation anything besides spending that amount of money unless you're rich for winning their beautiful but is this to be practical when you don't have a big budget

  8. Did team anniversary go first every time? That could have been a factor in the markups. The florist hears September wants a lot of red centerpieces… For fhe second event, suddenly their demand is higher in September for red Roses so they charge more.

  9. tbh it's surprising but also not really surprising that most people didn't get the dress. I've found that most people base guesses of prices on how fancy something looks rather than the materials. I own $8 shirts that I get heaps of compliments on because they look expensive, but they're terribly made. Some people think plastic gemstones look nice when they're actually trashy. A lot of people can't tell the difference between polyester satin and silk. It's a shame, because it makes it so hard to find well-made clothes when there's virtually no demand.

  10. The upcharge is for all the crazy the vendors have to put up with. (I used to work for a caterer. I know what I'm talking about.)

  11. Watching this has definitely proven that me and my husband did the right thing going for an small inexpensive wedding. My dress was a mail-order coral color casual dress, he wore a black dress shirt and slacks. The bouquet, I made with the help my mother and sisters (flowers came from Michael's).The rings came from Wal-Mart, We got married at the church I grew up going to and that was at no cost. The people at the wedding were my mother and stepfather, my sisters,their husbands and their children and two cousins. After the ceremony, we went to Olive Garden for dinner. It may have been cheap, but my husband and I didn't care about style or having the most expensive wedding.

  12. The best way to not "pay extra" is to think for yourself and not just follow mindless wedding trends. Don't act like a princess unless you have the bank balance to back that up!

  13. gotchu single is the best route

  14. What about baby showers? Are they still more expensive because of the word?

  15. my wife was a wedding photographer for 10 years and I cant believe how much money people would pay her. not that shes not worth it, she is great, and she can manage a crowd, but I personally cant imagine shelling out 5 or 10 grand for pictures.

  16. So don't tell them it's for a wedding?

  17. After everything that 2214diva has said is true, and yes, that is my wife.

  18. All this so you can get a divorce down the line. Weddings are a hoax

  19. WHY THE HELL?! Why why why would I want to entertain and feed a bunch of people that probably wouldn’t do it for me?! Probably there for the free food and drink!👰🍰🤵

  20. no wonder millennials aren't getting married lol

  21. I was married about 17 years ago.. total budget spent was 2400$.. and the band was 1000 of that. Had 150 guests and to this day friends still say it was the best wedding they ever attended.. all for the very small amount of 2400.. My cousin.. 25K on the wedding.. SUPER fancy.. lavish, over the top, divorced 2 years later.

  22. The real question is, what are youuuu going to do about it?
    Oh that's right! you can't do anything about it.

    Weddings are one time thing, so you have absolutely no regular customer.
    That's why it's super high cost.

    Fast food guarantees that your customers will come back to you.
    Wedding planners, have zero guarantee that your customers will come back to you for another one, unless they have a divorce and want another entirely new wedding.

    If you go to an amusement park once in a while, you dont mind spending the money.
    If you go to an amusement park everyday, you dont wanna spend any money on a daily basis.

  23. They should do a show on the cost of devorce lawyers…because that’s where most of these marriages will be headed in a few years.🤣

  24. They know your are a sucker if you’re getting married.

  25. so in other words, the man should be responsible for planning the wedding and the female should be kept out of the planning and spending process.


  27. It would've been fun if they had her twin as the bride-to-be lol

  28. I am a retired florist, did weddings and events. I didn't up-charge for weddings and kept within the brides budget. A lot of work goes into doing wedding flowers. First you have to sit with the bride to design the bouquets, centerpieces, wedding arch etc. You have to coordinate the colors of the flowers with the brides colors, you have to work with her budget and the kinds of flowers she wants. Most brides want way more than they can afford. There is a lot of work behind the scenes, scrubbing buckets, conditioning and hardening the flowers. The mechanics are important to the bouquet or centerpieces don't fall apart. All of this takes time and is hard work. After all this is done then you start to put everything together. If you do a good job the flowers should look effortless, believe me they are not!

  29. Who here ISN'T surprised by this?

  30. Wedding rip-offs are some of the most brazen I've ever seen. Consumers need to stand up and say "no" to all this. You don't "need" all this stuff! For comparison's sake, my wedding was about $7 K (US), but then again, I only had 75 guests.

  31. I live in a city, next to a venue often used for events/weddings. There are many great ideas such as museums, galleries, food halls, dance halls. We are always cleaning up the after effect. The tape, pins, matchbooks, needles, bubble blowers, ribbons, balloons, cups, sparklers, candles, disposable cups, wine glasses (usually broke on street), cigarette/cigar butts end up on the street….into the storm drains and the Mississippi River three blocks away. Events normally create a lot of trash and those celebrating are to busy to keep track of the trash. Try to realize the impact such an even has on the area and the environment.

  32. Maybe pricing would be the same if brides weren't so needy and difficult??

  33. While I see some of the points that are made here, I agree with with perspective more:

  34. I officiated a double wedding and the mom of a bride made the cake for free, wedding was in the backyard, no flowers, no wedding outfits, no music, just 2 couples in love marrying each other and their few family and friends there. No vows said, just the I do's and I now pronounce you…. And done. Everyone was super happy and thrilled. Cost was the cake ingredients and mom was a professional baker who made tons of cakes. Delicious. I got 20 dollars and a few slices of amazing cake and pure gratitude. I was hired to do the wedding 10 hours before it happened. It was simple, nearly free and full of joy. How it should be.

  35. It's no secret why team wedding is being up-charged at these places, which disheartens me about society ….BUT that's non of my business…

  36. I’m just not going to say wedding. Ta da.

  37. WTF? Where do get people that much money from?? My wedding would have cost us 6000 Euros for 40 people inkluding my dress and a ride in a historic carriage with four horses to our location… (And all got paid by sneaky relatives who managed to get to the cashier first… My husbands elderly and rather sick grandmother climbed down the stairs in secret to pay for the whole reception without telling anybody. We got told by my father, who also wanted to pay for it but was too late XD)

  38. Should have done a cake test although it would yield the same results. I used to work in a place hosting children's birthday parties and we'd see the most lovely 3 tier cakes from the bakery up the street. Parent's told us it was $150 so my coworker was floored when quoted $500 for her wedding. In the end she ordered a "birthday cake for her daughter," paid $150, had a friend pick it up and put store bought flowers on herself. It was perfect.

  39. Moral of story: don't throw any kind of big party at a catering hall

  40. Marriage is a scam and has been sacrilege in Christianity due to this scam marketing companies have done to it. Which is why I refuse to be married (well that and one other reason).

  41. all i could think about was “the money bells go off diNgAliNgAliNgaLinG”

  42. No doubt! As a cake Baker, your taught to up the price per serving just because it's a wedding and the servings are 1/3 the size if it was ordered as a birthday cake!
    Get your price as a party, anniversary, birthday, whatever, but leave out the word WEDDING!

  43. Lol, limo company, the ac is on!!🤣🤣🤣

  44. Diamonds aren't worth it, I just recently lost the diamond out of my ring, bang!, gone, a 10k diamond gone, after 25 years! Insurance on it was over a grand, so not insured either. Sad. I'll never buy another diamond again, go for moissanite! Looks beautiful, doesn't break the bank.

  45. They spend $50,000 on a wedding…on a single day. And it's all for the woman. The man (groom) could not give three shits less. And guess who RARELY pays for the cost of the wedding? Answer: The one person who is getting all the attention for the big day. Are their some women who pay for their share of the wedding? Yes. And when that happens…I guarantee you it's more in line with a sensible budget.

  46. Just get married do smell Coquitel and go on the Honey Moon…what is the point to put up a show for guest to complain at the end…

  47. $32,500 Canadian when you are 25 grows to $250,000 Canadian by the time you reach 65, however, based upon devaluation over a 40 year period, what is the true value of that $250,000 Canadian? Today, $32,500 is only worth $24,435 US, a 25% discount. In 40 years, it could be worth less than 50%. Then there is the spending power. In 40 years, that $250K may only have the spending power of $20,000 in today's currency value. Then again, who says that you're going to live 40 more years, or that you won't lose half of that money in a divorce? Moral of this story: Get married. See if you last a full year. If you do, then throw yourselves a nice reception.

  48. Other than photography, all the services require an equal amount of work to parties. It’s so ridiculous.

  49. Weddings are a scam

  50. My question is what if a bride did exactly what you did, said it was a party and didn't mention a wedding at all, would the businesses get mad when the day of the wedding came? How would they react, and would they insist on that extra charge after the fact?

  51. My mom and dad got married in a pastor's study during WWII when Dad had a weekend pass from the army. She wore a light blue suit and hat; he wore his dress uniform. I doubt the whole thing cost more than $100. Their marriage lasted 63 years, until my daddy died in 2006. So sll of the trappings people think are so important do not determine the quality or longevity of a relationship.

  52. This is why I got married in little church in a third world country sorrounded by our loved ones and like 20 nuns. It was beautiful with a simple dinner. It was perfect!

  53. What is it with north american girls womens obsession with marriage.. I have been in a relationship without breaks for 10years, im not even engaged.. the nagging & preassure some girls are putting on their partners are terrible.. maybe look for love, not marriage alone.. it always ends with divocre when you stress like that just bcs

  54. $76 per person?! Forget it I am having a potluck!

  55. Got it. Pretend to host an anniversary party.

  56. Its pretty much 95% of the time going to be the Consumers who are wanting to Spend that Money. People need to learn that having Fancy over the top Decorations and Cakes and Weddings Dresses IS NOT THE WAY TO GO. Keep it Simple. If a Couple Truly, and I mean Truly Loves each other enough that they want to get married. Then They do not needs a Huge weddings that Costs $10,000+. Keep it Simple, No reason to Spend that much. Being Female Myself. Way I feel about Weddings. Just costs to much money. If I ever get married it will be simple Cheap one. I dont need Fancy Weddings. When I see Brides wanting so much stuff for weddings. When the Groom doesnt want that much and or is struggling to find money for the wedding. All it makes me see is that the Bride is a GoldDigger. give give give. If you want a Nice Weddings. Have a Max Budget of $5000.00 thats all. Should give you a Pretty Nice Wedding. YES its called Working for it to get Nice stuff. Do the Work yourself ppl. Dont have weddings Planners. No need for a Fancey Wedding Cake. or Expensive meals that cost $25+ per plate. Thats Just dumb.

    Also. You Do Not need Wedding Rings. You really Dont.

  57. Well its better to make a bit of income and good performance with good reviews and most preferred

  58. Sooo I can’t afford to get married…

  59. The host is gorgeous!

  60. Looking back I am so thankful we only spent $5k on our wedding. I worked hard to plan it and get it nice without the cost. We are just as happily married vs if we spent six months salary

  61. Victoria had nothing to do with cost. What the heck was that tidbit?

  62. Scam artists. I’ll make sure to tell people I’m having a birthday party when I get married 😂

  63. 0:39
    They could have had a 5th wedding anniversary at the courthouse.
    Later, had anniversary parties

  64. My husband and I had a beautiful beach wedding for under $500 including my dress and it was magical 🙂

  65. So moral of the story is been single is way cheaper.

  66. Just lie and tell them you want the venue for a funeral dinner and that you hated the bastard that died. You'll get a discount.

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