We Created A Matchmaking Business

We Created A Matchmaking Business

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  1. Did I just saw the same person from another video?

  2. Is there Any Discord Server where Yes theory memmbers can meet if yes could someone post it please, I would love to connect to like minded people!

  3. 5 years later:
    Kid: Mom, how did you and dad meet
    Mom: Well sweetie we met at a matchmaking event for a YouTube video

  4. Can I go to one of these?

  5. I LOVE THIS CONCEPT! Everything about this is so heartwarming and amazing to see people bonding so well❤️❤️

  6. Wait I live in Torrance do you guys still live there?

  7. The segul thing made me like the vid

  8. we NEED to know who got together after this!!

  9. Y'all should do an episode about how badass Jackie is, and for the Yes Theory element, have young professionals donate their time for a week do develop a business plan for a local struggling business OR a random business in a random country.

  10. Did anyone notice Brendan???

  11. I wanna know how many of these people ended up together!!!

  12. this is such an amazing idea, we reallly need this in Europe too

  13. At 13:39 shes going for the D lol

  14. i would just go for the food


    imma desperate

  16. I just asked my crush to go hiking and she actually said yes

  17. @YesTheory Mat is the IronMan, Amar bungee-jumped in GC. Tom, you are next. I challenge you to dive in a cage surrounded by a Great White Shark! Do you dare accept the challenge? It is my biggest fear EVER, and I'm sure U are up to the task.

  18. okay so imma need an update on these matches

  19. 6:41 John Krasinski…is that you?😂

  20. Wait is that Brendan north??

  21. Who else noticed Logan pauls old videographer was there brendon north

  22. 3:44 lmao this so true😂 hit the like button if you agree

  23. Well I did something out of the norm (before I knew wat yes theory was) I confessed to my now bf and honestly I really like the message of yes theory.

  24. YOOO the boys are seagulls thing was SPOT ON LMAO

  25. Yeah but what if im broke

  26. The seagulls 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 lmao I’m dying right now 😂😂😂😂

  27. I LOVE that that guy said "done" without even letting them finish. That's something.

  28. At 0:48 is me getting ready for the day…

  29. Was this Sorella Amore?? 10:35

  30. Look at the Hand 13:40

  31. Omg the seagull scene is the most accurate thing i've ever seen

  32. If only this was a legit match making business venture… I would gladly pay you guys for a night of fun like that.

  33. I don’t get people who listen to what they say and then end up rejecting it?? Like why

  34. Loved this! All the people that come to these events look super cool I wish I could’ve gone! 😍

  35. Thomas’ godfather impression was top notch 👌🏼

  36. was that brendon north? from logan paul vids?

  37. am i the only one who noticed something on 13:40 lol

  38. @13:39 did the girl touches the guys dick

  39. Shotgun event planning is one of the most thrilling things in the world.

  40. 11:06 why is that guy wearing a toy story 3 shirt at a matchmaking event?!

  41. 13:39 omg what the hell is she doing well played yes theory

  42. why is sorelle there


  44. please host another one of these

  45. Why isn't Ammar in this video ?

  46. Yes Theory makes the most spontaneous wonderful videos. Truly an inspiration to make the most out of life! And may I mention that… did I see lovely Sorelle Amore at 10:35? She’s been one of my favorite photographers months before I ever saw this. Needless to say I was shook 😂

  47. Where is nigga ammar…

  48. Could you guys do this in NY for middle aged folks in their 40s and 50s? I've done the sites and speed dating thing but yours is the best I've come across so far. Big fan of your channel,. You guys are amazing!!

  49. Was are the Stranges always so goodlooking

  50. Those 2 guys with girlfriends though, why go to a matchmaking event if you are already in a relationship

  51. Oh I saw Sorelle on the video, and I don't know why, but it made me so happy! She's geven me so much motivation every time I watch one of her videos…
    Btw I just discover your channel guys like 2 days ago and I think I saw already 20 videos, and I working all days long, keep going your awesome!

    Sorry for the written mistake, not my first language!

    Merci d'être aussi motivant vous me donnez envie de me donner à font dans la réalisation de mes rêves !

    xx from Limassol, Cyprus.
    By a Frenchies

  52. These videos make me happy!

  53. U got a like from the Nemo reference. It's a yes from me

  54. Sorella Amore <3

  55. 13:38 she reached for his brinjal.

  56. All these people were beautiful… if they needed a match making business to help them find someone then that means there’s no hope for me ☹️

  57. That would have been a cool night

  58. Yes Theory doing dance party:
    Neighbors: wtf

  59. the one gay guy that showed up is mood fr

  60. 10:36
    Who recognized Sorelle?

  61. Sarah and Matt 🙌

  62. both having the same glasses= best friend GOALS

  63. 14:08 where is he from? He looks familiar hmm

  64. Ummm. 13:40 a girl literally reached down and rubbed that guys dick while he was dancing. Not cool. If a guy did that to a girl then it would be the end of the world.

  65. 9:32 is a girl from buzzfeed

  66. Thomas gonna fuck up some commas!

  67. This is amazing 😍🙌🏽

  68. 10:08 that s me 😑😑😑😑

  69. This is so cool…

    You Guys are the best….

  70. So how many match boxes do you make. Lol

  71. Someone should have taken the bucket of phones and run 😂

  72. That's the best thing I watched this year 😍

  73. did anyone else notice that girl grab the dudes dick that was dancing at 13:40? gross

  74. Well I did that challenge and now I’ve been dating my crush for 3 months.

  75. one station: facetime a friend!

    2 minutes later: this is a no phone's event!

  76. Wish real events were as good as this……. they all suck hard when looking at this, damn!

  77. No one:

    Absolutely no one:

    Matt: buys 6 dollar bottle of wine

  78. Am I the only one who saw Brandon?

  79. This is sooooooooo awesome

  80. Wow there’s brennen north

  81. this is soooo cool 😁

  82. Thomas eating food and giving that weird reaction at 9:37 made me fall out of chair…he always does funny stuff

  83. A bunch of attractive people that don't really need matchmaking, still, it must have been so freakin' fun.

  84. Austin is the friend you always want

  85. Next video should be starting an airline in 6 hours ?!?!

  86. this made me smile 🙂

  87. 9:50 it's brenden north

  88. 11:47 Don't forget to bring milk from the store.

  89. I'd love to accept the challenge at the end of this video but… none of my friends would be up for that 😛 Solo travels here I come amirite!!

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