Water War with Orlando Bloom

Water War with Orlando Bloom

-Orlando and I are about to
face off in a water war. We’ll play the card game war, but if you lose the hand, you
get a pint of water in the face. [ Laughter ] We each have
five glasses of water. First one to throw all five wins and gets to water-cannon
the loser. [ Laughter ] Lots of ways to get wet
but only one way to win. [ Laughter ] I have that tattooed
on my lower back. [ Laughter ] Orlando. Wait.
I’m sorry. Wait, wait, sorry, no. That came out wrong.
Sorry. [ Speaks indistinctly ] I was just —
I don’t have that tattooed. [ Laughter ] Oh. Orlando, are you —
are you ready? -I’m ready, I’m ready.
-All right. Here we go. -Huh!
-Now, do you trust — do you trust that these —
-No, I don’t, actually, really. -I mean, would you?
-What? I’ve given you
before we start the game. -I’m going to roll with it,
though. I’m ready to go.
What do you wanna do? You want to shuffle the deck?
-No. It’s up to you. Audience, you want me to shuffle
or leave it? [ Audience shouting ] -Switch. Switch.
Oh, yeah, there you go. Anxious to — Yeah. Yeah, baby, yeah, baby, yeah. -They don’t know anything.
They don’t work here. That’s what I wanted you to do. -Oh!
-Yeah! -Have you seen
“The Princess Bride”? Ah, so if I do this,
then I say we switch back. -All right. All right, here we go.
-All right. Ready? -You ready?
-No, I’m not ready. -All right, I’ll go one —
-I’m actually nervous. -One, two, three.
Then you flip. -Okay. One, two, three.
-Wait, wait, wait. Just move the first card
over here over the line. Now we do one, two, three,
and flip it over. Ready? One, two, three.
-One, two, three. -Yeah!
-Oh! Who said flip the cards? [ Laughter ] Oh, my. [ Cheers and applause ] I’m in my happy place. It’s good.
-It’s good? Oh, this is great already.
-I’m awake. -This is great already.
-Okay. -Now, you still have time
to switch the deck if you really want.
-Okay. I’m ready. -Do you want to switch the deck? -No! And, like, now you’re
going to whip me, aren’t you? -Here we go.
One, two, three, flip. -Yeah! [ Cheers and applause ] -Be nice, be nice. [ Laughter ] -That is a threesome. -Three out of the same cup. All right, now it’s game on.
now it’s war! -Ready! One, two, three.
-One, two, three. Flip. Damn it!
-Yeah! [ Cheers and applause ] One, two — I feel like that —
I feel like — What’s that film with
Christopher Walken where it’s the gun
sitting on head? You know the one I mean?
Anyway, yeah. One, two, three.
-One, two, three. Flip. Yeah!
-Oh! -Oh, man, I love you, dude. -Ah! [ Cheers and applause ] All right, ready? -One, two, three.
-One, two, three. -War!
-War! -This is war.
Now, here’s what happens. Ready?
-All right, ready. -We’ll dole out three cards
here. One, two, three. And then we pour a cup
into this pitcher here. Here we go. One, two, three.
-I got one. One, two, three. Yeah! Yeah, maybe. [ Cheers and applause ] Wait, do I get a gun, too? Oh! I was like,
“Give me the gun.” [ Laughs ] Notice I went for
the down-the-back action, too. A little bit of
down-the-back action. -And it’s cold, too.
All right, here we go. Oh, God.
-Here we go, baby. -Why do we play this game?
-Now we’ll switch the cards. [ Laughter ] -One, two — Come on! -Oh! -No!
-Ace! Aces win!
-Stop getting that. -Oh! Oh. [ Laughter ] There. -This game’s longer
than I remember it being. All right. One, two — -Yes! I love you. Now it’s this. -No, now you get the cannon. -Now I get the cannon. [ Cheers and applause ] [ Laughter ] -Orlando Bloom, everybody. Check out “Carnival Row”
on Amazon Prime Video. Constance Wu joins us
after the break. -I love it.

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