Watch the MEAN GIRLS Tour Cast Perform “Fearless” in Rehearsal

Watch the MEAN GIRLS Tour Cast Perform “Fearless” in Rehearsal

♪ You were so fearless ♪ ♪ Woah-oh ♪ ♪ You didn’t cry or hide or throw up ♪ ♪ So fearless ♪ ♪ Woah-oh ♪ ♪ No emotional trauma ♪ ♪ Just fearless ♪ ♪ Woah-oh ♪ ♪ Well some people need to grow up ♪ ♪ Whoa, fearless ♪ ♪ Got no time for her drama ♪ ♪ She’ll go cry to mama ♪ ♪ From now on I’mma be ♪ ♪ Fearless ♪ ♪ Woah-oh-oh ♪ ♪ Fearless ♪ ♪ Woah-oh-oh ♪ ♪ Fearless ♪ ♪ Woah-oh-oh ♪ ♪ Fearless ♪ ♪ Woah-oh-oh ♪ ♪ Fearless ♪ ♪ Woah-oh-oh ♪ ♪ Fearless ♪ ♪ Woah-oh-oh ♪ ♪ Fearless ♪ ♪ Woah-oh-oh ♪ ♪ Fearless ♪ ♪ A girl’s got to do ♪ ♪ What a girl’s got to do ♪ ♪ I did it for me, sure ♪ ♪ But really for you ♪ ♪ So that you can live fearlessly too ♪ ♪ Imagine fearless ♪ ♪ Woah-oh ♪ ♪ Imagine stronger, better, bolder ♪ ♪ And fearless ♪ ♪ Woah-oh ♪ ♪ Brush that dirt off your shoulder ♪ (cheering) (upbeat music) – Come on girls! (cheering) (upbeat music) ♪ I have danced with the Maasai ♪ ♪ Fearless ♪ ♪ I have climbed Kilimanjaro ♪ ♪ Fearless ♪ ♪ Who knows what I will do tomorrow ♪ ♪ It feels like the
morning and Cady’s inside ♪ ♪ It feels like a movie
when the underdog won ♪ ♪ It feels so strange ♪ ♪ Like things can change ♪ ♪ If you’re fearless ♪ ♪ This is how I should feel ♪ ♪ Fearless ♪ ♪ Dancing on every hill ♪ ♪ Fearless ♪ ♪ Sugar and tea ♪ ♪ Sugar and tea ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ Fearless ♪

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  1. they cut off reginas part….rude

  2. I don’t remember this song from the soundtrack

  3. can we talk about how AMAZING danielle is?!? she’s really bringing something new to cady and it’s so so good

  4. danielle is just perfect

  5. I really enjoy this musical but I feel that fearless is a very underwhelming song specially for the finale of act 1

    Update: I have seen the original Cast on broadway last year.
    It’s just if you compare the finale to one day more of the Hamilton finale of act 1. This song is not memorable for an act 1 finale.

  6. Did they add new lyrics? The end sounds different.

  7. They definitely added parts to the music

  8. Is this different from the Broadway version? I'm not sure if I like it…


  10. when you watch this video for the 2 seconds of Mariah

  11. Who's the girl at the front at 1:10? She's amazing!

  12. I really hope that this comes to my state, lol!

  13. I saw Danielle as cady on broadway she is so good and jolexia (sorry if it’s spelled wrong) was not he best Regina but she is such a good Karen

  14. I saw Mean Girls a couple weeks ago and Danielle played Janis and she killed it! Also I met her and that was fun


  16. Yes I love this so much

  17. Mary at 0:26 is a mood

  18. The ensemble is AMAZING 👏👏

  19. if only they were coming to michigan

  20. I like the new ending, the one on Broadway just seems kinda awkward, plus the song just abruptly stops once Regina enters..this version gives it that extra "Act I finale oomph"

  21. So happy to see ALL BODY TYPES finally in this show!

  22. Love seeing Janis just slowly get on Damien’s back and leave. 🙂

  23. Having to dance on a table every night would give me anxiety, but it's theatre so…. I would still do it. haha

  24. K can we talk about the completely different ending for a bit… this seems like a very weak ending. On Broadway it's a strong, funny ending and here it's kind of confusing what's going on…

  25. Ow my god they sound great the dancing looks fun!!

  26. I'm LIVING for this Karen!

  27. sky doing a round off back-tuck just makes me think “you can take the boy out of newsies but you can’t take the newsies out of the boy” 😂

    ( i just realised he doesn’t do it in this video 😂 but in another bts i watched it had the whole song and he did )

  28. More rehearsals AHHHHH💕😭

  29. Cant wait to see this on broadway!

  30. I kinda miss Regina’s “Someone gets hurt” reprise at the end

  31. All of the starkid fans have arrived

  32. Okay but like…someone gets hurt reprise where you at?

  33. I love this cast! I saw Danielle as Janis last month and I must say she suits Cady much more then Janis. But she was still good

  34. Came here for Mariah, was very impressed by the rest of the cast, but hopefully she’ll be in a video singing soon ☺️

  35. can i just say congrats to the entire cast for that amazing performance but MARIAH YOU WERE ONLY IN IT FOR LIKE 10 SECONDS BUT I'M SO PROUD OF YOU AAAAAAAAAAAA


  37. hi mrah… bye mrah

  38. I like the lyrics at the end but I feel like Regina’s little scene and the reprise of “Someone Gets Hurt” is a much better way to end the first act because it’s like super creepy and it ends the act on a great note that leaves everyone wondering what the heck is going to happen next. It also does a way better job of spotlighting Karen’s vest moment.

  39. Wait… Did they also change the lyrics in the broadway version? Or is it just the tour version?

  40. i came for sky flaherty and yknow ill take those 10 seconds

  41. seriously jonalyn saxer is so under appreciated it hurts

  42. For those hear from the Starkid fandom: Mariah comes at 1:50 and walks through the scene. BUT! This entire cast is awesome so definitely watch the full thing if you can

  43. Anyone else notice that they completely cut reginas part in the song and replaced it with cast having more of a stronger solo in the song?


  45. Not gonna lie, kinda upset Mariah was only there for a cross

  46. The shoes squeaking on the Marley is the funniest thing in the world😂 but this is absolutely insane I cannot wait😭💗

  47. less than three seconds of Sky… ill take what I can get

  48. Oof they should have kept Reginas part.. the ending isn’t that powerful for an act 1 ending now

  49. I'm seeing this at the beginning of January 2020 and I'm so excited. Now where is the Hadestown or Beetlejuice Tours?

  50. time to play spot the newsie!

  51. Yay Maria was there for a few seconds and man this cast is amazing.

  52. side note: for the longest time i was like "mariah's in this for like 2 sec but whY DOES THAT OUTFIT LOOK FAMILIAR??" and then i weirdly realized it's the same one she wore while in rehearsals with nick as emma in tgwdlm. but hey at least she has shoes this time

  53. I'm not a dancer in any way, but I would love to learn the choreography for fearless if I ever had the chance bc thAT DANCE BREAK IS AMAZING

  54. I'm already loving Danielle's take on Cady. Erika has this naivety and bright, earnest curiosity to her Cady, mixing more and sound closer to, with lack of a better term, a Disney princess. Danielle belts more, growls more, and has the spunk and determination about acing high school to her Cady.

  55. danielle wade is next level… also jonalyn 🥺

  56. The best part is when Karen pulls of her sleeves at the end, but not in this version?

  57. Don't talk about Mariah that way, she's our queen bee who deserves respect.

  58. Danielle is so damn talented. No one can beat Erika, but Danielle is DAMN close.

  59. The ensemble knows they don’t need to scream every line right

  60. i imagine mariah just jamming out in the back throughout the number

  61. im LIVING for the dancer in the skirt and pink tank top

  62. Different many things. Yes the ending but the whole guys dancing with their feet on trays is out as well. I like the end but do mis the Regina reprise. Also some different note choices by the cast. Interesting. Gonna see it for sure.

  63. I'm so excited to see it tour! Danielle Wade (The touring Cady) is a Canadian actress who I had the pleasure of meeting through Drayton Entertainment! She was Sophie in Mamma Mia, Ariel in Footloose, The Narrator in Joseph, Belle in beauty and the beast, Cinderella in CInderella; the panto, etc, etc, etc! There's no doubt that she is one of the most talented people that I've met before!

  64. I saw Danielle on broadway as Cady! She's amazing!

  65. Idk who she is but I couldn’t keep my eyes off the lady with the black top and patterned leggings. Her energy was amazing!

  66. They all actually look like teenagers.which is new.

  67. 2:02 when Mariah shows up soooooo ur welcome

  68. I’m showing this to my mom because she loves mean girls

  69. guys the CHOREOGRAPHY THO
    it's so good and fits so well

  70. Can we appreciate the ensemble dancers killing it in the background? Its just a rehearsal and they still give 110 percent.

  71. I’m so happy Danielle is playing Cady! I saw her as Janis and she killed it!!

  72. I saw Danielle as Janis on broadway. She’s amazing and was so sweet at the stagedoor. Jonalyn was in her ensemble track that night (Taylor Wedell?) and she was also great. I’m so hype for this tour.

  73. Cady: Stronger than steel!
    YouTube captions: sugar and tea!

  74. Ok but can we appreciate the plus size dancer in the front
    She’s amazing

  75. Just watch the play last night and I am so amaze on how pro these guys are and how amazing they sang

  76. As much as I loved that they added more for the ensemble, I absolutely loved Reginas part at the end of Fearless. I honestly thought it was one of the best parts of the song. Personally? I think Fearless is one of the weakest songs in the show. Even more so, now that they removed Reginas part.

  77. This cast is incredible

  78. in the beginning janis and damian are moods

  79. Regina at 2:15 "okay, okay….okay"

  80. Was anyone else getting unintentional ASMR triggers from their shoes on the ground?

  81. lol i knew mariah was playing regina but i was still pleasantly surprised when i saw her

  82. The five seconds of Mariah was totally worth it. So proud of her! ❤️


  84. The shoe skids…



  87. They all sound so amazing

  88. WILDLIFE rights!!!!!!!!

  89. So… no Someone Gets Hurt reprise of Fat Regina!!!????
    All for this garbage song!!!??? 😡😡😡😡

  90. Low key kinda sorta like this one more

  91. Hold up you can’t just hit me with mariah out of nowhere like that aaaaaaah

  92. The ensemble in this cast is insane! Everyone is so talented

  93. here for mariah and sky

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