Virtual Business Cards

hello and welcome to virtual business
cards how would you like to reach your clients and prospects with the push of a
button on their phone and anytime you wanted to are a mobile ready do you use sms on your marketing can you send a group text to clients
and prospects do your clients and prospects misplace or
lose business cards what happens if the information on your
business card changes what do you do your clients and prospects can email or call you with one-touch on a mobile
device you are always in clients and
prospects back pocket literally virtual business cards give you a professional cutting-edge image have you gone green yet you can send a holiday greetings special
offers coupons technical tips company reminders notifications announcements and anything else you can think of here’s a sample what the virtual business card
can look like we can include the header your picture contact information with easy quick to call me buttons and email buttons you can also add extra links to account logins or other relevant pages websites and documents which you’d like a business card to be
able to goto we at virtual business cards would
like your input so feel free to leave a question and or a comment also be sure to like the video and share
it with your friends and we’re also all about helping you be successful ask us about our referral program and get
paid for your leads what are you waiting for contact us today we’re here to help you and look forward hearing from you thank you for your time

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