Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing

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  1. Very nice interview, informative and awesome marketing tips.

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  3. You copied another video u dupe

  4. I love this! So much to take. For me it's the 3 types of ice. I created a video to show what my show is about but not quite why I'm different as a host. There's so many travel and adventure hosts and I think I need to include some of my story and make a new intro video that sets me apart. Thanks!

  5. Does Jonah Berger have a seminar? I hope he does

  6. Very good guys! Walter Zimmerman

  7. good info…thanks!!!

  8. ALOT OF THIS IS OFF TOPIC!!! STOP WAISTING 10/17 MINs on just an intro…


  10. I like his Perm… he looks "Official"…hahaha

  11. After reading description and watching most of the video I am still unclear on books name.
    I imagine it is called 'Viral Marketing' but the description saying it is viral marketing is not clear on whether this is a book or not. It is the name of the video as well, so maybe the books name is not mentioned.

    I probably won't search for it, but it had me interested for a minute.

  12. Thanks Jonah and Marie. I realise that I need to clarify my core message… I'm going to write a short paragraph that encapsulates in a single idea what my book is about.

  13. This video is Fantastic, It gives so much inspiration on new ways of marketing!!! I love you Marie!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. great interview, after 3 years I watched Jonah Berger and the first thing I did after that: I bought his book and download his workbook… thanks for sharing and now I am following you… 🙂

  15. So then how come this hasn't gone viral?

  16. I'm brainstorming a trigger for my buz…tnx Marie! tnx Jonah

  17. Nipsey Hussle took an idea from Jonah's book "Contagious" and applied it to his album and sold it for $100 per album. He sold out the first night

  18. this video touched my soul. . . great video!

  19. The insight I got is that you have to place a product next to a similar product that has a higher price so that your potential buyers can appreciate the product with the lower price!

  20. 3 types of ice I'm definitely implementing it in my business.

  21. ohhh wow that is so cool! I just realised my trigger i created without knowing, is pineapples! I love pineapples and share that openly so much so that now my clients bring me pinapple related gifts or share pinapple things on SM 🙂 love it <3

  22. I loved when Jonah Berger mentioned triggers!! I'll keep this in mind!! 😀

  23. Still very helpful !

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  26. MARIA: I really liked the Video and a couple stories that made it memorable. ALSO, You did not put a LINK in the description for the WORKBOOK on Jonah's Site as you mentioned in the Video. You owe me a Prize for reminding you…..LOL! Great stuff. Viral Marketing is a very hot and useful topic in light of the explosion of Social Media.

  27. Marie you always do it, Jonah very informal. Just what I need and created a ideal it is now Icing 25% of the cake we are doing!

  28. you just triggered "FRIDAY" in my mind and guess what one more view

  29. Nice video!! Marie is a cool interviewer. Jonah's points are great.

  30. idk bout this video

  31. I've learned that others in many different fields of research or occupations can be of assistance to my career choices. My first step is to purchase "Contagious" and download the supplemental worksheet. I appreciate the thoughtfulness being generated within the information today. It seems to me that though there are many on different mental planes, that this area of advise can help many. It has already helped my perspective within my arts. There's nothing wrong with knowing your own perspective. Most helpful. Thank you.

  32. #mike schafer I'm brainstorming a trigger for my buz…tnx Marie! tnx Jonah @Ciara Can Cook!

  33. More wonderful tips. 👍

  34. I love this type of content. Social is the future of mass communication. Subscribed! 🖒💟🤓

  35. when her voice goes high lol

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  37. Viral marketing is a fucking Cancer, & can die in a burning house!

  38. Marie, thanks so much for this. Most people don't realize that you can actually break down viral marketing into a science, that it's not just luck Awesome video!

  39. i hate burgers and ur face

  40. Great video! Totally subscribed….however, did SOMEONE FART AT 4:36 ?!

  41. Will create more valuable videos with the tips provided 🙂 Thank you!

  42. i clicked your video because your legs.

  43. Hi the book , contagious seems to have informative content , .
    I go to Italy every year , I will love to check the town that you mentioned .

  44. 20%/member vs.Client/Trojan Horse!!
    NICE! 👍

  45. Your legs are making me go viral

  46. "Freakin Awesome!!" 🙂

  47. this is great.. 2017 still reacting to this

  48. One of the greatest videos ever in marie tv !

  49. Love the idea of "3 types of ice" to service your customers. Good stuff!

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  51. well, you took me higher, with this episode. this interview was helpful to my taking the catchy triggers and also the $100, rules and apply right away to three flyers I am making this Friday.

  52. Really enjoyed this interview. Will add his book to my read list.

  53. The three types of ice were surprisingly refreshing, ironically. I am going to watch this video again and take notes. Then I'm going to buy the book.

  54. so basically you want me to manipulate people by showing them that my service is cheaper compared to something else? you want me to manipulate them by making discounts appear bigger than they are?

  55. I had a marketing class that required this book. Usually "required" books on the syllabus always make me cringe, and I always plan to sell them after the course, but after reading it, I absolutely fell in love with it! I won't sell it! I treasure it very much!!

  56. How do you get such beautiful light and soft color? I love your style. 🙂

  57. Thank you learning so much as a X-popstar : ) you know a lot but not everything !

  58. Im addicted to you, I'm procrastinating to your videos =(

  59. bitch got nice thighs

  60. Jonah Berger = Younger looking Ron Howard! Marie Forleo = Marissa Tomei's Sister!

  61. i will subscribe any one who subscribes me

  62. Hey Marie, Thank you so much for your great content as always. Would it be ok for me to add this interview video on my website? I am the CEO of a Digital Marketing Agency and I would like to educate more people about this subject. and I think this interview provide value tips.

  63. Wow! Amazing insights. 👌

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  65. Nice & inspirational. Thank you.

  66. So why do you think Gangam style became so much viral than any other stuff?? what do you think?


  68. This guy needs some eyebrows.

  69. Waiting on the book to arrive. I'm so interested to read it in it's entirety to see how I can make actions as a Virtual Assistant

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  73. i loved the " 3 types of ice" strategy! will back the book- contagious!

  74. Yessss! This is so good, thank you for sharing. Always on point x

  75. I’m a painter and have my first collectors (WOOT!). I will work harder to make them feel like insiders and VIPs

  76. Ron Howard looking younger these days

  77. I don't like the host, but whenever she's quiet it's geat.

  78. Excellent insights! Starting working today on 3 types of ice method 🙂

  79. Finding my trigger word!! Awesome video thank you 😊

  80. Read the book contagious. Use social currency in my marketing

  81. frigging awesome …?????

  82. Great video Marie !!!!!

  83. Loved the part on "triggers" as reminders of getting back into focus for what matters to us, thank you!

  84. Omg Marie I love your videos! This stuff is soooooo good! Jonah has a free coursesa course fyi!

  85. What a great interview!!! Thank you Marie and Jonah!

  86. those techinques are a little scummy though! tricking the brain to buy.

  87. I am brainstorming the idea for Life Insurance agent recruitment business 🙂 I like the triggers you mentioned. Thanks for the fantastic interview.

  88. I freakin love this video Marie! So many great takeaways that I'm off to brainstorm on now.

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