Victor Borge

Victor Borge

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  1. If he played straight piano for five minutes he'd have you in tears.

  2. LOVE HIM! Best ever!

  3. Gianni bella e Marcella bella

  4. Love this guys entertainment

  5. I just subscribed to your channel and hello from New Hampshire.USA

  6. Finally. Opera explained to the unwashed masses!

  7. When was this filmed and where?, does anyone know?

  8. Comedic and musical genius unparalleled today. Oh how I long to enjoy quality entertainment of this caliber again.

  9. Warum ausgerechnet Mozart!?

  10. This is talent unparalleled today. No dirty language, not too fast, not boringly slow. Every joke light, fluffy like a thought that had just occured, but spot on. Courios eyes like those of a child, but with a twinkle that says "Funny, eh? Got'cha there!". We don't even have to mention his musical talent. He didn't even WANT to be funny. He just found out that he was and he went out there to let us enjoy this with him.

  11. LOVE Victor ,the greatest,,piano teacher ; in the 5500 concert World….Keep them laughing, they return…

  12. 4,182,381 views on 7/12/2019… I remember Victor from years ago..

  13. Thankyou uploader..i miss this talent.

  14. Cem Yılmaz a teşekürler.

  15. Incredibly talented man.

  16. Mr. Borge was a class act.

  17. Ye Oldé Worldé Charm
    from Yester-Year 🎼🎹

  18. When I was a kid, he used to be on Sunday night at the London palladium. He was brilliant

  19. I forgot why I used to make surer I was in front of the tv when he was on so funny

  20. Thank God for Victor!

  21. Remember when David Letterman used to say, "Wake up your kids and your neighbors so they can watch our next guest." (Maybe not – nowadays, some of you are too young to remember Letterman!) Well, when I was a kid, my mother woke me up so I could watch Victor Borge. More than once.

  22. I cannot like this video enough….

  23. A very rare and quite wonderful human being, stand ups today are very slick but they could learn a lot from this amazing man

  24. Oh this is special!, I had not seen this, he is at his very best

  25. Which opera he is caricaturing

  26. Charming! Very very charming!

  27. I forgot how wonderful Victor Borge is and I love his humor!

  28. A lost and quite brilliant talent .

  29. He is an absolute classic!

  30. 😀😁😂💖💖💖👏👏👏👌👌👌 Superb ! 👌

  31. Time 5:12 it is coled => Top Board or Short Prop

  32. Back when there was such a thing as a comedian that didn't need obscenities.

  33. Thank you for posting this!

  34. Saw his show in Vancouver 1967. Brilliant performance!

  35. And he was able to get on the last refugee boat fleeing Hitler out of Denmark. What a tragedy it would have been to have lost him.

  36. A great artist❤

  37. as for me, way too basic. you don't do this to classics(
    presumably, a performer who's been on stage for very long and sort of ran off ideas?..

  38. I’ve loved Victor Borge since I was a child.

  39. '..when the ture is over…' (tur in Danish means turn; as a Dane, I find this very funny)

  40. what a genius!!!

  41. Really amazing stuff. Who sees a direct line between him and Mark Russell?

  42. Borge sounds like a fake nane

  43. Such a witty gentleman

  44. Funny and great..

  45. God this is when comedy was good.

  46. The breadth of his talent, I’m at a loss to think of anyone’s comparable.

  47. Maybe W.C. Fields.

  48. 7:50 that penis joke

  49. I have no doubt he would have been a superb pianist.

  50. Sweet childhood memories of my dad and I repeating his dry and hilarious quips and sense of humour. To this very day!

  51. This, ladies and gentlemen, is entertainment.

    Thank you.

  52. Watched this years ago,great man

  53. Talk about TALENT! It's too bad this was traded for the garbage of today.

  54. "And she stabbed herself right between the two great big, trees, that are on stage" XD

  55. he is an unconditional gifted disaster <3 <3

  56. Im so in love with him when I was a little kid and still now…..
    I believe I learned from him to love classic music….

  57. 2019 and he's still one of the funniest men I've ever seen.

  58. Most people like a good Danish


  60. Proud to be a DANE Victor 😉

  61. And she stabbed herself right between the two big trees! 😂😂😂


  63. At the 4:00 mark, Victor plays little bits from a Viennese Waltz. Does anyone know the name of it?

  64. mid joke? who edited this?

  65. Alive or now passed away – This man wrote the book on how to entertain and many have copied him (RIP Les Dawson)

  66. Magnificent Pianist. maurice

  67. I wish I had the chance to have seen him live

  68. Anyone know the piece he plays at 3:57?

  69. Never heard anything about him not until today 20th August 2019. I love music and this man has ignited the love for piano even more.
    It is time I loaded my spare room with a piano.

  70. Loved this, me and my buddy just straight up cried laughing hhahahahahah not even kidding

  71. can somebody tell me which chopin's piece he played in the video?

  72. dont make like that anymore…cool stuff.

  73. 4:50 MOZART: I am going to play in an Opera in Four Flats – Because he had to move three times…

  74. Rest in peace, Mister Borge. We are gratefunkel and simonly appreciative, the contributions you made to, not just The Entertainment Industry, rather, a complex array offering
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  75. ,Victor Borge egy gyenge bohóc!

  76. God bless you Richard ann UK

  77. Wot a star God bless

  78. Never see him before I don't know why bless him

  79. I never knew he was so funny!

  80. 3:28 "There are three things I can never remember…"

  81. A master. Extraordinary. I never had the pleasure of seeing Victor live.

  82. I managed to keep a straight face the whole time…

  83. Goodness, how I enjoyed his performances on TV.

  84. He was such a brilliant comedian

  85. this man is gorgeous

  86. Haha. Hold kæft han er tør.

  87. What's the piece he's playing at 4:16?

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