VEIENE SKILLER SEG | Winther-Vlog #29

VEIENE SKILLER SEG | Winther-Vlog #29

[Nico]: Yeah, ok. I just had my exam, guys. It’s probably windy as shit here,
but that’ll just have to do. There’s my school, behind me. I have finished my second year of high school. There’s an “end of the semester day”
tomorrow, but I don’t really need to attend that. So, that’s a wrap on my exams. I’m done. Ok, nice. I quit. Literally. I’m quitting school now. I’ve got my third year left, but
I’m going to take a year off now… I’ve briefly told you about this
earlier on streams and stuff, and after I’ve published this video, I’m going to post a pretty serious video, actually. That I recorded a while ago. It is time for you to see that now. It’s a very real and raw video, so to speak. So, you’ll get to see that video soon. But I’m done with school now, and it’s just like… Where do I go from here? Like, this is a good school, but some
shit has happened to me here and… I just need to get away for a year. So, a year off. And then my third year. We’ll see where the road takes me after that, but hey… I’m going to keep walking for
a bit, before I keep on talking. Yo, what the fuck? Ok, so… I don’t even fucking care if somebody
sees me vlogging right now, because this will basically be my life for the next year. Ok. Never mind, I can see people. I do fucking care. Awkward. Ok. This will end up being the most noisy video ever. I’m sorry about that. This won’t be the standard for the next year, but I just feel like I need to film this now, as it is so fresh. But, yeah. Now… This… will probably be the most
awesome year for my channel yet. We have already started growing
a lot fucking faster than before. Like, my channel has grown
ridiculously slow in the past. I’ve had it for almost… It will be 7 years in Mars. So, I’ve had this channel for 6 years. I mean, not that I’m complaining. 600 subscribers. That’s pretty
nice, but we will keep growing… A LOT faster this year. See where I’m at, by the way. This looks fucking gorgeous. Growing the channel… That’ll happen. Now that I’ve got an entire fucking year off… Believe it or not, as stupid as this may sound, (Not that I’m going to try and live of off this,) (Not that it is realistic to live off of this,) But simply because I’m going to do what I want to do for once in my life, now that I’m not tied down. I’m going to do YouTube for a WHOLE year. I’m going to act like I’m doing YouTube as a job. I might get a real job as well. (Not that YouTube isn’t a real
job, but I don’t earn shit on it…) For now, at least. Get me to 1000 subscribers, and I’ll
be able to earn revenue again. Not counting the stream donations. Anyways… Jesus Christ, why are you
guys even watching this video? I mean… These cars are probably ear raping you to hell right now. 1 year of YouTube. There will be streams, every fucking week. Multiple streams a week. Possibly even daily streams sometimes. There will be videos, (at least 2-3
videos a week, I assume) Daniel (A friend of mine, Quais), He suggested that I shouldn’t push
myself too hard now to begin with, given that I’m not used to this yet. So, it could be that it’ll go a little slower, but definitely, way faster than before. Just for starters. Just to see How… the learning curve will be, I guess. Not that I’ll be uploading regularly and stuff. Yes. As I said; YouTube is a lot of fun for me. I’m going to be doing it for a year. A whole fucking year, that I’ve got. Nothing else to distract me, no other things I have to do, no more school assignments, none of that bullshit. I’m just going to take a year off… 2019 has been the worst year of my life. Honestly. So much shit has happened at school. And… You guys are probably confused
by now, but you’ll understand gradually. There’s a pretty serious video, where I explain a bunch of stuff. I think I’m going to finish editing it, so… It will be out tomorrow, after you see this video. The day after I publish this video, I’ll post the other one. I’m honestly a little scared to post that video, but… If you hear me saying this, and
I included this part of the vlog, it means that it is going to happen. So… That should clear up some of the things… Yeah. Ok, but… Do you know what? I’ll film
some of this at home as well. I can close off the vlog there. I’m done, it’s just so… It sure took its time, but it’s just over now. It’s fucking strange. But I’ll pick the camera back up at home. I’m home, guys. (Nico turns on the lights in the kitchen) Oh! It’s fucking over. Never going back there, with those people. Nope. When I one day do return, there will
be new people, and a new class. Without people who stab me in my back (Hopefully). I can’t believe that it’s over. WHOO! Finally! Do you see this bed right here? I’m going to sleep here until 3 PM every day for a year. Stop me then, try and stop me. Hm? Hm?! Go ahead, try and stop me! No,
nobody can stop me. I’ve got a year off. Some fucked up things have
happened for it to lead to this point. Where I drop out of high school. And where I need to take 1 year off. Messed up things that I would
much RATHER have been without… But nothing is going to take away
from how awesome this year will be. I mean, actually. 1 YEAR. 1 fucking year, where I can do whatever the fuck I want. For once. I could get an actual job.
But that’s tiresome, so fuck that. I’m not doing that. If I feel like getting a job, and
I actually want one, then fine. I’ll apply for a job then, and probably get one. I guess. BUT… Working with YouTube, something
that is unachievable in Norway… (For the most part, at least.) You kind of just need to have another job on the side. There’s just not enough money to take from. At least if you’re as small as I am. Not that I’m not going to grow the fuck
out of my channel this year, though. I get to live here for a year, so that’s fine. No problem. I’ve got a source of income as well. I don’t need to tell you guys why I’ve
got an income, but I do have one. So, I’ll manage. I’ve got enough to manage. So, I’m going to act like YouTube is my job now. I’m going to be taking it very seriously. And do it more professionally. Make it into… More of a job than a hobby, really. For the first time. It IS a hobby. I mean, don’t get me wrong, but… Doing YouTube makes me happy. It gives me purpose. I really, really enjoy it. There’s a bunch of upgrades on its way, a lot of shit, good shit. 1 year. And once we get into that grind, it’ll be… Not just this year, and then the channel ends… But it will be improved permanently during this year. I’ve got all the time in the world. I’ve got all the time in the world. I’ll probably elaborate more on this on streams, but… I just feel so fucking free. To put it mildly. What the fuck even is this vlog? I just walked around outside… I just finished my exam. I got a 5/6, by the way. They acted so fucking negatively, as if I failed majorly. And I was just like; “Oh, shit…” But I did get a 5, and they were like: “Yeah, so you’ll only be getting a 5/6”.
As if that was bad, and I was just like… I just thought; “Pfft!” That’s way better than I expected.
What the hell, I got a 5 on my media exam. Good enough! That’s actually good enough for me. So… I thought my exam went very good. It wasn’t even all that stressful. It was a little stressing, but it could’ve been worse. Very good. Let’s get to work. The green screen… Time to hang the green screen back up. Time to… Ok, I need to hang it back up properly. But the concept here is that it will be hung back up. And YouTube… That starts for reals now. I’ve said enough. This vlog is probably very messy,
but I don’t fucking care. There’s a serious video coming out tomorrow, where
I’m really not in such a good mood as I am right now. Probably one of the most
serious, real videos I’ve ever made. But do you know what? That is my choice. I have personally
chosen to walk into some sort of spotlight. Not that I think I’m
some “big deal” or anything, but I’ve chosen to expose big parts of my life on YouTube, the internet, and… I’m fine with that. That is my choice, right? So, I’ll have to deal with the consequences
of that, and the positives of that. There are both pros and cons to it. But I’m 18. I can do and say whatever the fuck I want on
YouTube now (as long as it’s legal) And I’ve got a year off. I don’t got to worry about school either. Given what I want to do on YouTube. My only… my only hinder is myself. What I am willing to do. New series starting soon. I’ve been writing it for a couple
of months. It’ll be awesome. Lots of good shit on the way. I’ve basically said all of the essentials. But a serious video tomorrow. I’m kind of scared to post it, but I chose to share my life to this extent with you guys. I hope you can appreciate that for what it is. Thanks for watching. Click Subscribe and join the Winther Army today, and I’ll see you guys in the next stream or video. Bye. (Outro) [Captions added by Nicolai Winther]

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  1. Just watched it. I think your friend gives you good advice about starting slow.
    The sense of relief/freedom in your voice and body language is impossible to miss.
    Good luck! I'm going to tag along with you, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the channel.

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