Varney: Check your 401(k), you might get a surprise

Varney: Check your 401(k), you might get a surprise

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  1. Recession? hahha……For a year and a half….I have been hearing tariff "CROAKINGS OF DOOM"….Things have never been better price wise by me.

    SO…..let's talk the TRUTH……

    1. The Chinese are Feeling IT…since they are ABSORBING tariffs… by LOWERING the PRICE of their goods .


    2. American companies CAN AFFORD the tariffs not absorbed by the chinese….WHY?….They had a MAJOR TAX REDUCTION 2 years ago.

    Proof?….STEADY under 2% inflation despite wage increases required during… FULL employment.

  2. Why am I not surprised?

  3. The media lacks credibility. Media trust has been going downhill for almost two decades.

  4. 1st!!! Absolutely stu, my 457b and Roth IRA are kicking @ss!!! # KAG2020!

  5. I’m good thanks to 45❤️🇺🇸

  6. Lets print more money!!!!

  7. The Fed's sole purpose is not to boost the stock market and provide endless unearned speculative equity.

  8. You always have confidence before the crash…since you "were" at the peak.

  9. Latinos with trump

  10. Suck it, Liberal loons.

  11. 401(k) surprise.
    Cuts are ❎ marked.
    Europe & Italy suffering unemployment. Italy is part of Europe.
    Left peeishing souls and carrying away the rights as well. Immorals.

  12. Well what do you expect the Democrats to do!!

  13. Love it 😍 Working overtime and investing every week. TRUMP 2020.

  14. Inverted Fake News Curve.

  15. If the US news media told me the sky was blue, I would go outside and look for myself. Every time the stock market "crashed", for the past several years, it rebounded like a rubber ball a few days later EVERY SINGLE TIME! I believe nothing the progressive press has to say about money. The people of the left know absolutely nothing about how to make money. That's why they have to steal their wealth. They certainly can't generate any themselves.

  16. The nominal gains matter most when you cash out, not when we experience a small rally. The Dow has been virtually unchallenged for almost 2 years.

  17. The Hedge Fund Billionaires are holding hostage the economic system that substituted speculation for traditional savings. Similar to the Mobsters holding the pensions of the labor unions (an arrangement dependent on corruption and intimidation of the leaders of the labor unions), the institutional managers of pension funds are controlled by the Hedge Fund Billionaires, who seem to have mysterious means of enforcement to go along with their "mysterious algorithms" and their"magic boxes" that the SEC cannot or will not explain, especially related to the "Flash Crash 2010" warning of what these "genius hedge fund managers" can do with their power that is "too big" to expose! How Hedge Fund Manager Jeffrey Epstein's talents were a part of the "enforcement" could be a blockbuster movie!

  18. please be real about the debt.

  19. If Italy KEEP kicking REFUGEES OUT OF ITALY
    Bet TOURISM improve

  20. The market is being kept artificially low by false fears stoked by the left and interest rates kept high by the Fed.

  21. I haven't gotten back what I lost during August dive tho😔

  22. DRATS are cheering praying,died for,a Recession

  23. If economy is doing so good when why did jobless claims projected from 4,000 went up 215,000. Tariffs which are basically taxes on US businesses and eventually consumers. Was a big Trump supporter but not anymore! You can’t support a man that takes money and food away from your family. You guys are all brainwashed!

  24. Most people's 401k is in CLOs, not equities. CLOs are performing well, right now, but good luck selling them if the market turns sour.

  25. See, called it. Keep going Mr. President. You got my support.

  26. Thank you President Trump! Trump 2020 and beyond!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  27. What is 401K from UK so i don't know .

  28. Get rid of the Fed and 401's will go up even more!

  29. I trust the stock market more than I trust Social Security.

  30. The thing about a market crash is, like a car crash, it comes quickly & and you cant escape. The economy is always booming……….until its not. The yield curve inversion is a warning sign. CEO's expressing concern tariffs will hurt growth is a warning sign. Stock market volatility is a warning sign. The desperate need to cut rates is a warning sign. Ignore them at your own peril.

  31. Trump is right if the Democrats win the stock market will crash. Investor confidence has a lot to do with the rising stock market does anybody with any Sense have confidence in the Democrats

  32. What is this guy talking about? 🤮🤮I’m still 25K down in my 401K, talking non sense!

  33. Hey Varney… you were the 1st one to doubt 2 weeks back!

  34. This is called WINNING! GO TRUMP 2O20 kaga.

  35. Our economy is great!! Keep up the good work Trump!

  36. Wow, this nonsense is being aired on a Business Channel? All business owners who think this pundit makes sense should make it public so that people can buy put option on those companies 😂.

  37. complete malarkey, facts do support this bozos claims. . . Typical garbage from this Tabloid Channel   Its time that this network the FIX-Is-In gets legally recognized as a terrorist organization.      Facts Matter !

  38. Why are you still alive? For every defense of this ORANGE POS you should suffer a cardiac arrest…the less like you ,the better the planet!

  39. The Democrats want the country to fail. Cloward and Piven stuff. I think the Democrat party is about finished. maybe the new Socialist party will rise.

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