Use Your Chatbot To Create Digital Business Card With Manychat Scancodes

Use Your Chatbot To Create Digital Business Card With Manychat Scancodes

– Hey there botstars. Kelly Noble Mirabella here and
I am excited to talk to you about how your chatbot
can help you as you are out networking at all the
hottest conferences of 2019. So are you kind of totally
over business cards? I mean, carrying these things around. (cards fall) It can be a little much. So, here is a solution for you. Why not build a networking chatbot? That’s right, you can use a
scan code and create a flow that specifically creates
a digital business card, and I’m gonna show you how. Are you ready? Let’s do this. Okay there bot stars so
the way I’m gonna show you how to build this bad boy
is just show you what I did and hopefully that will
get your juices flowing. Now remember, this is your business card, so you can build it any way you want. So the first thing you want
to do is go to growth tools, and you’re gonna create a new growth tool. The growth tool is going
to be the scan code, and as you can see here I have
my scan code already created. So once you pop in here
you’re going to want the opt in message is
gonna be the first message. So let’s go ahead and go in there, and I’ll show you how I built mine. So this is a pretty straight forward flow that I built out for Social
Media Marketing World 2018, and then I’m just kind
of updating it for today. So they scan the code and then
they get this first message. It says welcome first name,
I am so excited that we met. In case you forgot who
I am, here is my face. And you see I have my picture here, and then a couple seconds
delay, and then it says, I look different with my glasses off, but you get the drift because
in real life I wear glasses. I always have trouble remembering people after an event like this so
I thought this would help. Nice to put a name to a face, am I right? And then they have the quick replies: absolutely right, faces are
hard, and learn about Kelly. So then absolutely right and
faces are hard go right here. It says I love meeting new people. By the way, this message is
being sent via my Facebook page. Feel free to learn more
about me over there as well. Because the message will be sent out via Stella Media Marketing, so I wanted them to put the
name and the brand together. Let’s get to know each other over a bit and connect even more. So then they say let’s
do this or maybe later. If they do maybe later, I said, no problem, I mean, chances
are we’re chatting right now because we’re networking. When you are ready to learn more about me and connect more just
come back and say hi. In the meantime, you can learn more about the various ways
to connect with me here. And then they can say all
these ways they connect and it’ll bring them back here. Now if they said, let’s do this, it says, first things first. Here are my social media
links so we can connect in more places including
my private Facebook group where I’m pretty active. So it says check out my website.
Here’s my Facebook group. Those are both links out and then more ways to connect
which brings them over here. Fun, I’m all about diversifying. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram under the username @stellar247 or feel free to email
me at [email protected] I also give them the ability to email me right then and there which
I’ve set up as a mail to, as you can see. Then, if they wanted to schedule a call, I actually have a flow set
up for Acuity Call Scheduling and you can check out
this video right now. It’s in the upper corner there on how to set up your
own Acuity Scheduling if you use Acuity for scheduling. So I have a flow for that. They can check me out on
my personal Facebook page. Or they can learn more about Baby Got Bot which takes them to this flow, and it says, so you’re
interested in chat bots. I have this little gif
that I have of myself. Totally awesome right? So
you’re interested in chatbots? Well, you have come to the right place. I love chatbots so much so I have a private Facebook
group dedicated to chat bots as well as an 80s theme
series of chatbot videos, and then that will not only
tag them for chatbot interests but also send them to my Facebook group and also to my YouTube channel. And that’s it, I mean that’s
pretty straight forward. So now we’ll go back into the bot. It’s been published, and
then you go to the next step, and it creates your Messenger
code as you see right there, and you download that
and then what I do is you could either create a sticker, put this on a business card. I actually just save this
image on my cell phone, so that as I’m networking, I just have people scan
it right then and there. Wasn’t that totally awesome? Now if you want a little bit more in depth training on how
to set up your scan code, you can check out that right there. It’s gonna take you to a
tutorial on how to do that. But really quick, I wanna
show you one other really cool and very key point
that’s gonna be important if you’re gonna use your
chatbot and the scan code for your digital business
card, and that is, how do you easily make it
so that people can scan? Now this is a sticking
point for a lot of people. They’re like, it’s not that easy to show someone how to scan those codes. But it actually is and I’m
gonna show you a hack right now. Let me jump on my phone
and show you how it’s done. Okay, so your first step
is to open Facebook. Go up into Messenger and
all you have to do is open the camera and, ooh
there’s my shoes (laughs), and hold down, and as you can
see here, in this circle here, you are able to scan a code. So there you go, that’s it. Really easy right? Okay, now you know that this
is totally the way to go and you don’t have to carry
business cards around any longer and you can connect with
tons of people very easily. I hope that you found
this tutorial helpful. Let me know, are you using
chatbots in you networking? I’d love to hear your creative ways that you’re using them to
connect with more people. Let me know in the comments below. Also, let me know what
conferences you’re going to. I’m gonna be heading over to
Social Media Marketing World here this month so if
you’re heading there, I’d love to meet up with you and say hi. Otherwise, you can meet me digitally over in my Baby Got Bot
community over on Facebook and become an official botstar. Come on over, the water’s fine. You can check out the link to
that in the description below. If you want to learn more
about chatbots be sure to check out the videos
on that list right there and you can check out
all of the past videos that I’ve done here on the channel. And if you enjoyed this video, be sure to give me that
thumbs up and subscribe. Hit the bell button so you’re notified when new content hits the
channel which is every week. Thank you so much for tuning
in and have a bot-tastic day.

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