United – Introducing Polaris International Business Class

United – Introducing Polaris International Business Class

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  1. Yay! First Comment!

  2. Wasn't this video already posted?

  3. Why do you repost all of your videos. Watch, I bet they are going to post the interns video again in a few weeks.

  4. It was not posted yet this is new

  5. Love the music…really captures that zen feel. Another thumbs up United!

  6. Three words THIS LOOKS AMAZING !!!!!!!!

  7. Hell yeah, dude. I'd see this in theaters.

  8. Can't wait business class does need an aprovment for the premium lounges and 1st class

  9. Looks great but I hope they retrain the miserable, surly flight attendants!!

  10. So, in essence, this is their new international first class?

  11. The music is great…but that lady at the reception just gives a smile and then stops giving a fuck

  12. To improve it, you could improvise details in the "Self-Serving Bar".

  13. my god that looks nice

  14. I love how you're marketing something that isn't even close to coming market yet. This is light years behind industry standard. Even Delta has a better business class experience.

  15. will this be on the new singapore to san francisco flight?

  16. United airlines, congratulations on the new product!!! What routes will the new hard product be available on?

  17. This looks great! Please roll out quickly to replace the current cramped, no privacy and badly designed businessfirst international cabin…

  18. What song is it it has a nice tune

  19. Just discovered that my December flight is slated to be a Polaris Business Class flight. I hope it stays that way.

  20. I booked my economy ticket just a hour ago (SFO to ICH) and fare status was polaris business. I finally got what it is 🙂

  21. Would hate to clean that fucking plane

  22. What does a typical Polaris ticket cost between Newark and Paris, for example?

  23. WOW, The guy sat at 5A with a seat 1K on his boarding pass! After the flight attendant saw his boarding pass with seat 1K on it, said: Thank you, this way please… guided him to 5A ! I am worried about United, are they high?! LOL

  24. A Hell of a lot of wasted space. High school students could design a larger, more comfortable per seat area than this…

  25. I'd like to see AA do something as good as this.

  26. I know the new Polaris seats are being rolled out in the next few months, but are all Polaris business and first class seats currently flat beds or only recliners until the new seats?

  27. Just so you know… Those headphones are double jacked.

    Better carry a headphone doctor if you plan to use them on the phone.

    Still, they are pretty good quality, and even the furnishings seem really nice.

    Got to see the cabin in a TCS NY Marathon Expo, and its LIT.

  28. Leaving SFO for FRA on 5/30…upper deck…can't wait!

  29. If United is changing the business class, they mind as well make the economy class more modern.

  30. The music used makes you feel like you can afford anything, then you go into United's website and even Economy is to expensive😂

  31. This looks sort of like ANA's business class

  32. You guys are stepping up your game if you do that on your dreamliners and 767 400s your getting good

  33. nice. if only if I could afford it !!!!!!!!!!😀

  34. Finally! It's about time!

  35. Welll… I flew this yesterday…check my dozens of videos

  36. I flew this in January in a once in a lifetime trip to New Zealand and then back home from Sydney. The concept was great and when I landed in Auckland and came home to Boston, it didn't take three days to recover. Thing is, if I had to do it all over again, no way would I ever fly United again. I suppose it could have been a worse experience, but they were too stressed to care whether the customers were comfortable or not. On the way home from Sydney, we were about 4 hours into a 13 hour flight to San Francisco and I had to use the bathroom. The problem was that the pilot kept on hitting turbulence and every 10 minutes kept on turning on the seat belt light even though it felt perfectly fine. Finally, after I waited for the other people to get through using the facilities, I figured it was now or never and got up from my seat. This flight attendant chewed me out for " being disrespectful of the seat belt light on inside the plane. Finally, I told her that if I couldn't use the bathroom, she was going to have a bigger mess to clean up than what she would have had. If she thought for two seconds that I was going to wait the other 8-9 hours until we landed in San Francisco for me to go, then she was delusional. Like I said, it wasn't that I couldn't see there the seat belt light was on, but even though I'm not a pilot and I trust their discretion, I found it hard to believe that there was nothing but turbulence to keep passengers locked in their seats for 13 hours and then get reamed out anyway. I flew in my tour with Qantas and Air New Zealand and the next time I leave North America, it'll be on a foreign based airline. Much friendlier service and more respect than what I got through United.

  37. 1:07

    1. Lady only glances up at the passerby…
    2. "Bottled water"

  38. polaris.. we will drag your ass off the plane..

  39. So what do you do when you are dragged off the airplane?? I will never fly United again. You can't beat the competitors so you beat your customers.

  40. No seat, got beat!
    — United Airlines promise

    Drag better seat, United best.
    — United Airlines

    Children whack a mole, we whack too.
    — United Airlines

  41. If i want to get bumped down to fight class is it still extra to get beaten and dragged off?

  42. A commercial aired of this last night at a TriBeCa film. Everyone in the theater seriously laughed out loud… You are so fucked United.

  43. How nice that the white man gets served by the brown man and the women.

  44. Will they have the new cabin on a tired old 764 to Zurich from IAD in June of 2017?

  45. United Airlines: If we need the seating, you'll take a beating.

  46. Never saw so much green screen effects!

  47. Looks better than the previous business class. Everything looks great except that the passenger did not wear a helmet.

  48. What about the free face massage?

  49. I would feel really uncomfortable with that flight attendant serving us. Her smile than the cold look she gives is so chilling…yikes

  50. I am so very pleased that United treats its business class so well while it drags off from its flights lower class (economy) passengers. Let's make sure that the rich are coddled (how they deserve it!) and that the middle class are treated like the expendable dogs that they are. Thank you United!

  51. Copied Emirates Airlines LOL

  52. It sure as hell doesn't look like that at IAD!!!

  53. If you have a bigger body frame do you not choose the inside Polaris seat choose the outside I'll see it gets very difficult to get in and out of the seat closer to the windows or choose the aisle

  54. I want to fly United now. But I don't want flight attendants asking me to sit in my seat while I move to economy. This happened to one of my friends. That's strange because the crew should have their own rest areas.

  55. I flew the brand new Polaris NRT to SFO flirt 838 for 9 hours and I say those hours went by very quick, it was comfortable and of course ate a lot lol.

  56. 👍❤️😲😲😲 shiny

  57. Now in 2018, it seems United is already killing the product.

    They haven't retrofitted 787 or 777 200 aircraft, and they aren't as attentive as they are made out to be.

    United: reminder. Be you. Stop copying others.

  58. Only got 50% of Polaris. The lounge was great, but got the 777-200 2/4/2 configuration.

  59. The realism is unbelievable. How come this kind of animation technology isn't available to Pixar and dreamworks?

  60. Wow, UA have made a enormous improvement to service.

  61. I love those Salt and Pepper shakers, very innovative

  62. Flew Polaris from Newark to Tel Aviv. In the flat position, your feet have to fit in a space that doesn't allow you to turn, or move your legs, even with shoes off. It's like trying to fit into a tight coffin. The designers did not allow for people who weigh more than a thin 12-year-old. I'd be more than willing to give up some storage space or take the seats out of the herringbone configuration so my feet and legs would have more freedom.

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