United Airlines Review – Business Class from Lisbon to New York City (and NYC Pizza)

United Airlines Review – Business Class from Lisbon to New York City (and NYC Pizza)

– I think you can fold,
I think the fold method, because they are so thin. It’s been a long time since
I’ve had New York pizza. (light rhythmic music) Good morning everyone. It’s Mark Wiens with in Lisbon, Portugal. It’s about 6:30 am. Ying and I are packing up everything, and we are about to go catch the metro heading to the airport. We have a flight at about
10 a.m. this morning to New York City, so this is our final goodbye to Lisbon. Thank you very much to Fontecruz Lisboa, which is a Marriott hotel. Maybe the dark theme is
not my personal preference, but this hotel is in an
amazing location in Lisbon, right along Avenida, which is
a beautiful, beautiful street and very close to some plazas, good restaurants around here, great location, great service. Thank you for the stay. (fare box beeps) (Mark mumbles) (speaking in foreign language) (light rhythmic music) – We made it to the airport. That was about a 35-minute
ride on the metro. So if you take the metro from the airport to Lisbon City center, give yourself about 35 to 45 minutes. We got all checked in to our flight, now walking to our gate. I think I will turn off the camera now because security is gonna
be pretty, pretty tight, so I will see you in the airplane. We are on our way to New York City. (light rhythmic music) The short flights that
Ying and I have taken on this trip so far with Star Alliance is the one or two-hour flights. The planes, they’ve been
okay for business class. But finally, Ying and I have a long flight on business class. This is fantastic. Ying, what do you think? Ying? (chuckles) Look at the size of the seat and the reclining ability. And I think it’s gonna be
about an eight-hour flight. We’re flying into Newark Liberty Airport. And, oh, I’m gonna sleep well, oh, and eat well too. Ying has her seat. – What happened? (Mark chuckles) Ying, try. – [Ying] Hmm? – [Mark] Try to bring
your feet over there. Oh, Ying can’t even reach the end. I just wanted to catch you
up in case you are joining me on this video series right here. But right now, my wife Ying and I… How’s that apple juice? Are on a round-the-world
trip with Star Alliance, and so we are traveling to
nine, or 10 different cities, if you count our home in Bangkok, 10 different cities, we’re going around in 10 different cities and traveling for the food. Let me give you a quick
tour of this booth. Got the TV here in the
front, a good size TV. There is a shelfing unit here. There is a added foot rest below here. Right in my back here,
the full size pillow, very squishy indeed. And then if you take a look
behind the seat over here, but I’ll show you on this side just because it’s more convenient, I’ve got all the plugs, USB, headphones. I’m not sure what this is. What is this? – [Ying] Open it. – [Mark] Oh, this is like a little… Here, here. Oh, here we go. Oh, how fancy, the socks, the eye pad (chuckles), the eye pad, the eye, what is it called? The eye blocker and
toothpaste, toothbrush, oh, fantastic, all the essentials within this little tin. And this is the Olympic edition, 2016. Ying is already taking
advantage of her seat and taking a nap. We’re gonna be taking off soon, so I will turn off the camera, and I will turn it back on to show you the first meal. Oh, and this is the menu. (light rhythmic music) We are somewhere in the
middle of the air now over the Atlantic, and they just served us some nuts as well as a drink, and now starting with lunch. I got the brown piece of bread, butter. Actually, let me tear
off a piece of the bread, the warm roll with some butter. And now this is the appetizer, shrimp and salmon and lemon, shrimp. Mmm, it has a gingery taste to it. Then the piece of salmon,
oh, I think it’s stuffed. The smoked salmon, maybe it’s stuffed with a little bit of cream
cheese and a lot of dill. Thank you. She served me a nice salad next, and I went for the balsamic
vinaigrette dressing, got this little micro plastic pepper. Okay, and that should be good. Nice to have a full salad. – Some nice fish. – [Mark] Thank you. – Enjoy. – I just opened up the window. The light is much better
now to show you the food, but I’m gonna have to kind of selfie it. On the menu, they had a choice of a couple of different things, including a steak, but I
decided to go for the salmon, and then the salmon came
with a shrimp on top, some vegetables, and then
couscous on the bottom with some kind of a gravy, and it looks like, is that pumpkin? I think a spoon would
be in order for this. That is a wonderful piece of salmon. Get some of the gravy to go with that. Mmm. Oh, that’s fantastic. Salmon, the couscous is very fluffy, and then that gravy is like a, I think it’s kind of a tomato-y, lightly sweet gravy all over it, even though it’s already
delicious with the lemon on it, and gotta sprinkle on the
rest of that little pepper. That gravy is awesome, and then with that
couscous, that is fantastic. This is an amazing meal. I like it with that squeeze of lemon. (light rhythmic music) That entree of salmon was delicious. And now they rolled around a
cart with cheese and grapes. Follow that with a grape. The combination of
cheese, the salty cheese with juicy sweet grapes, and follow that yet again. And that concludes lunch on this flight. That was a full-on gourmet
fine dining experience. And the food was actually really good. I think just with fudge and almonds. – [Flight attendant] One
spoon is okay with ice cream? – [Mark] Thank you. I actually thought the meal was over, but one more dessert course, and she drizzled on
some fresh fudge sauce, and then I added on almonds as well. That is good quality and
good chocolate sauce, and I like it with those
slivers of almonds. What a way to end a
gourmet meal in the sky. I have not seen Ying this
happy in a long time. She is hanging out, eating ice cream while watching a movie. There’s absolutely nothing
better than eating a good meal and then being in the
chair to just recline. (light rhythmic music) It has been about two
hours since our last lunch. And I’m not really sure
what time of the day it is in the world where we are flying, but I think this is lunch number two. You could have either
gotten the cheese plate, but I decided to go for salmon again. So this is salmon lunch
number two with noodles and then also a fruit bowl here. Let me take some of this sauce. Mmm. Oh, it’s teriyaki sauce. Cool. And that same wonderful salmon. Let me try some of these noodles. Mmm. Maybe there is soba, buckwheat, possibly. (light rhythmic music) We just landed at Newark
Liberty International Airport. Thank you very much to
United and Star Alliance. That was an awesome
flight, good food as well, and I did not want that
flight to end, actually, but we are here, New York City. And they just warned us to not take out any cellphones or cameras
in customs and immigration or they will confiscate them, so I’m not gonna take the risk. I’m about to put the
camera away into my bag, and I will see you guys on
the other side of immigration. That all went smoothly, got our bag. We are now walking through the airport heading to ground transportation. We’re gonna try to take
the train from Newark straight to Manhattan Penn Station. And our hotel is right in
the middle of Manhattan. We’re on the little airport shuttle. We landed at Terminal B, and we are on our way to
the airport train station. (light rhythmic music) New Jersey Transit Rail, I
think that’s what we want. And we are going to New York Penn Station. There are so many options (chuckles) one-way adult, add, then we pay too? – [Ying] Yeah. – [Mark] Multi-Pay. No, back. Hey, that was $13.
– You don’t have receipt. – Oh yeah. $13 for the tickets. There were so many options. (train bell ringing) Here we are. (light rhythmic music) This would be about a
20-minute ride, I think. (light rhythmic music) Let’s exit Madison Square Garden. We got lost a little bit in Penn Station, wandered around for a little while, but I think we are emerging
in the right exit on 7th Ave. Okay, welcome to New York City. It has been about 10 years
since I’ve been here. (light rhythmic music) We are walking over to
the Courtyard Marriott, the Chelsea branch, and it’s just about a five-minute
walk from Penn Station. Great location. Push, push, push, push. Hello.
– Hi guys, how are you? – [Mark] Good, thank you. Check-in for Mark Wiens. – [Receptionist] What’s the last name? – [Mark] Wiens, W-I-E-N-S. Two, zero, zero, one. Okay, zero, zero, two. Oh I see, on the end here (mumbles) the end room, oh yeah. – [Ying] Exit (chuckles). – [Mark] Right next to the exit. Whoa, it’s a huge room (chuckles). – [Ying] Wow. – Wow. This is the entire, there’s
an entire living room, dining room, and desk here. And we drop the bags off and
quick tour of this place. Oh wait, let’s go look
out the window real fast. Oh yeah. 20th floor, look at that view of New York. Actually, we see a lot of rooftops, but it’s an amazing view still. And then bedroom all the way
on the other side of the hall. Opposite side view of New York City. (light rhythmic music) No real plan, just gonna
kinda meander around, walk around slowly, and maybe try to find
something small to eat. (light rhythmic music) We took a walk down the street probably for about 30 minutes and didn’t really know what to eat, so I thought it would be fitting to have my first meal in New York City at this legendary pizza place. And pizza is one of the
iconic foods of New York City, so I’m gonna go inside
and get a couple slices. – Slice number one? Next please. – [Man] I’ll have a slice one. – Next? – [Mark] One pepperoni and one cheese. You walk inside, they have
all the pizzas at the front. You wait in line, then you
choose your slices of pizza. I think most of what almost
everybody was getting was just either cheese or pepperoni, just the normal pizza slices. I got two slices, just a
cheese and a pepperoni, and then I immediately
put on some chili flakes. And I’m gonna start with this just cheese because this was right out of the oven right as I ordered. And I think you can fold, I think the fold method,
because they are so thin. Mmm. It’s been a long time since
I’ve had New York pizza. The crust is crispy. But where the sauce meets
the dough, it’s gooey, and then that’s a nice tart tomato sauce and then the salty cheese. Mmm. I like the amount of
sauce ratio in this pizza. It gives the pizza a very
nice tart tomato flavor. And those chili flakes on
there are very good as well. That does give it some nice spice. They are, that chili
flakes are pretty good. Let me try the pepperoni. And at the top there, you
can see how much pepperoni. That’s almost like a whole
entire covering of pepperoni. Let me pour on the rest
of those chili flakes which have fallen off
onto the plate, all right. In order to get the
pepperoni on my first bite, I’m gonna have to make it a big bite. Mmm. Successful. I definitely like the
pepperoni one better. That gives it the extra
salty meaty dimension that goes so well
together with the cheese, the tomato sauce, and that thin crust. Mmm. Great way to start this
trip to New York City. From here, Ying and I
are getting very sleepy, so we’re just gonna walk very
slowly back to the hotel, so I’m gonna end the
blog for today right now. Thank you all very much
for watching today’s video. Please remember to give it a
thumbs up if you enjoyed it. And also make sure you subscribe for lots more food and travel videos. Good night from New York City.

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