UNIQUE Illustrator Business Card Tutorial (2018)

UNIQUE Illustrator Business Card Tutorial (2018)

learn how to make a trendy business card
in today’s Illustrated tutorial perfect for 2018 so let’s waste no more time
today guys but if you do enjoy the tutorial make sure to share unlike my
content to support the channel we need an adequate document for today’s
business card design so in Adobe Illustrator a head up to create a new
document I’m using millimeters and the standard business card size is 85
millimeters by 55 millimeters one of the key components that we need to add in
this section is three millimeter bleeds and a bleed is crucial for print
projects also of course we need to use CMYK as the color mode and also high
resolution to ensure a crisp printing outcome on your business card design
will make the front of the business card design first and foremost in today’s
Illustrator tutorial so press M for the rectangle tool and then cover the canvas
all of the way up to the bleed edge the bleed edge is represented by the red
lines lock this down in place as it will resemble the background you will need to
bring your graphics up to the red lines but will important content such as text
and logos we need to be within the black lines the black line is where the print
job is going to be cut so just keep this in mind for your business card design
select a gradient in the color palette and then press L or for the ellipse tool
create a circle by holding down shift on the business card front side
if you then hold down the alt/option key and click and drag the circle was going
to be duplicated below and this is the technique that you’re going to be very
aware of if you watch my channel often however you now need to resize a smaller
circle by holding down shift select both of the circles and then align them along
a vertical plane and this is very important and you’ll see why later now
duplicate the larger circle and then duplicate it one more time above but
make this one larger still so you now should have two sets of circles like
mine here and select one set of the circles and head up to objects blend and
blending options we want to use the specified distance setting and numerical
measurements will depend on the size of your design we can change that later for
now just choose something like 0.3 as I’m doing here when you’ve done that and
go back up to object and blend for this time select make this will create an
interesting shape that we’re going to utilise later in the tutorial for our
business card design stay tuned in to this step-by-step process in today’s
tutorial for the final business card design outcome you can go back into the
blend settings window and click preview to see real-time changes if you want to
make some adjustments repeat the same process for the second set of circles
and then you should end up with something a little bit like this we’re now going to use the pencil to
make a line that was stretch along the front of your business card design you
need to make sure the stroke line is not a color fill and shift and X together
what’s helpful between a stroke and a fill now we’re going to make the really
cool function so select both the line and the blend shape by holding down
shift and then head up to object blend and replace spine now I really like this
effect and I think it looks really awesome on a business card and you can
actually use it in many different ways for now though
block down this shape by pressing command or control 2 on your keyboard locate the pen tool again and start
drawing from the end of the line using a stroke path as we did previously
you can press V to select off of the pen tool path and this is a quick way to
access a selection tool which I use all of the time again repeat the process for
replacing the spine on the stroke path but with the other blend object you may
experience that a thicker portion of the line starts in the middle like you can
see here and to rectify this you simply need to head up to object blend and then
reverse button obviously for your trendy business card design you can experiment
with this function have some fun with it by pressing a on your keyboard you will
access at the rec selection tool and then you can adjust a line at the anchor
points like you can see here so we’re next going to design the second part of
the business card and then learn how to export perfectly for print in a day
beulah straighter just to speed things up in today’s illustrator tutorial I’ve
gone ahead and added a gradient background by pressing M for the
rectangle tool and placing a gradient overlay I also have an image of myself
which I snapped on my DSLR and uploaded illustrator
place the image over the gradient and then you probably know how much I love
to use illustrator blend modes so today is no exception
head into the transparency window and adjust the blend mode here you can
experiment different blend modes and also you might even want to place the
gradient over the image and then change the gradient blend mode instead of using
the image blend modes also try using multiple different images to get a
really neat so then kind of like 3d blurry effect which is actually
something that fits into the 2018 graphic design trend I’m quickly going
to show you how to export your design from Illustrator perfectly for prints
we’re going to want to export a PDF so go to a file and then use Adobe
principle PDF option here use the most recent version of Acrobat and then take
notes of my settings that I’m using by default the compression should be
fine and then in the printing mark settings you can see the ones I’m using
here if you’re printing for a client now you might want to add in the color bars
and also document info settings everything else should be fine by
default so go ahead and click the expiration in Adobe Acrobat you can actually change
the view settings to view your business card more efficiently and here is my
final outcome after playing with the blend mode settings on the image of
myself like I said have some fun with it and make something really cool with
today’s business guy tutorial remember if you want to boost your awareness and
your skills as a graphic designer subscribe to Satori graphics for weekly
graphic design content I’ve actually got a lot of suggestions
for you guys on future videos and I’m gonna start working through that list
too very soon remember the share my content on social media if you wanna
help out my channel and of course guys until next time design your future today

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