Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business

– [Ella] I still can’t believe you got paint all over your face. – I know, yeah, but I got a
kiss out of it, so it’s fine. – Where’s your car? (energetic techno music) – [Ella] Oh wait, we
parked on level three. – [Ashly] I could’ve sworn
we parked on the roof. Right? Am I going crazy? (upbeat classical music) (frustrated sigh) – Maybe it was on the second floor? – I still think it was on the roof. (upbeat classical music) (annoyed groan) – [Ashly] I specifically asked you to look for where we were parked. – I don’t remember you asking me that. – I did ask. I’m bad with numbers and colors and you know this. – My goodness. – This is insane, there should be an app to help you find your car. – Oh my God, wait, where the frick is it? We’ve been walking for over an hour. – You know what, let’s just call an Uber and see if he can help us find it. Oh my God, what if
it’s, what if it’s gone? I can’t afford another car right now! – Wait, you remember when we
were talking about ghosts? – Uh, no. – It’s crazy, we all
might be ghosts one day. – What? – The point was, and is, ghosts
have unfinished business. – And? – And, we walked out of Youth Always without buying things we
know we should’ve bought. Unfinished business. – That’s a stretch. – Is it?
– Yes. – Is it? – Yes. – Hear me out. Let’s go
back to Youth Always, buy what we should’ve– – That’s a waste of money. – I work hard for my money. ♫ Oh yeah, oh wow, we like you, money, ♫ Thanks for the mu la la la – That was kind of fun. – I know, so let’s go
back to Youth Always, finish our business,
come back, find the car. The car wants us to.
That’s why it’s hiding. – I want to be clear that this is a terrible argument
but, I want those shoes. So I’m a go with it. – Let’s go. – [Ashly] Where is our car? – Blue or purple aux cord? – What? – Purchases over $40.00 today, you get a free auxiliary cord. Blue or Purple? – Purple. No, blue. Purple. Ow. Do you have pink? – No. There you go. – Oh. – Goodbye. Thank you. – Thank you.
– Thanks. – Awesome. – [Ella] See? – [Ashly] I can’t believe it. – [Ella] I freakin’ told you. – The car spoke to us.
She wanted a new aux cord. – I know. I know. – I can’t believe I
didn’t hear it earlier. Like, I was listening, but did I hear? – Let’s go find her. – Yes. (upbeat classical music) (relieved sighs) – So. Where is the, oh. (upbeat classical music) – Hmm. – K. (upbeat classical music) – Hmm, nope. (upbeat classical music) – Well. – Do we have any more unfinished business? – I mean I guess I never had a cronut, but I feel like I missed that whole boat. – I think the universe is saying it’s not too late. – Are we doing this right now? (excited squeal) – Eh, that wasn’t that great. – (Blonde girl) Right? Too much hype. – Was that– – Brie Larson, my missing puzzle piece– – Ashly, c’mon. – I’ve loved you in everything
you’ve ever been in, particularly 13 Going on 30. People don’t even know you’re in that. – Brie Larson! – God, wow.
– That was crazy. Oh my God, okay. Car’s not here. – No. – Just, let’s go down, I
think it’s probably on three. (upbeat classical music) (sighs) – Holy cow. Do you know what this means? – That we should go back
and find Brie Larson and then I’ll propose and then we’ll start our lives together in a modest mansion on the coast? – Mm, or we do everything
we’ve been wanting to do but haven’t, and then
once we’re finished– – We’ll find the car. – We owe it to ourselves and Linda. – Is Linda the car? – Yeah. – Her name is Strega Nona. – Mm, agree to disagree. – Mm, I bought the car, so. – OK fine, we owe it to Streggie. – Ah, Strega Nona, and I’m in. – I didn’t expect for you to
be on board so immediately. – No, I think it’s a great idea. – You don’t want to know
the rest of my reasons. – No, I’m good. – This is about Brie Larson, isn’t it? Isn’t it? – No, it’s not! Now hurry
up before she leaves because she’s going to be gone! – What the heck? We’ve
literally done everything. No dream stone unturned, right? – Yeah. (ringing) Pretty much. – No pretty much, this is the
universe we’re dealing with. What haven’t you done? – It’s dumb. – Is following your destiny dumb? Is finding Linda dumb? Is believing in yourself dumb? – Alright, alright, you got me. – [Ella] How do you feel? – Free as a bird, woo hoo hoo– ugh. – Are you OK? – Yeah, I’m good. My
body’s used to falling. It’s actually developed fleshy elbow pads to help lessen the blows. – Hey, ugh, I saw you fall. – I literally just saw you trip. – Here, from one clumsy person to another. – Wait, really? – Yeah. – Cool, thanks. – Have a fun day. – What a weird dude. – At least we got ice cream. – Best day ever! – Yeah, I haven’t had one of these fun days in a really long time. I’m going to miss you. – Aw my little nugget, are you getting sensitive? – Shut up. – I’m going to miss you, too. Whoa, God, oh my God!
– Oh God! – What the? – Is it a possibility Linda’s been towed? – You know what? I hope not because I spent a lot of money believing in the universe today and I swear to G, if I have to return– (triumphant symphony burst) Ohhh.
– Ohhh. – Hello, Strega Nona. (victorious classical ballad) – [Ashly] Woo. Whoops. – [Ella] “Learn how to park.” “Stay inside the lines.” “Bad parking is bad.” – [Ashly] Wow, tough crowd. ♫ Be on the lookout for this one ♫ She’s only looking to have fun (single note chime)

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