[UE4] Marketplace – Close Combat: Fighter (style of Max Payne and john wick)

[UE4] Marketplace – Close Combat: Fighter (style of Max Payne and john wick)

Sight. Sight may recover, as they said, but who will restore that where it made sense. I heard you. Floor locked. We will take care of him. Frank and his group defend the main hall. We are not done yet! it’s all.. Stop! He’s here, he’s here! Hey, Duncan. Duncan boy do you like electricity? You know, Your children were excited about the voltage. It’s over, man. It’s just a blindman. On the ground face to the floor! Karma is a bitch and it will not take from me the last instrument of revenge. The sound became a curse of my enemies. Jim, common, break it. Hey I’m here! God damn, enough to finish with him! Take it, take it. Common! Go! Go! Here! Here! Common! Hey Raf, where are you watching? Yes! Yes! Alright! Go! Go! Common! What a f.. Common! Oy Commoooon! One on one you are a piece of sh.. As it was a device in my head measuring the steps length, I could hear the fear,
hunter and victim swapped their roles- we both know this is the end. You’ll regret it! Not bad o’Connell Enough talking This is your problem, do not make it our common Now they know who destroy the rotten link soon the whole vicious chain will fall upon me.

Comments (5)

  1. Impressive level editing!

  2. It is compatible with character interaction ?

  3. lol why is the doom 2016 menu music playing in the background

  4. Are the opening scene and ending scene animations included? I really liked those!

  5. Are the animations part of mixamo? Or are custom made?

  6. It’s worthy, but insulting, to see the distortion of the mesh in the joints.

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